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79. The Light.

While the high priests were making their plans to arrest Jesus secretly and have him killed, Jesus was aware of their intention and how he would die.

In the Hellenistic era following Alexander's conquest Greek culture had spread throughout the eastern Mediterranean area; the Old Testament was translated into Greek, and the New Testament was eventually written in Greek. When Jesus spoke to the Greeks he used the symbolism of their ancient religion which they were initiated into through the Eleusinian Mysteries. Immortality and reincarnation of the soul were described as seeds which seem to have died and gone down into the underworld but which are reborn again; these agricultural and mystical rites of Demeter, Persephone, and Hades gave the Greeks peace of mind regarding death and faith in immortality. Using the same symbolism Jesus explained how the sacrifice of one's physical life may lead to eternal life. He encouraged others to follow in his footsteps and give oneself totally to serving the Christ consciousness.

Seeing the difficulties ahead Jesus prayed aloud and realized that it was his destiny to fulfill this purpose, and he surrendered to God. A voice responding was heard by many, and so Jesus explained to these people what was going to happen to him and how by this experience he would attract people to his consciousness, even though the rejecting judgment of the world was thrown back on itself. The Christ does remain forever, but people do not always recognize its Light. Jesus knew that he was the Light and advised people to use the Light to see clearly and to trust the Light in order to develop their own Light (become sons of Light).

The original souls of all are Light, and all the lower levels of consciousness are reflections of this Light. We are all sons of the Living God, and move in consciousness through experiences until we find the rest of the eternal beingness of God. We see the images of reflection through consciousness, while the Light of the soul, the source of consciousness, is one with the Light of God. All of creation is the image of the Light of God, and all future creation will be manifest out of God's Light.

Long before, Isaiah had seen that most people would reject the message of God, because their hearts and minds were closed; yet if they opened up, they could be cured. Even the Jewish leaders who believed in Jesus were afraid to admit it, because they were threatened with excommunication by the religious authorities; they chose worldly security and honor over the message of God. Jesus declared that he was a representative of God, a connecting link to the world. He manifested the consciousness of God to people for their enlightenment. He did not come to judge people but to show people a way of liberation. Every soul will judge itself by its own actions. Jesus as the Christ acted as a channel from God to humans, and he did and spoke whatever the spiritual guidance told him to do and speak; for to live by the will of God is to experience perfect life.

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