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38. Calming a Storm and a Demoniac.

One man wanted to follow Jesus physically wherever he went, but Jesus told him that the human soul is always moving, even at night when the body sleeps. However, he did request some to follow his spiritual way. A man asked that he could first attend his father's funeral, and another requested a chance to say goodby to his family. Jesus pointed out to both of them that the spiritual work must be the first priority.

As they were sailing across the lake, Jesus appeared to be asleep; probably his body was resting while he was traveling spiritually. Perhaps he was confronting the Gerasene demons prior to encountering them physically; the turmoil of this may have brought on the storm on the lake. When the disciples panicked, they woke up Jesus; he immediately commanded the spirits of the air and water to cease the disturbance. Then he asked his disciples about their lack of courage and trust in God so that they might handle the situation better the next time.

Meeting the maniac with the legion of entities, Jesus commanded them to leave the man. To have so many entities wandering loose would not have been safe; therefore they possessed the pigs and drowned themselves in the sea, perhaps releasing them from their earth-bound karma. Suddenly the person who had been possessed was normal again. Jesus asked him to be a testimony to his people, for they were very upset about these strange occurrences.

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