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59. Jesus Accused of Blasphemy.

The Christ is recognized by a person from within the Christ of one's own heart; therefore telling people who are in doubt does little good. When the skeptical questioned Jesus about it, he knew they did not understand; so he advised them to look at the actions he was doing in the consciousness of God. They did not believe him because they were not following him spiritually. Those who were following him were connected to him by the Sound of God and listened to his voice; he recognized the ones who were spiritually following him and extended to them the Spirit of eternal life. They had all been guided to him by God, and God protected them all.

When he said he was one with God, the Jews thought it was blasphemy, a capital crime. Even though Jesus was doing good work, they felt that no man should claim to be God. However, Jesus pointed out from their own scripture that God recognized that those who are connected to his word are divine. Jesus actually did not say that he was God the totality, but the son of God sanctified by God to do his work in the world; therefore if they believed based on the works, they would see and know that God was present and that the Christ is a manifesting extension of God. As they were trying to arrest him, Jesus went back to the Jordan River, where many who had heard John, believed in the Christ.

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