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52. God the Father.

Jesus openly declared that he was the divine Light of God in the world and that all who follow the way of the Christ have the living Light, which is the source of all and omnipresent. Jesus spoke with certainty and knowledge that he was one with God and doing its work. Human consciousness usually perceives through the senses, which are limited and faulty, but the Christ consciousness perceives the truth through the spiritual heart. Jesus knew that he received everything from God whom he called his Father. Those listening did not understand this, because they did not have the same experience.

Jesus was going to be ascending into the higher realms of consciousness, and he warned the people that they would not rise so high because they would die still having karmic debts (sins). They were temporarily trapped in the lower worlds, while he was liberated. Because they did not trust him to assist them in releasing the karma, they would die still having karma.

Asked who he is, Jesus responded mystically that he is the beginning, for the Spirit is the beginning and end of all things. He realized that they did not understand; yet he had so many teachings he could share with them. Looking ahead he could see that when his sacrifice was revealed and they also lifted their awareness into the soul, then they would know the Christ and his oneness with God as God's representative in this world. To those believing he advised that they continue into the spiritual consciousness they were experiencing in order to learn greater truth which would liberate them.

Some of the Jews thought that he implied that they were slaves. (Like some Americans they conceived of freedom and slavery as a black-and-white issue.) Jesus explained that we are restricted and confined by our karmic debts due to ignorance and mistakes. The karmic patterns are temporary, but the soul (son) lives forever. Thus if the soul liberated their consciousness, then they would be truly free.

Jesus knew that the Jews were descendants of Abraham, but some of them were trying to kill him because their hearts were closed to the divine word. They should live from the Father as Jesus was doing. They claimed that Abraham was their father, but Jesus asked them to behave like Abraham toward one who spoke the messages from God; instead they were merely doing the actions of a physical father.

Then they realized that it was better to claim God as their Father. But Jesus pointed out that if they really knew God they would be loving to the manifesting Christ. However, they did not understand the teachings of God and could not hear the Sound (word) because their consciousness had been locked into the physical body with its desires; they were under the negative power of illusion and deception, and they did not even recognize the truth when they heard it. Those who are truly of God listen to the word of God, but they were not of God and did not listen.

Becoming more negative they accused him of having a negative entity. Perhaps the negative statements of Jesus were coming back on him. (In the spiritual consciousness the karma is balanced almost immediately.) Jesus was willing to take on a little negativity in order to point out to them theirs; this is what makes the spiritual work of upliftment so subtle and difficult.

Jesus immediately focused again on God and the promise of eternal life. Those who move into the spiritual consciousness transcend death. They resented the grandiose claims of Jesus, but he clarified that this was not his personal glory but the glorious message of God which he happened to know. If he denied knowing God, he would be deceiving himself as they were doing. He was following God's word, and in fact the spirit of Abraham (for he too is eternal) was happy to see Christ being manifested. The Jews could not grasp this even though Jesus declared that being eternal he existed even before the incarnation of Abraham. Again not resisting their hostility, Jesus simply left.

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