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35. Expelling Demons.

Jesus' family had difficulty relating to him while he was expelling demons, but the spiritual work was more important than family ties.

The scholars and Pharisees in attempting to explain how he could expel demons accused Jesus of working for the chief devil Beelzebub. Jesus answered their wicked thoughts by logically showing that the devil does not work against himself. If Jesus expelled these negative entities by the power of God, then the consciousness of God was present. To have power over these entities he first had to overcome the negative power and thus could then take charge of these negative entities.

Jesus was doing the spiritual work of unification, and whoever attempted to obstruct him was scattering the energy. Therefore the worst mistake (sin) a person can make is to call the Holy Spirit (which is goodness itself) evil. This is spiritual karma and is the most difficult to release; the person may have to wait until the next spiritual dispensation, if they set themselves against this one.

Again Jesus declared that we know the tree by its fruit, and these lowest of creatures are speaking bad things out of the negativity of their own hearts. We speak from the center and focus (heart) of our consciousness; the good see and speak the good, while the negative people project the bad. What people put out from their hearts through their mouths creates their karma, positive or negative.

Out of their doubt some of the scholars and teachers asked Jesus for a sign. He told them that the sign of Jonah would be given to them which would be his demonstration that he had overcome death. Knowing they were scholars he exhorted them by the examples they knew (Jonah and Solomon) to open their hearts and minds to the spiritual teachings that were present.

What happens after the negativity is removed, if the person does not repent and change one's ways? The unclean spirit returns to the cleaned-up house bringing more and worse entities. In spite of spiritual assistance the negative person who does not repent becomes worse off than before. For this reason a spiritual teacher will often refuse to remove an entity so that people can strengthen themselves from inside and push entities off by changing the pattern, rather than create an opening for more negativity. Even electric-shock therapy may knock off an entity temporarily.

The relatives of Jesus were still trying to see him; however, for Jesus not only did the spiritual work take priority, but he also demonstrated the consciousness of the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity. Many have adored the mother of Jesus, but Jesus blessed most those who listen to the Sound (word) of God and follow the teachings.

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