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37. Parables on the Sovereignty of Heaven.

The consciousness of God is one of growth and expansion like a tiny seed which grows into a beautiful plant or tree; the process is natural yet miraculous. When the soul has grown to the full and gained all it could from earth experiences, then it is harvested or graduated to a higher level of existence. The spiritual consciousness is also like the fruitful seeds among the weeds which were sown by an enemy. At the harvest the fruit is gathered into the barn while the weeds are burned up.

Again Jesus explained the parable so that they could understand. The sower of the good seed is the human soul, and the field is the world. The good seeds are the good actions and qualities of the spiritual consciousness, and the weeds are the bad actions and qualities which come out of negativity. The harvest is the completing of the karmic cycle, and the reapers are the angels who dispense the karma. All the negative actions and wrong-doing must be purified (burned), for these qualities do not belong in the spiritual consciousness (sovereignty). The clenching of teeth is an indication of a person's stubbornness or resistance to life, and emotional karma is often released through crying. Then the justice and goodness are assimilated into the Light of the soul in the spiritual consciousness.

This spiritual consciousness is often hidden from people's awareness; yet some day, perhaps even in a future life as another person, everyone will dig inside themselves and discover the treasure of their own beingness. This treasure is more valuable than any earthly analogy could show, but so that people would have something to relate to, Jesus compared it to the precious pearl which cannot be destroyed nor tarnished. Spiritual treasure is everlasting; therefore to search for it is the greatest thing a person can do.

Again the spiritual consciousness is sorting out the bad and keeping the good just as fishermen do with the fish they catch. To enter soul consciousness (sovereignty of heaven) and complete one's cycle of karma and reincarnation on the earth, a person must be purified of all the negative karma. The scholar who has understood these things and become a student of the spiritual consciousness is able to bring out the wisdom in what is new and old.

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