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45. Healing and Feeding the People.

Aware of the hostility in Judea, Jesus went to Tyre for a respite. However, a Greek woman found out about him and begged urgently that he help her daughter. Jesus' personal mission was to the Jews, but because of her persistence and humility he cured her daughter. In Hellenic Sidon he also cured the hearing of a deaf man so that he could also speak. (The deaf are not able to speak intelligently, because they cannot hear themselves.)

In Galilee a large crowd assembled, and he healed many. Jesus in loving them felt their hunger and knew that they would be desperately in need before they could find food. Therefore once again he even provided physical nourishment for those who had followed him in their hunger for the spiritual teachings. Then he traveled on.

The two most influential groups among the Jews, the Pharisees and the Sadducees, asked him to prove himself through some sign. His devoted followers had witnessed many, but these "high-class" people wanted him to obey them. Jesus described how the weather is predicted from certain indications; so why could not these people understand what was occurring from what he was doing? This request for a sign came out of negativity and suspicion. They must be satisfied with the sign of Jonah.

In the boat Jesus warned his disciples against the ways of the Pharisees and Sadducees and Herod. Finally they got the message that they were to be very careful of adopting any of the teachings of those traditional religious groups; this was so that the spiritual teachings of Jesus would remain pure of their corrupting influence.

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