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65. Parables on Prayer.

Jesus also healed Samaritans and confirmed the faith of the man who expressed his gratitude.

Those who search for God outside of themselves may be led astray by anyone who thinks that God is contacted outwardly, but the spiritual consciousness and contact with God are found inside oneself. God is manifest outwardly, but to find the source and make contact with it we must go within and learn to know ourselves until we discover the divine soul that we are as direct extensions of God (sons of the living Father). We must see past our imagination, emotions and mind, which are the faculties of the soul, into the true beingness of the soul itself. Whoever does this knows the divine with certainty and experiences infinite value, but whoever does not know one's own self has not yet discovered the spiritual treasure and therefore experiences a sense of lack (poverty).

If our intention is truly to reach our spiritual goal, then our prayer will be persistent until the goal is reached. God is willing always to bless us, but we must overcome and get past all our negative patterns (the unjust judge); the function of the negative is to test us to be sure that we are sincere and worthy to attain. Therefore perseverance in the positive direction is successful, because it wears out the negativity. If a person really intends to move a mountain, then one prays and acts according to the inner guidance until the mountain is moved.

The person who justifies oneself in praying is apparently content with the way one is and in one's pride seeks no improvement; therefore why should God give that one anything except perhaps a few lessons to reveal one's false claims? However, the person who acknowledges one's faults and shortcomings is asking for divine assistance in overcoming these and becoming a better person.

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