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70. Jesus Enters Jerusalem on a Colt.

The Passover was the greatest celebration of the year in Jerusalem. People were wondering whether Jesus would come, for the Pharisees were planning to arrest him and had requested that people inform them where he was. Using clairvoyance, Jesus had his disciples prepare a donkey's colt so that his entrance into Jerusalem would fulfill a messianic prophecy. Even the owners of the colt cooperated with the Spirit in this action, as Jesus correctly foresaw.

Jesus, unafraid of the Pharisees, entered Jerusalem openly in the midst of a great celebration among his followers who cheered him on. The Pharisees were offended at his being treated like the Messiah, but Jesus knew that it was destined, and nothing could stop it. Witnesses to the raising of Lazarus were giving their accounts of this miracle, and the Pharisees realized that they were being overwhelmed by this grass-roots, messianic movement.

Yet Jesus wept that the people of Jerusalem were not more enlightened in the ways of peace, and he predicted the destruction of the city which occurred at the hands of the Romans in 70 CE. Jesus healed many people in the temple; and when the high priests and scholars complained of the shouting to the Messiah, Jesus declared the spiritual fulfillment of being praised by the children.

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