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36. Parable of the Sower.

To communicate with the common people Jesus used the analogy of the farmer who grows plants from seeds. The seeds are all equally good, but they fall into four different conditions. Some are trampled on by the crowd and eaten by birds; others on the rocky ground lack nourishment; those in the thorns from the competition are fruitless; and those in cultivated soil produce much fruit. Jesus called upon those who could listen to the inner teachings to do so.

Some had the wit to ask him the interpretation of the parable. Jesus declared that the initiated were to receive the esoteric teachings of the consciousness of God, but to those who see only outward things but not the inward he gave a symbolic description which they could identify but not really understand; yet the seed had been planted, and eventually they would see and hear inwardly and understand with their hearts. Many good people had prayed to receive these teachings, and now they were being unfolded. Thus Jesus began to interpret the parable.

The farmer sows the word of God which is that connection to the divine Sound which enables a person to awaken to the soul. The seeds trampled under along the way are those people who do not understand the spiritual teachings because their own negativity grabs them out of their hearts so that they will not grow and remove the negativity.

Those on the rocky ground are those people who are immediately excited and enthusiastic about the teachings; but not really putting them into practice the tests and difficulties of the early stages of the spiritual path overcome them, and they become discouraged.

Those in the thorns are the more "successful" people who become wrapped up in the concerns of the time and the illusions of their riches and prosperity along with their desires for the pleasures of "the good life," and these pursuits leave them no time to nurture their spiritual life which then does not reach fruition.

Those in the cultivated soil are the people who listen to their hearts, understand the inner teachings, and put them into practice in their lives bearing beneficial results.

When we turn on a lamp, we do not cover it up but allow the light to shine so that we can see. If we understand what is immediately apparent, then we can move on to understand the next level. Every secret of the universe can be known and manifest to all. Thus Jesus advises us to watch and examine what we listen to and hear in the inner teachings which come to us through the Sound (word), and then we can let our Light shine forth into the world. Whoever does this will receive even more of the Spirit to work with in overflowing abundance; but whoever does not use the gifts given will find that those abilities fade away.

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