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21. Jesus Heals the Ill and Possessed.

The teaching of Jesus had authority because it was based on the certain knowledge of his direct experience; this is quite different from the scholars who interpret and reason based on what someone has written or said.

An unclean demon spirit was probably a disincarnate, earthbound entity or the consciousness of a person who had died but was trapped by some attachment between this world and the next. Such an entity might possess a living person's body if that person allowed it. Being somewhat in contact with the other worlds, these entities usually recognized who Jesus was immediately upon seeing his Light. Jesus was able to remove the entity from the person in such a way that the person would be spiritually strengthened and would not attract another entity.

Jesus also healed many people by placing his hands on them and extending the Light as a healing force of life. The person's own Light would respond and bring health to the body as its natural process. When the entities (demons) shouted, he took charge and would not let them speak; taking command over them was essential in controlling them. Also it was better if people recognized from within themselves that he was the Christ and son of God rather than being told by someone else.

Jesus often prayed alone in order to maintain his close connection with God. He continued to move on and teach the good message which is the presence of God. Curing a leper he sent him to the priests and advised him to obey the religious customs so that the religious authorities would accept and recognize the spiritual work that was occurring.

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