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58. Healing on the Sabbath.

Jesus referred to the calamities of current events to point out to people their mortality and need to repent and improve their lives while they still had an opportunity. The parable of the fig tree was to indicate that for three years he had been looking for the fruit of repentance among the people and found only that they were taking up space on the earth. However, he was encouraged by the gardener of life to go for another year while he stimulated growth with a little fertilizer. Thus Jesus was willing to take on some negativity for the sake of the life of humanity (tree).

In a synagogue on a Sabbath Jesus assisted a lady in releasing a negative karmic condition (bond of Satan) of eighteen years, but the local leader complained of people violating the Sabbath. Jesus used the common-sense example of caring for one's animals to show the simplicity and goodness of his action.

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