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27. Blessings and Woes.

Jesus began his ethical teachings by declaring the spiritual benefits of certain qualities. The poor were those (usually Essenes) who had given all their wealth and possessions to the community for the good of all; in the oneness of this sharing one may live in the consciousness of Spirit. Eventually all things come to the gentle, for the violent die off. By the law of Spirit justice does reign and comes to all; those who long for justice to be manifested reach out for what will inevitably be fulfilled. Again it is spiritually natural that the loving will be treated with love.

Jesus declared that God can be seen, but the heart and the consciousness of the person must be clear. Those who bring peace and harmony to situations are doing the work of God and are directly related as children. Even those who are criticized and put down and slandered for the sake of justice are blessed spiritually with lasting benefits in their souls, for like the prophets of old they bring forward the message of God in order to improve the human condition.

However, those who are personally rich have already received their gratification through their selfish pleasures. Those who are full physically will naturally hunger again. Those who laugh at the plight of others will someday suffer when others refuse to assist them. A fine reputation is no cause for happiness, for often these people are falsely honored. Humanity gives flavor to life; but when people become insipid, then life becomes meaningless, if people are of no value to each other.

Everyone is the Light and an extension of God in the world. Build a great city of Light for all the world to see. Let the Light of God shine in your eyes, and let your actions be beneficial like the glory of God on earth, for every soul is the son of the Father in heaven.

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