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15. Nicodemus Questions Jesus.

When Jesus went to Jerusalem, he did not submit himself to any human authorities. He knew the truth directly from God; so why should he believe anyone else? Let those who would know of God believe in him. Nicodemus, who was a member of the council, came to Jesus secretly so that the other Pharisees would not object; he sensed that Jesus was close to God.

Jesus told him that he must be born in the spiritual world in order to enter the realm of God. The spiritual birth comes from above in the realms higher than the physical. Spirit is invisible like wind or breath, and it moves according to its own will. Yet one may listen to the Sound Current which connects one to God so that such a person becomes free like the Spirit.

Nicodemus had never heard of these things, and yet he was supposed to be an authentic rabbi. Jesus spoke to him from his direct experience; yet many who hear the testimony of a living master do not accept it. If people do not even believe the teachings about handling the physical world, how will they ever believe the teachings about the higher realms? Only the one who has come down from the higher realms can assist people in going up to the higher realms, and that is the soul consciousness (the human son).

Moses lived in the desert for many years learning how to raise the earth energy of the kundalini (snake) up the spinal cord into higher consciousness. The soul consciousness must also be awakened so that everyone may realize that they are eternal. God loves all of its creation and has placed the divine soul in the world to enable those who trust in that to know eternal life. The realized soul who is sent into the world does not judge the world, but is in the world in order to liberate other souls from the world.

Everyone has the choice of trusting in the grace of God as represented by the soul or of facing the judgment of one's karma (actions) by the world. (All must balance their karma, but those who trust in God also transcend it.) The Light reveals all, but some people hide in the darkness afraid of exposing their bad actions; thus their karma remains. However, those who come to the Light clean up their lives and naturally begin to perform more godly actions, for the Light is there to guide them.

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