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78. Parable of the Sheep and Goats.

Jesus indicated the spiritual consequences of our actions in this parable of judgment. The soul in its glory with the angels assisting examines all the actions of the person's consciousness. The loving actions of mercy become blessings contained in the spirituality of the soul's eternal consciousness, but the lack of love causes the karma which must be burned off. Since the soul is eternal, all of the actions, both good and bad, become a part of its experience, although all debts are paid off and balanced so that the soul maintains its perfection.

Implicit in this parable is the understanding that the Christ lives in every person, and however we treat another person is how we are treating the Christ. In this way Jesus cried out for mercy toward all human beings. The practical message of the Christ is to feed the hungry, give a thirsty person a drink, welcome all strangers, give clothes to those in need of them, care for the sick, and share love with those who are in prison. Such mercy comes from the heart of Christ and is done for the Christ in the heart of the other person; these actions demonstrate the unity of humanity.

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