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100. Jesus Sends Out His Disciples.

Finally at a mountain in Galilee Jesus verified that the scriptures had been fulfilled. Then he sent out the disciples to preach that we forgive each other and improve our lives. These teachings were to be made available to all people, though they would begin in Jerusalem. They would baptize people in the consciousness of God extending into the soul by means of the Holy Spirit. They were to teach that the commandments of love were to be practiced. Those who trust in God would find their salvation, and those who do not trust in God would end up judging themselves. Those who truly follow the spiritual life will know it because of the success they have in ministering.

Finally Jesus affirmed that he is always with us even to the end of time when we will transcend and become one with Christ and God. Blessing them Jesus transcended the physical world and rose into the purely spiritual consciousness of God in which he continues to bless all souls who call upon the Christ consciousness for divine guidance.

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