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47. Jesus Transformed on the Mountain.

When Jesus prayed with the inner circle of his disciples, the Light came in so powerfully that the disciples also began to see into the higher levels, though part of their consciousness slept as in a dream. As they awakened to the higher level they could see Moses and Elijah conversing with Jesus about his spiritual work in the current situation. Like in a dream, Peter related to the scene as it made sense to him. As the Light increased, a voice confirmed that Jesus was the beloved of God and should be listened to.

The disciples apparently could not stand any more of this; therefore Jesus consoled them and requested that they not tell anyone about this until after his resurrection from the dead, an expression they did not as yet understand. Realizing that he was the Messiah they asked about the scholars' belief that Elijah was to come first. Jesus replied that Elijah did come again and not being recognized as Elijah he suffered, just as the Christ was to be treated badly and suffer at the hands of the ignorant. With this statement the disciples could not help but understand that he meant that John the Baptist was the return of Elijah.

The crowd greeted them and asked Jesus about a lunatic that his disciples had not been able to help. Jesus determined from the father that this was a serious condition of long-standing, and Jesus noted a certain doubt in this man's request for assistance. He affirmed the power of trusting God, stimulating the man to greater faith. Then he commanded the spirit to depart and lifted the young man back into his normal consciousness.

For those disciples this was a lesson in faith; for though faith in God may seem a small thing, like a tiny seed; yet this seed has the power of a great tree and can even move a mountain. God is all-powerful, and for the one attuned to its Spirit all things are possible.

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