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42. Feeding the Five Thousand.

After those who were sent out (apostles) returned, large crowds followed Jesus even into deserted places. He taught them about the way of Spirit and extended his love by healing those who were ill. When it got late, the disciples became concerned about food and where people might be able to eat. Jesus suggested that they give them what they had available, even though it was only a little. Having gotten the people organized into groups, Jesus took the bread and fish and through the power of the Spirit he multiplied them so that everyone had enough to eat. More than five thousand people ate; and when they were finished, they had more food left than when they started.

This ability to manifest or materialize food can be performed by some spiritual masters (such as Sai Baba), but the people attending must be open to accept the miracle, or they might go insane (or think they are) while witnessing it.

When the people realized the spiritual power of Jesus, they wanted to make him their king (as the Messiah was supposed to be). Aware of this and not being politically ambitious, Jesus sent the disciples across the lake and had the people go away so that he could pray alone for guidance in this crisis.

That night, not having a boat available and wishing to join his disciples on the other side of the lake, Jesus levitated his body above the water to make the crossing. However, the disciples noticed him and were not sure whether he was in a material form or not. As they were frightened and upset, Jesus reassured them that it was him in order to calm them down.

Peter, a man of courage and spiritual aspiration, wanted to see if he could perform this feat also. Jesus gave him the opportunity and saved him when he began to doubt. This again demonstrated his abilities, but some of them did not understand because their love (heart) was not flowing (was hardened). Not only was Jesus the consciousness of Spirit incarnate, but sometimes even the carnal part was transmuted to a higher level. His presence was the power of life and health so that whoever touched him received healing.

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