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43. The Bread of Life.

Having satisfied people's bodily appetites Jesus warned them to work for the everlasting nourishment of eternal life, which is the Spirit, rather than for the food which only satisfies temporarily. This Spirit comes through the human soul, particularly through the awakened soul that God has ordained the Christ. The work of God begins by trusting in this Spirit and the Christ. Moses had given the Jews manna in the desert when they needed it, and Jesus had manifested bread and fish; but the true bread is the Spirit which comes from God through the Christ consciousness in giving life to the world.

Jesus declared that he is this life-giving bread, and whoever comes to him receives of the Spirit. Even many who saw the miracles did not believe; but those who have trusted God will come to the Christ, for he is the higher consciousness manifested on earth to do the will of God. Primarily his work is to lift (raise) those souls who are ready into the heavenly worlds when their cycle of karma and reincarnation is completed (on the last day). Not one soul will be lost or destroyed, but eventually everyone will see the soul and trust in the Christ and coming to the last day will be raised up to eternal life.

When Jesus said that he was the bread coming down from heaven, he was not speaking as the man Jesus but as the Christ consciousness. Many of the Jews did not realize this; so Jesus continued to explain. Only those who really seek God come to the Christ consciousness; these aspirants are guided to the Christ to receive more of the spiritual teachings. Those who have listened to God come to the Christ, who has a direct line into Spirit and can connect people to this source of life.

The life of the Christ is to extend this living bread of Spirit to people so that they can lift more into the awareness of eternal life. The flesh of the human soul is this life which is given to all who would partake of the Spirit of eternal life. The flesh and blood of the Christ is not like the food the body eats, for it dies. The Christ declares that he gives the true food and true drink from the essence of who he substantially is, which is the spiritual consciousness of divine love. The Christ receives life from God (the Father) and extends it to those who then partake of this Spirit, which gives awareness of eternal life.

Even many of those who were studying (disciples) with Jesus could not accept this symbolic teaching. Thus Jesus clarified that the human soul may ascend to its spiritual origin, for it is the Spirit which gives life; the flesh does not benefit anything. It is the awareness of the spiritual teachings which expands the Spirit and life. Some still did not believe even after he explained the symbolism of the flesh, but he knew that it was because they had not come to him to find God. Jesus openly asked if any of the twelve wished to leave. Peter spoke for those who were there to receive the spiritual teachings, and Jesus knew that one of them was there for other, negative (devil) reasons.

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