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81. Example of Serving.

Again Jesus used clairvoyance to direct Peter and John in preparing for the Passover meal. Jesus had looked forward to this last meal he would share with his disciples and told them that as such it was a momentous occasion. The twelve competed with each other for position; so he indicated to them that the one serving in humility was the one to emulate. Spiritually they would be sovereign in their own realms, for the soul is true royalty in its own universe.

To demonstrate that the greatest among them must be the servant of all, Jesus washed the feet of each of his disciples. In loving humility he cared for the lowest part of them. Peter had difficulty accepting what seemed to be the lowering of his master, but Jesus declared that he must also accept this service to him from his teacher. Peter, who tended to go from one extreme to another, was then willing to undergo this and more. This washing symbolized purification from sin, although Jesus knew that there was one traitor among them.

Jesus then explained that if he did this for them, then they also ought to serve each other in humility; Jesus taught by personal demonstration. The servant is not greater than his master nor is the Christ greater than God. One must know these things and do them to be blessed. Jesus knew the ones who would continue his work, and he also knew who would betray him. However, even the betrayal was a fulfillment of prophecy, and he foretold them about this so that they would not be disillusioned. Finally he declared that whoever accepts the messenger of Christ accepts the Christ, and whoever accepts the Christ accepts God.

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