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54. The Noble Shepherd.

The door is the Christ consciousness which is the way which connects human consciousness to God consciousness. The thieves and robbers are the false teachers and psychics who are merely out for their own gain. Christ is love and cares about others' welfare. The sheep listens to his voice, because he is the one who connects them to the Sound Current of God; by listening to this voice they may go in and out through the door.

Jesus opened the door between the lower, psychic worlds of creation and the higher, spiritual realms of the soul and God, and whoever moves into the Christ consciousness will liberate the soul and know the joy of eternal life and infinite supply, but the thief destroys the higher awareness in order to make people dependent.

Jesus stated that he was willing to sacrifice his life for others and face the wolves of negativity and violence, but those who do the spiritual work only for money (hired hand) run away from the challenges and threatening situations, leaving the people in confusion. The Christ is the good shepherd, and those whose awareness is ready for this experience recognize the Christ; the Christ recognizes them just as God recognizes the Christ and the Christ knows God.

Jesus declared that he would give his life for these people and others who listen to his voice, and all would become one in the Spirit. Because he was doing God's work with his whole life he knew that God actively was loving him and had communicated to him that laying down his life God would give it back to him.

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