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14. Disciples Follow Jesus.

Several of Jesus' first disciples had been disciples of John the Baptist. When John began to turn the power over to Jesus, they started following him. Jesus merely advised them to come and watch what was going on. The brothers Andrew and Simon were the first disciples to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Jesus was aware of it in Spirit, and consequently named Simon Peter after the rock of a solid foundation.

Philip began to follow and told Nathanael about Jesus. Nathanael was skeptical of anything being worthwhile from Nazareth, but at least he was honest. When Jesus met Nathanael, he could see his integrity. Nathanael, never having met Jesus before, wondered how he knew him.

Apparently Jesus had already been working with him in Spirit, for he indicated a past incident under the fig tree in which Nathanael must have had a significant spiritual experience. This perception confirmed for Nathanael that Jesus was indeed the Christ.

Jesus proceeded to inform him that he would see even greater actions than that, and he mentioned the angels that would be assisting him in his spiritual work. This was one of Jesus' earliest statements, which was natural to him, because he would have easily perceived the angels of the subtle levels; however, as he realized that most people do not see these things, he only made such statements on very special occasions.

At the wedding in Cana, Jesus treated his mother like any other woman to let her know he was no longer under her authority. She got the message and told the servants to obey him. Changing water to wine is not an impossible feat. Socrates could drink enormous amounts of wine without getting the least bit drunk, and there is a man in India today, Satya Sai Baba, who manifests food, jewelry, and ash out of the air. The symbolism at the wedding is that the way of the world exhausts good things first, but the spiritual ways bring forth the best out of infinite supply.

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