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68. Request of James and John.

To calm his disciples Jesus explained to them what was going to happen to him in Jerusalem - that he would be condemned, mocked, tortured, killed, and then would rise. Since nothing at all like this had happened to him so far, they found it very difficult to relate to what he was saying. However, he told them, because he knew that later when these things took place they would understand and be reassured by his foreknowledge that this was all right.

The mother of James and John was spiritually ambitious for her children, and they were willing to go through whatever Jesus went through to get where he was. However, Jesus knew that such things went according to God's will. They must learn that spiritual leadership is developed by serving and that to have power and authority over others is the way of the negative power of the world. From the spiritual perspective the greatest is the one who serves all, and Jesus was about to demonstrate this by sacrificing his life for the good of all.

The ones who received healings from Jesus were the ones who asked him for it and in this case persisted in spite of opposition. Jesus acknowledged that it was the man's faith and the power of God which cured his eyes.

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