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53. Jesus Heals a Blind Man.

Understanding the law of karma, the disciples of Jesus asked whether it was the blind man's karma (sin) or his parents' karma that he was born without sight. Jesus was not concerned with their past errors but with the grace of God he could bring to them; it was possible that they took on this karma temporarily to have the experience of grace the Christ would bring them. Jesus focused on the positive work he could do as the Light.

Using the vibration of health contained in his own saliva he managed a cure for the man. The person was so transformed by the experience that people had difficulty recognizing him. The man told what happened to him to the Pharisees who were upset because it was a Sabbath, but their prejudice did not allow them to accept what had occurred; yet some were amazed at the miracle. Refusing to believe that anyone who broke their rules could be good, they questioned the parents. They identified their son but were wary of the Jews' threats against anyone who acknowledged the Christ. Questioned again the man simply told them what his experience was; the experience boldly indicated that this must be a godly man to do such a wonderful thing. But the minds and hearts of these Pharisees were closed, and they were not willing to learn or even accept facts. Jesus found the man who was thrown out by them and confirmed his faith in the Christ.

Jesus explained how those who admit their blindness are open to be healed by him, but those who stubbornly cling to the false belief that they can see stay blind. In fact if these Pharisees were actually blind physically, then they would realize their blindness and the karma would be balanced; but since they think they see spiritually when they do not, their karma (sin) is left unbalanced.

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