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76. Prophecies of the End of the Age.

Jesus spoke of the destruction of the temple buildings, and then he was also asked about the end of the age. The temple was destroyed in 70 CE in the Jewish war with the Romans, but the end of the age depends upon the consciousness of humanity. Therefore Jesus warned them not to be led astray by the predictions of those who claim to know. Jesus could see that the consciousness of humanity was tending toward great conflicts between nations and that various calamities would occur to shake loose people's consciousness so that they would awaken.

Astrology is used to interpret signs from heaven. As there was the change from the Aries age to the Piscean Age two thousand years ago, so now in our time is occurring the transition from Pisces into the Aquarian Age. The cataclysms are the birth pangs of the Earth laboring to bring forth the new consciousness.

Jesus advised us to be aware of ourselves and when called before councils and governmental authorities to testify; we need not be concerned about preparing our defense, but speak what is in our hearts as the Holy Spirit gives it to us; they will not be successful in arguing against the wisdom of God. Some people will even give up their own brothers and family to be killed. Does this not happen in wars? Youth rebelling will kill their parents. Does this not happen in revolutions?

Many psychics claim to predict fortunes and events, but they are false prophets who take away an individual's freedom of choice and responsibility for living one's own life. In the chaos of the transformation many lose heart, become disillusioned and discouraged. Yet God will protect those who turn to this, and those who persevere to the end will find salvation. The spiritual consciousness must be communicated all across the planet so that humanity will be ready for the change.

Regarding the temple Jesus referred to the prophecy of Daniel and the armies that would and did in fact come to attack Jerusalem. This was a karmic balancing which was prophesied. Many times in history Jerusalem has been trampled on by nations; and it is still a focus of conflict between nations, for the seasons of the nations have not quite fulfilled themselves yet. Now the scarcity of resources and people's greed may cause great conflicts and afflictions. We must pray for the awakening of peace and harmony between people so that those days may be shortened, and humans may not use the power they have to destroy all life on Earth. Are not nuclear weapons a devastating abomination?

Those who have chosen to follow God's living love toward all will make the difference. As people begin to awaken more to the Christ consciousness, they will demonstrate great abilities; and some will point them out as Christs. However, each person must discover and know the Christ in one's own heart, but to go outwardly following another person physically leads one away from oneself and one's own Christ within. Therefore Jesus advised us not to go after these people, for we will recognize the Christ as Light within our own consciousness. If someone assists you in realizing the Christ consciousness within yourself, then that is the real work of the Christ awakening.

After the chaos and confusion that everyone must go through, the presence of the soul will shine forth in power and glory. Then the angels will be perceived, and the Sound of God will be heard calling those souls who have chosen to follow the spiritual path. Have courage, for redemption is at hand. These are the signs and indication of these changes and awakenings in consciousness both individually and collectively. The process of spiritual awakening is available to every generation. Though heaven and earth may pass away, the Sound Current will lead one into the heart of God.

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