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73. Parables of the Vineyard and a Wedding.

The master represents God, and the estate represents the world where humans labor; the farmers represent the Jewish nation which entered into a covenant with God. When the people were nearing the completion (fruition) of their experiences on earth, then God began to send prophets as his servants to collect these souls back to himself. However, these prophets were rejected, ignored, insulted, and even killed. Finally God sent his Christ (beloved son), but the leaders of the Jewish nation in their selfish ambition decided to reject him and kill him in order to remain in power.

Jesus then asked them what the lord ought to do to those farmers, and the listeners could see that they deserved their own destruction and that the farm ought to be given to others who will be loyal. Jesus concluded that they had rejected the corner-stone of the real foundation and ruined their spiritual opportunity in the process. Therefore the spiritual consciousness was to go to those people who do good works. The high priests and the Pharisees understood this parable and being too far involved in their negativity could not change, and in fact they went out to fulfill it.

In the spiritual consciousness God was giving a wedding celebration for his consecrated Christ. Ministers were sent out to tell the "religious" (invited) people to come into the joy of the Lord; many people were busy with worldly concerns, and some even attacked these messengers; however, those who engaged in violence suffered violence themselves. When those invited refused to come, God sent his ministers to call in anyone who was available whether they seemed to be deserving or not.

The man who was not wearing wedding clothes was thrown out, for he was not there to celebrate the union of Christ with God and humanity. The call of God is heard by many people, but one must act appropriately in order to be chosen.

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