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46. Peter Recognizes Christ and Tempts Jesus.

Many people thought that Jesus was the reincarnation of Elijah or Jeremiah or one of the prophets or that the spirit of John the Baptist was overshadowing him. In checking their awareness Jesus asked his disciples who they thought he was. Peter recognized that this was the Christ, the living son of God. Jesus blessed Peter for his spiritual perception which went beyond the physical senses.

Peter at this moment represented the spiritual awareness upon which his church was to be founded, and death would not overcome it. Jesus declared that he would extend the spiritual keys to hold the energy on all levels down into the physical and also to release karma from the physical into the higher realms of Light. They were to tell no one that he was the Christ, for it must be discovered by each person from within. Jesus could then tell them what was to be his fate in Jerusalem. Now Peter began to object and oppose this. Jesus turned and looked at his disciples as he reprimanded Peter for falling into negativity and becoming an instrument to tempt Jesus away from God's work to follow a human. This was a warning to all disciples of the Christ to always follow the Spirit of God above the negativity of any person no matter how much authority that one has been given.

Whoever intends to follow the Christ must deny their human ego and be willing to suffer for the greater good of all. Selfish people will lose what they are trying to hold on to, while the selfless will win their souls. Does the wealth and power of the entire world which is finite come anywhere near the beauty and perfection of the soul which is infinite? The soul is who we are. What could we possibly possess that could equal our own beingness itself?

Whoever is ashamed of the Christ and his teachings among the ignorant and corrupt will receive back the same karma when the soul begins to shine out in its glory among the saints and angels; the karma is always balanced perfectly. There are some who can transcend into soul consciousness while still alive in the physical body.

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