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17. The Woman of Samaria at the Well.

Jacob's well was likely a focal point of spiritual energy from the ancient times. Jesus, left alone there at noon, asked the Samaritan woman to draw some water for him, as he had no bucket. She was surprised that a Jew would even talk to her, for the Samaritans and the Jews did not get along together at all. Jesus did not let this prejudice nor the fact that she was a woman get in his way.

Jesus informed her that he could give her the living water of Spirit, but she did not understand what he meant and took him literally. He told her that the water of life would become an everlasting fountain inside a person. She thought he meant a continual supply of physical water, and she requested that.

Jesus immediately pointed out the weakest area of her life which was her marriages. She denied being married at all, but he accurately told her that she had been married five times and even the fifth was not a real marriage. When she recognized his clairvoyant ability (prophet), she asked him about the main religious disagreement between the Samaritans and Jews about the most sacred place of worship. He told her that one must know what it is one is worshipping. Now the time has come for people to relate directly to God as truth through the Spirit; God looks for those who truthfully worship God as Spirit.

When the woman admitted that she knew about the Messiah coming, she was told directly that she was in fact speaking to that consciousness. As the disciples arrived, she hurried away and began telling the people of the town about Jesus' abilities. The disciples offered Jesus something to eat, but at that moment he was so caught up in the Spirit that he had no need to eat; he could see the spiritual work which was being accomplished.

The consciousness of many was ready to bear spiritual fruit. The reaper was already assisting people in moving their consciousness more into the spiritual life. What the prophets had sowed for many generations was now reaching fruition, and in the now of the spiritual presence the prophets and the previous spiritual work of each soul is joyful with those who would now reap the fruits. Therefore his disciples must go out and labor to assist those who had already been prepared by the work of others. Many of the Samaritans believed the woman; and when they heard Jesus for themselves, then they knew directly by their own experience that he could do these things.

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