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66. On Marriage and Children.

Divorce is permitted under the law, but Jesus indicated that it occurs because of a lack of love (hardness of heart). Marriage is natural because of the creation of the male and female polarities which seek a balance with each other. When people are ready to be married, they move from their parents' family unit to form their own union. Marriage is an intensely intimate exchange of energy and consciousness and consequently a sharing of karma between the two people. It is part of God's natural plan, and separation is an aberration. The energy exchange of the conjugal union is sacred in the sense that if someone then has sex with a different partner, the purity of the wedded union has been adulterated, confusing the energy and consciousness of the persons involved in this intimate and sensitive relationship. Also to divorce and marry again is to adulterate the energy of the intimate union. Nevertheless it is not an unforgivable sin.

The disciples were concerned about the difficulty of marriage and wondered about remaining single. Jesus clearly indicated that although it is not for everyone, some may choose to remain celibate for the sake of the spiritual consciousness.

Many people brought children and babies to Jesus to be blessed; although the disciples thought it was too disturbing, Jesus welcomed them. The consciousness of children is naturally spiritual, for the soul may be more spontaneous without as much negative conditioning on the Earth. To move into the spiritual consciousness one must be open and trusting like a child. New-born babies, having recently come from the other world, are extremely spiritual, although they have not yet learned how to handle the body and play our games with language, etc. Thus old people by communicating directly through consciousness with such a child may discover something about the spiritual world to which they may soon return.

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