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3. Angels Come to Mary and Joseph.

Gabriel greeted Mary with the awareness that God is present with her. As she meditated upon this thought she received additional messages. Rather than by the usual animal procreation this child would be born from spiritual conception. This is a stumbling block to the worldly wise, but Spirit has the power and ability to create anything. Consider the miracle of life itself and the ability of life to regenerate itself. The laws and patterns of the physical world were created by Spirit in the first place, and the Holy Spirit certainly has the knowledge and ability to work within those laws to manifest something that is extraordinary yet natural. In any case it is the consciousness of life which develops the living organism with such intricate complexity.

Yet Spirit works with the physical laws, and the writers of the Gospels may have created this myth to emphasis the purity of virginity and the symbolism of Virgo, the opposite sign from Pisces, the aeon of two milennia that was just beginning. Matthew has quoted from the Septuagint translation of Isaiah 7:14 that uses the Greek word “virgin” (parthenos) while the original Hebrew word “alma” means a “young girl.”

Mary was informed who the soul of this child was, what his purpose on earth would be, and the direct relationship between his consciousness and God's. As confirmation she was accurately told that Elizabeth was already six months pregnant; everything is possible with God. Mary openly accepted the message and the will of God.

Joseph not unnaturally was upset to find his bride-to-be pregnant; he thought it would be best and most kind to quietly divorce her. However, he was given a message through his subconscious mind in the dream state. It is usually by means of the subconscious that we communicate with the super-conscious. A communication with the spiritual world may often be remembered as a dream. Of course, most dreams are the working out of the patterns we create in our subconscious; but when a person is clear, a message from higher consciousness may come through in this way.

Joseph also accepted the message from the angel and respected the chastity of his wife. It was indicated that this child called Jesus would save people from their sins or mistakes, and in fulfillment of the prophecy he would represent the consciousness of God among humanity.

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