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28. "You Heard That It Was Said."

Although Jesus was bringing a new and deeper teaching, he was not destroying the old - neither the law of justice nor the guidance of the prophets. Rather he was demonstrating the fulfillment of the law and the prophecies by bringing the grace of God. The law of karma must be obeyed, and the awareness of this responsibility is of spiritual value. To realize the consciousness of soul one must go deeper than the literal following of the Mosaic law; not only must one's actions be good, but also the emotions and mind must be balanced and clear if one is to recognize one's own divinity.

It is not enough just to refrain from murder; even anger toward other people causes emotional karma which must be worked out through group counsel or purified (hell of fire) inwardly. Thus before offering yourself to God be sure to clear any disagreement with another person so that the person will not hold the karma against you until it is all paid off. Solve the disturbance first so that when you offer yourself to God you will be free. If people will get together and really look for a fair solution, then we can solve our conflicts.

What is adultery? When a person becomes sexually involved with an additional person, then the energy exchange of the marriage becomes adulterated. The consciousness of a person may also become disturbed by the fantasies of lustful desire. Which is greater? a part or the whole? Therefore it is better to sacrifice a part of our consciousness for the sake of the whole than to sacrifice our whole consciousness for a part. It is better to eliminate that part of the consciousness which offends and causes our whole life to need purifying because we are burning with desire. Jesus did not say that to divorce is an everlasting sin, but that to marry again adulterates the energy exchange. Even so, no mistake (sin) is unforgivable.

Swearing is a way of declaring something before some power outside of oneself, but all truth and real power may be found inside oneself. Therefore it is better not to swear by anything but merely to give one's own word, for anything outside of oneself is negative and swearing by such comes out of the negativity of mistrust.

The law of karma is "an eye for an eye," but the Lord says, "Vengeance is mine." The karmic law is spiritually perfect, but when people attempt to punish evil they tend to perpetuate and perpetrate evil. Perhaps the greatest teaching and demonstration of Jesus is to not resist evil. Fighting back escalates the fight and increases the enmity, because then the other person feels the need to fight back also. When there is no resistance to the evil, then the evil of the other person is kept at a minimum level. By turning the other cheek, the person is given a mirror to see one's own action; thus the person who does not resist is attempting to awaken the conscience of the evil-doer.

In our perilous times the resistance to violence has escalated to the point where the entire human race is in danger of extinction. When will we learn? Jesus taught the consciousness of oneness and the good of all through total flexibility and empathy for other people. Since we are all one in Spirit, we ought to treat others as they (we) would like to be treated. People are different; so it is not always best to treat others according to our own values and tastes; rather treat them as they wish to be treated which is how we would wish to be treated if we were them.

We should love our enemies, for how else can we make them our friends? They are a part of us also. God loves all of its children just as the sun shines on the whole earth. Those who hate and abuse us are the ones who are most in need of our love and our prayers. If we are to expand and increase our love, then we must love more people than the ones who are our friends. Everyone loves those who love them, but to gain spiritually we must go beyond the status quo.

To expand beyond the karmic law of balance into the greater grace of God we must give more than we receive. Thus Jesus leads the way for the expansion of love among the human race, and each individual who follows this way eradicates past karmic debts and moves into the grace of God. As more people love everyone unconditionally the consciousness of humanity lifts into the Golden Age of Living Love. Jesus encourages us to realize our own divine nature by becoming compassionate and perfect like God who loves all.

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