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25. Jesus on the Sabbath.

Many Pharisees were hung up on the letter of the scripture and missed the Spirit. When Jesus and his disciples ate from the grain fields on a Sabbath, the Pharisees believed this technically was work and wrong; of course, the disciples were merely hungry, a very practical matter. In their rigid tradition the Pharisees had lost touch with simple mercy, which is what God really wants from people. Jesus even gave them precedents from the scripture for the actions. The purpose of the Sabbath was for people to have a day of rest, but the Pharisees had forgotten that the intent was for human good; they were trying to use it against people. The human soul is Lord of the Sabbath just as God is sovereign over the creation.

Jealousy and hatred perverted some of the scholars and Pharisees so that they no longer saw the difference between doing good and doing harm. Jesus pointed this out with the metaphor of the lost sheep, as he went ahead and healed the person's hand. He was naturally upset and sorrowful that the love in their hearts for simple goodness had dried up.

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