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18. Jesus Heals on the Way to Galilee.

John encouraged people to reform their personal lives, and Herod's taking his brother's wife was a bad example for people and came under John's criticism. Afraid of John's influence over the people, Herod had him arrested. Jesus, however, continued John's message in Galilee exhorting people to improve their lives and trust in God. He taught the common people in their local synagogues and was well received by them.

An official of Herod's had heard of Jesus and probably of the miracle with the wine; he asked Jesus to cure his son who was sick and dying. Noting that some people only believe when they see miracles or signs, Jesus agreed to cure the son. He did it through the Spirit and then informed the official that the son would live. The man trusted him and later discovered that his boy had recovered at that time. Here Jesus demonstrated that he could travel out of the body not only to gain information but also to heal.

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