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13. Jesus is Tested by the Devil.

Following the Spirit Jesus found himself in the desert being tested by the negative power (devil) to see if he truly was capable of manifesting the Christ. After forty days of fasting the temptation of the body was to manifest some food to eat, testing whether the Spirit or the appetites of the body were in control of his life. He decided to live on the word of God.

Another test was whether he would use his abilities to show off or to answer the doubts which come out of negativity by jumping off a tower in Jerusalem with the faith that God would protect him. However, Jesus knew that this would be intentionally asking God to surpass the laws of nature merely as a test to see if God would do it for him. To do this would be acting as the negative power was doing; such a test comes out of doubt not faith.

Then the negative power (sometimes called Kal Niranjan, which means king of the negative worlds) offered him power and glory over any of the negative worlds if he would submit to the negative power, but Jesus sent him away declaring that he would only serve God. He passed these tests, but as long as he remained in the lower worlds, the negative power would be able to test him whenever it got the chance. Jesus faced the tests alone, but having overcome them angels came to assist him.

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