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40. Sending Out the Disciples.

Jesus sent his disciples in pairs to all the towns of Israel to minister and serve those in need of spiritual assistance. They had received of the grace of God, and now they were to give this grace to others. He advised them not to be concerned about material things, but when going to a town to find a household open to their ministry and to stay with them, eating what they provided. Where they were welcomed they were to heal; where they were not welcomed they were to leave immediately without receiving anything from them, declaring simply that they had brought the consciousness of God to them.

Their task was dangerous because of the hostility, and therefore they must be wise yet innocent. However, this would give them the opportunity to testify before the Jews and other people about the Spirit. They need not prepare anything to say, but merely serve as channels of the Holy Spirit for the message of God which would come through them spontaneously in the moment. Socrates had been similarly guided by his guardian angel not to prepare a speech prior to his trial in Athens.

Jesus told them that there would be conflict within families over these spiritual questions, and they must suffer being hated and persecuted for the sake of the Christ and his message. Where rejected they were to move on; those who endured all things would be saved; for before they could reach all the towns of Israel, their souls would be awakened. A student is not greater than the teacher nor one who serves greater than the master, but the students and those who serve are working to become teachers and masters; thus they would face the same treatment the master got.

There is nothing to fear; everything that is hidden in darkness will be revealed in the Light. Listen to the quiet voice and follow to the full. The most that the other people could do to them would be to kill their bodies, but they could not harm the soul. Instead they were to be careful in their own consciousness so that they would not create more karma to be burned off. The providence of God watches over the sparrows and even the hairs of their heads; God does give perfect protection from all unwarranted harm.

Therefore Jesus encouraged them to acknowledge the Christ, for then the Christ would acknowledge them before God; but those who denied the Christ before people would karmically be denied by the Christ before God. Jesus did not come to bring the peace of agreement between people, but the challenge of following the Christ above all other things.

True followers of the Christ, which is the spiritual love of all, do not place anyone, even their own lives, above the Christ action. Selfish people will lose the awareness of their own souls (life), because they place the ego above the Spirit which is one in all souls; and those who sacrifice their personal lives to do the spiritual work of the Christ will find their own souls.

The Christ lives in the heart of every person, waiting to come to life. Thus whoever welcomes a disciple of the Christ welcomes the Christ, and whoever welcomes the Christ welcomes God and the Christ of one's heart. According to the law of karma and by the grace of God extending, whoever welcomes a prophet or a good person or a disciple will receive their rewards too. Thus Jesus ordained the great ministering action of service through the Christ consciousness so that all people could experience the spiritual awakening of the Christ in their hearts.

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