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55. Loving the Neighbor.

Even in his own times Jesus ordained many more than the twelve (seventy-two) to go out and minister to the people with the Christ consciousness acting through them as the agents of God. They returned joyfully and marveled how the Christ consciousness (your name) had dominion over negativity. Jesus saw spiritually that the Light was with them and overcoming the negative power, giving also perfect protection. Yet he warned them not to get attached to the display of power and reminded them that the greater joy was in their spiritual liberation. Nevertheless Jesus himself was in bliss over this good work in the expansion of the Spirit.

An intellectual person questioned Jesus how to attain the eternal life he was always talking about. Seeing that the person knew the answer in theory, Jesus asked him what he thought. He quoted the two greatest commandments about loving God totally and loving one's neighbor as oneself. Jesus confirmed the answer and advised him to live according to it.

Seeking more information, the man asked what was meant by "neighbor." Jesus gave the example of the man in need of care; the priest and Levite ignored and neglected him, but the foreigner went out of his way to do everything he could to help the man without expecting anything in return and was willing to do more if necessary.

In this story it was easy to see that the good neighbor was a Samaritan who Jews usually hated and that being a priest without doing good work was no guarantee of salvation. How can those who profess to be Christians be prejudiced against any type of person? Then Jesus advised the man who could see the mercy demonstrated in the story to go and practice the same. The living love of eternal life is more than knowing what is right; it's the doing of it as well.

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