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39. Various Healings.

The Spirit that overshadowed Jesus as the Christ was a much greater thing than his own personality. This Spirit healed by touch; so when the woman was cured by touching his robe, Jesus sensed that this Spirit had extended to someone. This brought the woman out into the open to confess what had happened to her, and Jesus confirmed the healing.

When the daughter of Jairus died, the mourners laughed at Jesus for thinking she was asleep. To remove the influence of such an attitude Jesus carefully selected who was to accompany him into the room of the girl. Then he brought her soul back into the body and awakened her. He advised them to give her some food so that her consciousness would get re-oriented to the body.

After checking to be sure that their consciousness was open to receive the healing, Jesus cured the eyes of two men. As with the girl he told them not to tell anyone, for already he was being hounded for such cures. Many of these healings occurred as the entity possessions were released, which indicates that these were what today might be called serious psychological disorders.

Again in his own town where people had known him before his ministry as the Christ, they could not adjust to the change of consciousness and transformation he had undergone. Relating to the personality of Jesus as they remembered it instead of to the Christ consciousness, most of them were not open to receive of the Spirit from him. As he traveled and attracted large crowds, Jesus realized how many people needed ministering by the Spirit. Thus he began to pray that God would prepare other workers to go out and serve also.

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