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77. Readiness for the Lord.

The spiritual awakening does not depend on time, but only on God. Jesus described the suddenness of God's actions in the events surrounding Noah and the flood and Lot and the destruction of Sodom. Therefore one must be spiritually awake all the time and not get lost in the activities of the world. One must be willing to give up one's life for the good of all in order to save oneself spiritually; attempting to preserve one's physical life forever is vain. The Angel of Death is very selective, depending upon the karma of the individual.

Those who love power (eagles) gather where the bodies are, but they are vultures preying upon the dead; beware of the military. The servants of God must be aware and alert, for the action of God may be needed at any moment. Therefore we must be careful not to go to sleep in bad habits and the worries of this world; for the time of actions comes to all, and we must be aware in order to rise up in our souls.

Therefore we must be disciplined and ready (loins girded), and our love and Light must be active (lamps burning) so that when the Lord calls on us we may open our hearts and receive the guidance and blessings. We never know when God's presence will be needed; therefore we must be ever watchful. Answering Peter's question Jesus indicated that this teaching was for anyone who would be a faithful and sensible servant of God; God will make use of such a servant. However, if one forgets to practice the love of one's Lord and mistreats other people, then the Lord will see that misconduct and place one in the divided consciousness of the unfaithful hypocrites.

Those who serve are responsible according to their awareness. The one who knows God's will but fails to do it will suffer much through one's own consciousness, while those who fail because of ignorance receive lessons that will teach them. Those who are given greater abilities are expected to manifest greater works.

To experience the spiritual consciousness we must not only be pure (virgins) in heart, but also we must maintain the spiritual energy of Light and love by praying and doing spiritual exercises so that when the Lord comes we may share our Light with him and attend the celebration. But those who have let the spiritual energy of their Light dissipate without replenishing it are foolish and must go pray some more. Each person must practice spiritual discipline for oneself; and though one may Light the way for another to see, one cannot increase the other person's own Light for them. Therefore pray and build up your spiritual energy so that you may receive the Lord in brightness.

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