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24. Jesus Answers the Jews.

Jesus asked the ailing man if he was willing to become healthy, for he would not do anything that would violate someone's freedom of choice; and if the man truly did wish it, then all other obstacles could be removed.

The Jews were concerned that he had broken the Sabbath by doing some work on the day of the week God had rested and when people were supposed to rest. Jesus replied that God was still working and that as God's son he was working too. This upset the Jews even more.

Jesus explained that the soul (son) only can do what it has learned from God (Father). God loves the soul and teaches it how to do its works. All life comes from God; every soul continues to live when the body dies, for the soul is what gives life. Also the awakened soul of the Christ can raise the dead and give life and health.

God does not judge anyone, because each soul judges itself so that everyone may recognize the divinity of the soul. Whoever does not recognize the perfection of the soul fails to recognize the God essence.

Whoever listens to the sacred word of the Sound and trusts in God its source wins eternal life and the awareness of it; such have transcended beyond the judgment of the karma. In the now of the divine presence even those who have lost contact with the soul (dead) may listen to the Sound (voice) of the divine soul and may establish the connection with the source of life.

God is life and has extended its life into the soul. The soul judges the karma of the person, because it has perfect knowledge to do so. As people awaken to the divine Sound, those whose actions have been good are raised in consciousness to the beingness of the soul (life); those whose actions have been bad find the karma comes back at them, perhaps in another lifetime. The Christ does nothing on its own, but the karma is just because it is the will of God that each creator must be responsible for its own creation.

This is not the ego of Jesus speaking. John, whom many Jews respected, also said these things about the Christ. Since John had already brought them light, Jesus hoped they would believe from this experience. Nevertheless the abilities and good deeds of Jesus were really the best evidence that Spirit was working through him. However, they had not seen or heard Spirit and did not have the Sound (word) living in them, because they were not willing to trust Jesus. Rather they studied the scriptures hoping to gain life, and yet the scriptures told about people like Jesus. Even so they were not willing to come to the living person for the Spirit.

Jesus needed no praise from people, and he could see that they did not really love God, for he came to them in the consciousness of God, and they rejected him; but someone in a personal consciousness they would accept. They praise each others' egos and miss the glory of the real God. Jesus had nothing against them, but Moses did because they were trying to follow the teachings of Moses. Yet if they really followed Moses they would follow the Christ, for Moses wrote about the Christ. However, because they did not really understand the writings, they did not understand the words of Jesus either.

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