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2. Angel Gabriel Comes to Zacharias.

Zacharias and Elizabeth by living pure and disciplined lives had prepared themselves to be of service to God. They were consequently selected by a highly evolved soul with a particular mission to be his parents. Certain instructions and guidance were foretold to them from the spiritual realms. Angels have a different process of evolution than humans and do not usually take physical forms. Angels advance primarily by serving God, while humans usually make progress by surrendering to God.

Gabriel, one of the archangels, brought the message to Zacharias about how John was to be raised in purity and how his spiritual power would stimulate people to become prepared for an even greater presence of God. He would encourage the older people to soften their hearts toward children, and he would exhort the rebellious to practice the wisdom of justice.

After seeing the vision Zacharias held his tongue and did not speak until his child was born. This probably helped him to maintain the sacredness of the message and to meditate upon it without dispersing the energy by talking. Elizabeth also retreated within herself and gave thanks to God for this gift.

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