Moving In Spiritual Inner Awareness

Edited by
Sanderson Beck and Mark T. Holmes

Light Studies, Aura Balancings and Innerphasings
Soul Transcendence


Whoever becomes as a child enters into the Kingdom.

I said to my 4-year-old daughter, "Bridget, there is this man named John-Roger who is always with us. He's a Mystical Traveler, and he comes at night when we're sleeping and takes us out of our bodies to the soul realm. He helps us work off our karma, so we can be free." She understood. Shortly thereafter she came to me one morning and said, "You know, Mom, John-Roger came last night and took me right up to God. And Mom, did you know that God has no face or arms or legs?"

We all had worked hard to prepare the soil for our garden. On the day of planting, I worked several hours to make nice, neat, straight rows that were properly staked with the seed packets at the end of each row. The following weekend we had company, and the children went out back to play store. They used my seed packets in their little game. On Monday morning I discovered all my rows were without labels. Very indignantly, I reprimanded the children. "You took my seed packets off, and I worked very hard to get those right. Now how am I going to know what is in what row?"

Bridget said without one second hesitation, "Mom, when the carrots come up, they'll be in the carrot row, and when the corn comes up, they'll be in the corn row...." I thought if I needed labels in my life, I was blocking myself, and depending on labels when things were going to be flowing into my life anyway.

When I shared that experience in contributions at a seminar, J-R said, ''You know, you should really listen to her. She's a good teacher."

I went home in a consciousness of, "Will the real mother please stand up!"

Bridget has had nasal congestion. Often she refuses to blow her nose, but instead sniffs up the mucous and eventually throws it up. One day when I came home from work, she was not feeling well and was running a pretty high fever. I immediately popped an antibiotic and some aspirin in her mouth much to her disgust. She was sitting on the dishwasher top, and before I could even lift her down, she threw up - all over the dishwasher, all over the floor, and all over herself. Then she said, "I don't like this pill stuff, Mom. I think I'll work with the green Light."
Carolyn McIlrath

Now I am becoming as close to Spirit as when I was less than 5 years old. At that time I had experiences out of the body where I would usually go down to my aunt's house, while I was asleep. I would float around the room, bounce off the ceiling, saying, "Look, it's fun; you can do it, come on; come on." Occasionally I would go outside and float way up over the neighborhood. It was so neat; I just loved it.
Sherwood Platte

When I was small, before the veil of forgetfulness dropped, I had a recurring dream in which I would fly off into the night on an elliptical course and then return back to my starting place. This flight pattern was disturbing in one aspect, because I never knew exactly where I was going and frequently would crash into the stand of eucalyptus trees in back of my parents' house. It seems that at that tender age I needed some guidance.
Mark T. Holmes

I don't think there ever was a time when I wasn't aware of Spirit. When I was a child, the little boy next door to whom I was very closely attached, passed away at 3 o'clock in the morning. He came to me in oval white Light, seemingly coming from our living room into my bedroom, and stopped at the foot of my bed. In a miniature form right in the center of this white, egg-shaped object, he was standing and waving goodby to me. He was two years older than I, being 9 when he died. He had talked to me about a world that he was very familiar with, but I didn't understand at the time. He had been taught early in life to read, because he was an invalid. I loved to listen to him read the fairy tale books. It was fantasy friendship. I didn't realize then that he was actually living more in the Spirit world of children than he was living on the physical, and he was constantly being prepared to go to the home he always talked about. We both experienced the wee folks many times, and of course when we talked about it, they said our heads were filled with fairy tales. What else could they expect of us?

He had gone through surgery and didn't survive. When I saw him at the foot of the bed, I became hysterical. My mother came running to me, and I said, "Bobby is dead! Bobby is dead!"

She said, "You had a bad dream."

I said, "No, my eyes were wide open, and he came by the bed and said goodby to me, and he's dead." The next day my mother found out that he died at 3 o'clock in the morning. I just accepted it, because I didn't have any fear of death.

When I was in school, one of the teachers told us to write a composition on the most wonderful experience we had. So I wrote about my friend Bobby and how he came to say goodby to me. I got a double A on it, but she said, "I would like to see your mother." She told my mother I was very bright, but I had a vivid imagination, and that could be dangerous, because I could get so that I wouldn't tell reality from unreality. I felt betrayed, because she had questioned me about this and had me go into more detail; I really thought she was interested. From that experience I learned to keep my mouth shut.

Then my mother took me to see one of the head rabbis at the mystical school close to our house. These rabbis are well-versed in the mysticism and the know-how to exorcise and to communicate with the dead, and they have the secret key to the unwritten part of the ancient Hebrew wisdom. He re-assured me that I was very gifted and that God smiled at me and that when I would get older, many people would come to me for my wisdom and ability to help. He said, "Whatever you feel in your heart is right for you. The answers to many of the questions you have asked me will come as you grow older, and they will come from within you. Don't be afraid to question and to look and to ask, but be careful who you talk to on these same things."

I had never met my father-in-law, because he was dead when I married my husband. When I was pregnant with my son, I had the crib up in our room. One night I was drifting towards sleep while my husband was fast asleep. I had been looking out the window, when all of a sudden I turned my head, and there was this man wearing a dark suit with a chain across his vest. I knew he was my father-in-law, because my brother-in-law Phillip looked just like him. He was looking at my husband with so much love, and then he looked over at me and gave me the sweetest smile. Then he looked back at my husband and floated out of the room, and I knew that I was going to have a son. I had a son, and he was named after this man. About three years later my mother-in-law and I were looking through a box of pictures, and we found a picture of my father-in-law, the man who had come into the room.
Rev. Luba Green

I asked J-R if he could give our sons guardian angels, because they are so adventurous. J-R replied, "They don't need guardian angels; they have the Mystical Traveler."

I thought, "Whew, who needs more?"
Muriel Moore

When I was a kid, I was a migrant laborer, working on farms, staying in little shanties, and moving around. I would be in the rows of beans picking, and I'd see my step-dad and my mother and my sister in front of me in separate rows working under the hot sun, singing spiritual songs. I'd always lift and realize that someday I would be doing something better. I've always known that the teachings of the Mystical Traveler were coming. I didn't know what they were, but I used to day dream. Now it's becoming a reality.
Tom Moses

One time in Mexico I was wearing my HU shirt, and my best friend who I had known since we were little babies, asked me in Spanish, "What does that mean?" I told him back in Spanish that it's the phone number of God.
Gary Alan Ginthner

I liked children in theory rather than in practice. I wasn't too sure how to act around them, and consequently they didn't know how to act around me. When walking on the beach attempting to tune inwardly to know the answer to a question, I was running different things through my consciousness to see which was the right one. A 4- or 5-year-old wearing an army outfit was pretending I was the enemy. He was hiding behind some sand dunes, and he thought I couldn't see him, but I could. I turned around and smiled at him, and he got a sheepish grin on his face. He was playing a game, and he knew it. I had been playing a game, but I had forgotten.
Jim Peterson

As a parent I have learned to know and understand that to guide and direct a child is a special privilege, as they are God's children. My 10-year-old daughter has brought some important lessons home to me, and through this opportunity I am able to see God a little more clearly. I recognize that my daughter is the total of all her existences, and she has brought forward certain characteristics with which she can best gain the experience for her soul's evolvement. At times I have felt guilty that she doesn't do and express as I would like. My lesson is to direct her into the positive sides of her nature, to understand and listen to her.

My son Bob, who is now 24, was already grown before I came into the Movement, but with the help of understanding myself, I have learned to be his friend. Through the Light I have been able to see the beauty of his soul and to understand and allow him to learn from his own experiences of life. A short time ago in the middle of the day, he took time out from work to call and tell me, "I wanted to say thank you for being my mother and to tell you that I really love you." This was the most precious gift I, as a parent, could receive.
Genie Lucille Ford

I began knowing El when I was seventeen. Her spirit, her being, the feeling of who she is came through to me. I was really in love with her father Kerry, and we knew that someday we would have a child. Our relationship was stormy. When we were together, we were totally together; yet three months later we would be hundreds of miles from each other. I got pregnant with her on a mescaline trip in the middle of a meadow in spring when all the fruit trees were coming into bloom. I wanted it to be right. I wouldn't make love with her father for two years, because it was never right. I made love with his best friend, but not with him - it had to be perfect. It drove him mad, because we really loved each other. When we did love, it was as perfect as it could be. We came toward each other naked, and as we did I knew we were going to make love and have a child. The earth moved around us and through us. It was an act of total creation, and we had the awareness of that creation. When we were finished, I looked up at him and said, "We just made a baby." He shushed me; it was too special to talk about, so sacred.

Four months after I got pregnant Kerry left, and I was alone. All my dreams had been fulfilled, and then everything crashed. However, I had this baby growing within me. One beautiful guy came forward and said he would take care of me and my child. I knew that wasn't right and waited for Kerry to come back. He wrote me a letter saying he never loved me, and we had nothing in common. It knocked me flat, but through it I had to stand on my feet and become a person. For a long time I was in his shadow and didn't pay much attention to what I was to do. Then when the baby came, I had to be a complete person to be a mother. I wrote to him that if he wasn't there for her birth that he better forget about being a father to her. He knew one night in New Mexico that he had to get back to Berkeley. He hitch-hiked through a snow storm and arrived twelve hours before I went into labor. He supported me, and after that I was able to release this. He has come forward recently wanting to be a father, and now I am able to give him that opportunity.

I had El in a room in which I was surrounded by the most beautiful, high people I could find. During each contraction for about an hour everyone was chanting OM. During the entire labor, people were supporting me by meditating and playing Indian music. El was welcomed into the world with wild cheer. People went through changes at her birth. One guy who thought kids held one down, and that they were not hip, gained a new outlook and respect. I was lying naked in labor in great pain and discomfort. When I went into hard labor it was not just being physically naked in front of everyone, but it was like being spiritually naked too. I was stripped of every cover I had ever wrapped around me. There was no way I could be phony. I was purely me, whatever that was worth. That was a frightening experience, an incredible cleansing bath. Afterward they still liked me; not only did they like me, but they loved me, and they knew me, the inner person.

I found out that J-R blesses children, and I asked that El be blessed. In the blessing he said that she was a child of Light. She outsmarts me about twenty times a day, and I am not dumb. She is so aware that I have to be careful what I relate to her. It is one thing to watch one's words, but to have to watch what one feels around a child keeps one moving to the Light.

The Light Study changed my life. I had been yearning for someone who would understand the deepest part of me. John-Roger, my spiritual director and teacher, opened the Light Study by going directly to that place and letting me know he was right there with me. I am not alone in that place anymore. He showed me ways of clearing repression. My ex-husband Kerry had been gone for two years at that time, and I thought our relationship was finished. J-R read a past life in great detail. I saw El's father this past Christmas, and I was so clear that I looked at him and said, "I love you, and you are my daughter's father." The heavy, grasping, clutching emotional karmic tie - I don't feel it, but he does. I can share what we have now, but the past is gone.

My relationship with El has changed dramatically since being in the Movement. I am here to cooperate with myself, express the cooperation, and be free. El is here to express herself, cooperate with the expression, and then she is free. Our karma together is to be creative, but the negative is destructiveness. We flip back and forth with that, either loving and feeling close, or we are at each others' throats. She just turned 3 years old, but she doesn't believe that she is only 3.

Once I picked up a friend at the airport and drove him over to J-R's for a Light Study. El wanted to go swimming; so I had an hour or two in the pool with her, having to be quiet because the Light Study room is right off the pool area. We hadn't been getting along very well, and keeping her quiet in the pool where kids normally jump and yell was difficult. We floated around and related to each other for the longest time, and slowly the realization began filtering in that this was a teaching session. J-R was teaching us how to cooperate with each other. We flowed back and forth. I would get uptight, but something would catch me, and the flow would enter in again. If I start to get uptight with El I will see two distinct paths. One is to start yelling and spanking and being negative, which brings in her negativity and then destructiveness. Or I can keep coming forward with love and assurance, a positive action, and some discipline if necessary, but done with love. If I can hang on long enough she will come around with love and reassurance, bringing me around. It is something when a 3-year-old says, " Hey, come on! Get off that negative thing."

From my position of authority and motherhood, it is hard to say to my child, "Okay, I accept that; teach me."
Jackie Travis


God heals.

My great grandfather was sick, and he was almost about to die. I started telling him about the Light. He said, "Oh wow! Look at that."

I told him about each color of the Light, what it means, "Like the yellow Light will give you concentration in school or whatever you're working on, and the green Light is what you need right now." He was in bed there, and I told him, "Uncross your legs and uncross your hands and close your eyes." He did that, and I brought in the Light. First of all I surrounded myself with the Light for the action. I said it out loud, and all this green Light came to him. I had my eyes closed, but I pictured the room. From a little corner in the roof, this green ray came out all over his body. When it was over, he said, "You know, I'm feeling a little bit better. How did you do that?"

One time I forgot my medicine, bronchade mist; I had asthma then. I was sleeping, and all of a sudden I start gasping, and I couldn't breathe at all. So I started bringing in the green Light and J-R. From the roof again all this green Light started coming down, and then I saw a little purple ball there at the door. It came and bounced over here. Then it bounced onto the bed; it came a little closer. Then it sat on my lap, and I just wanted to touch it, but it went back. Then it came back again. I was feeling a little bit better. Then Elena, my mother, went to the manager's apartment. We didn't have a telephone. He was asleep, and she was knocking on the door and knocking on the door, and nobody would answer. When she walked away, the manager opened the door. She says, ''Can I use your telephone, because Gary is really having trouble breathing?" He says sure.

So she calls J-R, and she thinks that everybody is asleep. She lets it ring until Michael answers; he was the only one awake. She came back, and Michael came over. He just came flying up. I could hardly walk, because I couldn't breathe at all. So we just zoomed down to the car, and I was feeling a little bit better with all that Light in that car. Michael had the same condition; he took the same thing that I did. He gave me some of that, and he asked us if we would like to spend the night over. Elena said she didn't know, but I said, "Yeah, yeah!" I slept on his Aura Balance couch, and that was really neat, because it really felt good. Then that morning I went to school, and I was feeling better.
Gary Alan Ginthner

Healing is important to me. I was restored in faith because of an experience I had of being healed by Joy Irene (a friend in MSIA). A burning hot fever was gone in 5 or 10 minutes through color technique and through her hands. She also told me about the devic kingdom, which opened my eyes and gave me a new direction.
Rev. Barbara Shere

When I met John-Roger, I didn't have long to live. My bones had osteoporosis, and walking on hard surfaces was painful. Even knocking on a door, if not done carefully, could leave my hands in pain. The spinal cord had bent into an "S," a disc had slipped, and the nerves were pinched. A form of attack occurred in which I lost all feeling in the lower half of my body. Some days I couldn't even get out of bed. At other times I could sit and stand and walk around, but the pain was so great that I was close to blacking out. Doctors suggested a treatment which would require being laid up in a hospital for at least six months and which, they said, would probably not succeed. The most that they hoped for was to keep the situation from worsening.

In addition, a peptic ulcer had developed, and I was spitting blood. Although I was only 25 years old at the time, my skin had the appearance of someone 50 or 60 years old. The toxicity of the body was very high, which resulted in tension, low energy, and loss of weight. It seemed as though I was a negativity magnet, attracting these things to me and holding them. The normal purifying action of the body just wasn't working for me.

I sold or gave away everything I owned except what would fit into a small duffel bag and boarded a plane in New York City headed for Auckland, New Zealand. The most positive plan I could perceive at the time was to "get away from it all." The plane stopped in Los Angeles, and between flights I decided to visit a friend through whom I met John-Roger. In him I saw something completely new, something positive and uplifting. At the time I had no idea that it was taking place, and to this day I don't know for sure what happened, but since then the spine has straightened, the nerves are functioning perfectly, the bones have regained their strength, the ulcer has healed, the skin has regained its health, the weight was regained, the energy level has increased, and I look at least ten years younger. I can't help feeling that meeting John-Roger was the turning point for every one of the negative patterns I was experiencing.
Ted Drake

The first and most prominent change I was aware of after entering MSIA was that of my personality. Something inside me was very happy about this change. I used to be sarcastic and had a sharp tongue towards people. I always had a clever comeback, even if it was cutting. Shortly after joining MSIA, I would wake up mornings, and in my head I would hear the words, "Keep your mouth shut." This went on three to four months.

Finally, the importance of these words started sinking in as I realized, "Hey, maybe if I keep my mouth shut, things won't keep bouncing at me so much." It finally got through to me, and as I changed my attitude, my life also started to change.

I had a little callus that was growing above my upper lip. When I had my first Aura Balance, I said to John-Roger, "I have a feeling this started because of things I say that I shouldn't be saying. I realize how you've been telling me through night travel to keep my mouth shut, and I'm really working at it. Do you think this can be cleared through this Aura Balance?"

He said, "We'll see what we can do." After the Aura Balance, I kept applying Light to this area as well as monitoring my words. I was confident in knowing that John-Roger was bringing healing to the area, because I was cooperating. The callus started diminishing, and in three months it was gone, without even a scar as a reminder. I realized that something is working here that is beyond what we can see or comprehend.

I had a small tumor that was growing under my right eye, and the doctor said it must be removed. I have always been fearful of doctors; so I decided that the Saturday morning before going to his office I would drink wine for breakfast to be half numb when I got there. As I started to open the refrigerator door and reach for the bottle, something inside of me said, "Don't you believe in the Light and all the things you profess and have written about? Or, are you a big fake?"

I said to myself, "That's right. I can't drink this wine, because if I did, I would not be true to myself. I have J-R and the Light, and that's all I need!" My husband, Sam, drove me to the doctor's office. I called in the Light while sitting in the car and asked it to act as a tranquilizer for me. By the time I got there I felt sedated and had no fear. I could feel J-R with me, and the Light flooding my body protecting me. I felt nothing as the doctor worked. When we left, I started to feel the Light lift, like sedation wearing off. We drove on to Big Bear for the day, and I needed no aspirin or pain pills. I applied Light to the area with my hand for 10 or 15 minutes every two hours, which took the stinging away. A week later when the doctor checked it, he said he couldn't believe how rapidly it was healing. I smiled and silently gave my thanks to J-R, the Light, and my True Self.
Louise Wyatt

I was on heavy medication given to me by doctors, including
sleeping capsules, anti-depressants, tranquilizers, thyroid pills, etc. During my second Aura Balancing, it was brought to my attention that these drugs were placing a terrific strain on my body and emotions. I was a little surprised, but nonetheless felt that the suggestion that I could quit taking them was entirely possible. John-Roger indicated that I would not go through the withdrawal alone, which certainly was good enough for me. I quit taking the medication immediately. It has been about a year now, and even though I have been through some strenuous times, the Light and my faith in God and John-Roger have given me the strength and determination to pass through all experiences.

The Light and the Mystical Traveler helped me during surgery last fall and through the post-surgery time. Immediately after gall bladder surgery, I had no pain, just a little uncomfortable feeling. One of the nurses said, "Mrs. Leight, one just does not go through major surgery without pain. Don't wait until the pain gets so bad to ask for relief." I had no need for what they were offering. My Inner Master was taking excellent care of me.
Rev. Rhoda Leight

During my reading John-Roger said he could see my mother and how beautiful she is, but she had taken on weight. It caused her to suffer from low blood-sugar level, and the fat was pressing against her heart, giving her heart palpitations. I thought, "My mother is not fat," but I hadn't been home in about four years. He told me to call or write to her to tell her to follow particular instructions.

So I called her, and sure enough my mother had gotten fat, had been in the hospital a couple times, and wasn't working; she was sick. I told her what he said. My mother is very spiritually minded and moved on it. A month later she called me and said, "I'm just fine; I've lost a lot of weight, and I'm working now and feeling much better."

After I gave my mother the instructions, it was 6 in the morning, and I called John-Roger's home. I thought I would put the information on the tape with my mother's phone number, because I didn't figure anyone would be up at that hour. When I called, the phone never rang. John-Roger picked it up and said he'd been waiting for my call. I told him about my mother, and he said, "Yes, I don't want to communicate with your mother, because I'd rather work with her silently now; it will be better." I said okay. He said some beautiful things to me, sounding the way I would perceive Christ - a very soft, beautiful tone that reached inside. Each time he has talked to me on the phone his voice has brought peace and everything was serene, like he was right inside of my soul, keeping everything in balance. He said, "Now you go lie down and get some rest."

I hung up the phone and immediately burst into emotion, flooding with tears. Then it totally stopped, and I didn't feel anything. But then the emotion returned, and I cried again. Consciously I was wondering what this was. I found out later that it was a cleansing.
Tom Moses

By the time I was 18, I was smoking marijuana, taking Dexedrine, Benzedrine, methadrine, LSD, and heroin, and had contracted a disease called serum hepatitis, which is supposed to be terminal. I was told by a psychic to quit drugs, but I didn't do it, although I tried. I depended upon my friends for my happiness and inner peace, and they were taking drugs, which made it difficult not to take them myself. The hepatitis was really bouncing me around. I was getting attacks of jaundice and reached one point where I hadn't gone to the bathroom for 25 days and was continually heaving. I was dying inside. Inside I called out for help.

A few months later my step-father introduced me to MSIA seminars. At my second seminar I went up to John-Roger and told him about the disease that was troubling my liver and spleen. He said, "We'll see what we can do." At the seminar, John-Roger took us into meditation and called in the Light. When the Light came in, I had an instant healing from this disease; I went from pain to no pain. I've gone to doctors, and although this disease was supposed to be in the system, it is not. I thank God I was healed.

New Year's Eve of 1969 I put down drugs. I realized to quit taking drugs, I had to totally remove myself from people who were taking drugs. Continually I was tested with friends and situations that said, "If you're my friend, you're going to do this."

I said, "I'm your friend, but I love myself too much to allow myself to get back into that pattern." The strength that came from the seminars and John-Roger was enough to hold me through those times. I had created the drug action in a former life, and I had to be responsible for the action. I think I broke through the drug consciousness in the dream state. In the first dream I knew a girl who had been taking drugs but wanted to quit. She came to stay at my two-story house, and I was helping her out. Then one day I came home, and she wasn't here. I knew she had gone back into the pattern. Immediately she came riding up with a motorcycle gang. They started walking up the outside stairs to my apartment. One guy lit up a joint, a marijuana cigarette. I said, "You aren't coming into this house with that."

"Who's going to stop me?" he challenged.

I said, "You see that ground down there? I'll grab hold of you and take you over the side with me. You aren't entering my house no matter what." He came at me again but then saw that I was serious and backed off. I woke up from the dream.

The next night I dreamed I'd met a friend whom I hadn't seen for a long time. I'd been involved with him in a drug action. He lit up in front of me and said, "Here, you want to smoke with me?"

I said, "I'm sorry. I'm not into that anymore."

He asked, "What do you mean? Are you a narcotics agent now?"


"I think you are. Why did you quit?"

"I'm just not into it anymore; I found better ways."

"Listen, if you want to be my friend, you're going to smoke this with me.''

I said, "Listen, I love you like my brother, but I'm not going into that." The guy got really up-tight and threatened me again. I just walked away, but I sent my love to the person.

I have a friend who was having severe back trouble and had been in excruciating pain for six months. She saw a big change in me since I was in the Movement and was wondering what was going on; so I took her to a seminar. We almost got in an accident and were late; her nerves were so tight that her back was in terrible pain. I enjoyed the seminar, but afterward she said, "I don't believe a word of it. Everybody in here is deluded. They want to believe these things; so they're believing them. That guy is a big phony."

I said, "Okay, if that's the way you feel, I'll respect your opinion, but it's not mine by any means." Two or three days later I knocked on her door. The door flew open, and she was smiling like I hadn't seen for so long. She grabbed me and took me in the house saying, "Randy, the weirdest thing happened after the seminar. I came home and laid down on the bed, and this green Light came into the room and filled my body. I felt my back snapping, and ... and when is the next seminar?"

I got a letter from a friend in Rumania, whom I had given the seminar tape on the Inner Calm. A friend of hers had lumbago in her back and bones, which in the wintertime was unbearably painful. She told this woman how to do this exercise she learned on the Inner Calm. The woman used the exercise, and has no more pain.
Randy Garver

I was walking along an alley near where I was staying in Florence, and I felt a spooky feeling. Later that night when I was going to sleep, I switched off all the lights, but something told me, "Don't switch off the lights."

I said to myself, "This is nonsense; you haven't been bothered by the dark for years; just go to sleep." So I laid down to fall asleep, when suddenly I had a feeling of a spirit alighting on my chest. I said, "Oh no, not again," and jumped up out of bed and switched on the light. "Whatever it is, I'm getting rid of it!" I grabbed in the air and seemed to hold onto something. I yanked it with me and walked into the bathroom, opened the window, and threw it out of my hands. Wherever it went, it seemed to go down. I said, "Oh God, thank goodness I got rid of that." I went back into my room and said to myself, "Okay, there's nothing to worry about. Now you can go to sleep."

So I turned off the lights and went back to bed, and again there was this feeling of something hovering over me. I started to jump out of bed once more, when a voice seemed to come through to me like mental telepathy, saying, "Don't get upset; don't worry. I'm not here to harm you, but I have to tell you my story. I'm so upset."

So I asked in my mind, "What's your story?"

A woman spirit told me she had been murdered by her husband, who then had committed suicide or in some way died. The two of them were buried in the yard. Then as time went on, the yard was destroyed, and a roadway was paved over that area. Her grave was underneath the alley where I had felt uneasy. She said that she had been hovering over her grave, because she could not forgive her husband for murdering her. Not being able to forgive, she was trapped with his spirit (the same one that I threw out the bathroom window). She had been there for about two centuries. I asked how she could be released from the position in which she had put herself.

She said, "I was a Catholic; if you pray the rosary for me, maybe I can learn to forgive myself." So I started praying the rosary and feeling empathy for her. I felt her tears hitting my cheeks and said to myself, "Yes, she is forgiving herself; she is coming out of it." Then I felt her getting lighter and lighter until finally I knew it was time for her to depart. I had finished the rosary and said, "Okay, it's time now for you to go. Everything is going to be all right." I took her to the window and let her out. I actually felt her rising from my hand. It was a beautiful experience.

I was brought up a Catholic and deeply believed in the Virgin Mary and all that she represents. I thought if I went to Lourdes and drank water from the miraculous stream, that maybe I would be healed of the narcolepsy I'd had for eight years. The first night I spent in Lourdes, the room I was in was very cold. So I asked for a heater, and a warm heater was brought in that lit up the whole room with a pink glow. I went to sleep and immediately went out of body and found myself knowing that the presence of the Virgin, or whatever she represents, was in my room, but I was unable to look at her. I said through mental telepathy, "I am not worthy to look at you."

She said, "That isn't true. There is only one thing that you have to do to reach a greater sense of yourself."

I asked, "What is that?"

She said, "I have a friend here whom you must forgive." Standing next to her was my former roommate whom I had had some problems with, and whom I had more or less left when I went and involved myself with a community of people. So I embraced her and felt like everything was cleared. Then I saw the Virgin smiling at me, saying, "Now walk through the wall.

I replied, "What? I can't do that."

She said, "Of course you can. You're out of body. It's just an experience to go through."

I said, "All right." I started walking into the wall, and the wall seemed to move into infinity; it kept going into space further and further back. I found that I was doing the same; I was moving into infinity. Then I woke up.

I went to the Lourdes shrine the next day, and felt ecstatic; I was dancing through the streets. I arrived at the shrine, and I took some of the water and drank it. I felt it was a healing water, but I still felt that it wasn't going to get rid of the narcolepsy.

When I was in Athens, climbing the hill of the Acropolis on a tour, I went through a deja vu experience. It was daytime and raining, but suddenly I thought I was in a candle-light procession singing hymns as we were going to the top of the Acropolis hill at night. When I got to the top of the hill, the sun came out, and again I was in present time, looking with wonder at the golden light reflecting off the temple pillars and broken walls. I was ecstatic with the beauty of it all and went dancing away seeing one building after another. I went into the Parthenon which is the temple dedicated to Athena, and if I really listened, I could hear a thousand voices singing. I kept feeling this music inside of myself, and I wanted to dance and shout and express so much joy at being in such a beautiful temple. I walked to the edge of the archway and looked out over the city, and suddenly a revelation came to me about woman's creative expression. Woman is deeply represented in Athena, and I felt Athena and the Virgin are the same. I was so excited over realizing this that I almost fell into a big pool of water.

During my first Aura Balance, John-Roger came in, put his hand on my back and told me he was removing a thought form that was draining me. That was my narcolepsy. He yanked this thing out of my back. Later I asked him, "What was that?"

He said, "If I told you what it was, you might pull it back to yourself, so I won't do that." For many months I really felt great, like a changed person. As the memory pattern had been with me for nine years, at times I still wanted to slip back into the sleepiness.

In my Light Reading, John-Roger told me about a past life where I had been trained in self-hypnosis to go out of body. In this lifetime I would hypnotize myself out of body. Thanks to John-Roger, I realized what I had to do to overcome that. Now I'm exercising on the beach, and losing weight, so that I can work with the Light better. I also learned in my Light Study that many people, who live in the same intentional community where I lived, were also involved in a Tibetan lamasery around 400 or 500 A.D., which created the group karma of our community. We are here to work out a need to cooperate with one another on all levels - physically, emotionally, intellectually, and finally spiritually. Those of us who have brought the Light of the Holy Spirit to this community feel that we are involved in a fantastic adventure.
Kathy Jeffares

In five years in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness I have gone from failure to mediocrity. That may sound funny, but if one has another thirty or forty years on the planet, the possibilities are staggering.

I entered chiropractic college an avowed atheist. But when I looked at the perfection of body chemistry and function, I thought, "Wow! There has to be a fantastic intelligence, a tremendous power behind this whole operation." The healing arts offer a great chance to learn to serve and grow. We have an axiom called LSMFT - loving serving my first thought.

When I first started practice I was 22 years old and looked 14. I was so self-conscious that the only patients I attracted would come in and say, "My, you are a little young to be a doctor, aren't you, sonny?" I would go through the roof.

I finally went to one of my colleagues and said, "Jim, I keep having this same recurrent nightmare, while I'm awake."

After an in-depth discussion he said, "Keith, it sounds to me like you are so concerned about yourself and your appearance that you have no capacity to relate to and help other people. People somehow sense this, and you keep getting negative responses." When I learned to set myself aside and to be others-oriented, I opened to be a greater channel of service. One can be three-foot tall, green, and have three eyes, and still people will flock to him. The love that transpires between individuals is the catalyst for the healing process.
Keith Moore

A clinician is interested in restoration of health for the body, while a technician is like a robot, going up and down the spine hoping that the patient gets well. I examine and treat at the same time. I put my fingers on the chakras and wait for a pulsation, much like an acupuncture pulse diagnosis. This removes the congestion from the ganglionic areas, where any emotional, intellectual, or external insult registers as a blockage, called the shock syndrome. This will block the flow of the fluid or lumen throughout the tubes in the body. I first release the congestion of the lowest chakra on the lowest ganglion. Each ganglion relates to a chakra.

In the mountains where there is snow starting to melt, first it forms little tributaries, and eventually goes into big streams. Would we find any cess pools or algae around the bank in springtime? What happens in late summer when the water slows down? Vegetation. That is exactly what is wrong inside the body. An insult, which we traumatize with deep emotion, commanded on the conscious level, goes down to the subconscious level, and then eventually to the adrenal glands, the stress glands of the body. From the adrenals it bounces back around the pancreas which harbors the emotions. 65 to 70% of the blood stream goes through the pancreas; so what we block or impede in the pancreas backlashes to other areas throughout the whole circuit.

There is an etheric pulse both underneath and over the arterial pulse. Basically, I am feeling the soul. My fingers are so sensitive that I can feel the tension or stress of the body. So I unstress it. I can determine how emoted a person is, and if they had a fight last night, etc. If one is pregnant, she is the host, and the baby is the parasite. To feed the parasite there is a tube between the two, and a peristaltic wave, like an ocean wave, moves through the tube to feed the baby. Seventeen weeks later we have a new pulsation inside the woman's abdomen, as the baby has a heart functioning before being delivered. Now there are two pulsations: the original and the heart, arteries, and veins. The baby is eventually delivered, and we cut the cord. Here is the secret of life. What happens to that previous pulsation after the cord is cut? Does it vanish, or does it remain, with the mother, or with the baby for the rest of his life? It is there - always is and always will be as long as he is alive. It relates to the silver cord. This pulsation doesn't vary: 68 pulsations per minute. The heart, arteries, and veins will speed up or slow down, but the one I am talking about is related to the internal mucousa of the body. This is constant, but through deep emotion, we can block it. We are attempting to let go through meditation. Detaching and letting go is balance. One has a body here for a span of life. It is loaned and doesn't belong to the individual personality. But one might be impeding the spirituality by blocking it on the mental. We command ourselves on the negative side. The only positive part of the body is the soul. A magnetized horseshoe will attract steel filings. We are like sponges for negative thoughts. Watch every thought, every word, every deed. Consciously eliminate negativity, because eventually the subtleties on the negative side will block. If it blocks the physical, it blocks the spiritual.

Nature has to restore its own balance. We say, "Physician, heal thyself." All I can do is restore the balance so that the patient can heal his own self. If we learn to understand the subtleties of emotional factors blocking ourselves, we can cope with them and change or dissolve them. If one wants change within himself, he can command himself to change. Ask and receive. Some people go under meditation hoping that this good Creator is going to change things for them, but they have to make the effort on the positive side. When they do, they will change it. How can one stay positive? It is the restoration of balance. What did Jesus say to the man who was blind and then was cured? He told him not to go through the same life path again, because he created his own problem with deep emotions. Where does arthritis come from? From crystallized personalities - people who know everything and aren't going to change. Diabetes affects the sweet type of people who harbor their emotions on the inside - a "peace at any price" type. Be careful with the emotions. Sometimes we watch ourselves and think we are positive when we are negative. Have clarification; don't be fooled. The body doesn't lie.

My concentration is at the end of my fingertips, but I am always tuned with what I am doing. I am throwing the white Light from the end of my fingertips, although people may not be aware of that. When someone is depressed or emoted, I throw them off balance by telling a joke, changing their trend of thought to get them out of themselves. It is part of the healing program.

The kundalini is around the sacrum; it is the carnal sexual drive. The spade is mentioned in the Bible; the sacrum is shaped like a spade, which digs our degradation on the carnal level. We have to overcome that drive to grow spiritually. For this reason priests went away from the external world. Also the Bible mentioned seven churches, or spirits. Those are the seven chakras. Physiologically they are nerve centers. During meditation when reaching a certain level and knowing it, one can for the betterment of everyone command himself and ask for a change within. This is the mystery of the upward pattern. One can dissolve and transmute chakra imbalances. When we understand the simplicity, we get rid of the complexity. We learn to define ourselves inside of ourselves. The most powerful word is the "I," the "I Am." The "I Am" is in tune with the universal. When we reach this level, we envelope ourselves in the white Light. We can use the HU or the vowels, A, E, I, O, and U in a resonating, rolling motion, vibrating on all octaves to stimulate practically every chakra of the body. The glands are the booster stations of the body, its guardian angels. Spirit transfers through the glandular system; that is the secret. If we talk to the glands, we acquaint ourselves with the "I Am" inside and become a good friend to ourselves. Once we have gotten to a new frontier, we have eliminated the fear level. I am a pioneer within myself. I strive for increased spirituality and attunement within myself. I feel that one has to unlearn to relearn and grow. Once one admits he doesn't know, then life changes. I stay within the white Light of the Christ, the Grace within myself.
Dr. Floyd C. Davis, D.C.


For a long time I was hung up on my art. It was frustration, aggravation, perspiration, and rarely inspiration and fulfillment. I was trying to create perfection through that expression. I related the negativity I was creating to my art, and soon I was blocked altogether. This went on for a few years until a Light Study with John-Roger brought forward the knowledge that perfection resides in the soul. Creating in art could come forward through that consciousness. The blocks to my expression were lifted, and a new consciousness was initiated. I was opened to new horizons. Now I work from the soul to create my art, and I am happy with it.

I find I am not attached to the end result, for the expression is a reflection of where I am. I am no longer hassled about putting perfection down on paper. I use my tools as a means for the consciousness of God - the Source of creation. This Consciousness can flow through now clearer than ever.

One experience I had was bringing forward an image that people could identify as the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. There were some changes in my attitude toward this new project. My feeling was, "It just doesn't matter how it turns out." When I let go, it come forward. When I stopped holding, it started flowing. It has budded out into one of the most learning and growing experiences of my life. The love that I have always felt is manifesting here and now. I let the living love come forward in everything I do. To work is to love, and love is to work.
Bill Glazier

In this lifetime I express as an artist and teacher. I can allow the Light to fill me and teach through my art, and then the art can open people to their inner treasures. Art can remind people, "Look within; look within.'' Our spiritual unfoldment is being aware of our true nature. The function of the teacher is the facilitator. The student has to teach himself. I feel that the best teacher is the best student, who is learning so much, so intensely, so joyfully, that he provides an example for his students. I work to respect my students and listen carefully as they tell me in many ways what might really work for them. Often I sit down and work beside my students, explaining the problems I'm working on. The level of mastery I represent is then not so aloof and unapproachable. They may also gain insight from the way I tackle a problem.
Rev. Diana Davies

The first time I received a song that I knew I hadn't made up out of my own consciousness, I was playing the guitar alone, going over two chords. Suddenly words started coming through. I wrote them down and saved them for a long, long time. This was before my role as "that girl who sings and plays the guitar instead of talking" during contributions.

I feel as though I am a helium-filled balloon bouncing against the ceiling. I know there is a trap door up there, and whenever I am in a clear state of mind, the door will open. I will go through and collect words, poems, or a series of phrases, and bring them down. They may have no visible connection or meaning to me, but I will save them because I know sooner or later there will be a giant cogwheel coming through to roll over these words and sort them in the right order. Then I put music to them by simple chording, as I am not a professional musician. Sometimes I hear the entire song sung for me several times, as if on tape, so that I can stop it and take it down. It comes in different ways, and it gets clearer and clearer. Part of my spiritual growth is to accept what I hear and write it down better.

When I am alone, things become clearer, as I am not involved in other people's lives. Going out dissipates my energy, forestalling the future. I know songs are here. I only have to be still, quiet, and go within to bring them through. Often the songs correspond to my inner growth in that I can only go that far bringing songs through. I am not allowed to have any more until I have eaten what is on my plate.
Rev. Penelope Rutherford

Our biggest thrill was traveling with J-R and the Light Staff in Europe and India. We have been singing Light songs since our experience with bhajans at Puttaparthi, India, in Sai Baba's ashram. One morning in the open air temple I sat cross-legged in the midst of thousands of Hindus singing the chants which Baba had written. I got into the flow of the rhythm, and it really carried me. After that Michael Sun wrote some songs, and Muriel and I wrote some called Jars, because of the J-R sound, and because they are vessels for carrying the Light. The movement of our individual spiritual awareness wrote our songs.
Keith Moore

The Jars, which have the J-R sound, or as Keith says, "John Almighty Rogers,'' are Light songs and vessels carrying Light and Sound. One morning I was doing my John-ji's, and the tune of a Jar came to me. I wanted to give John-Roger a gift for Christmas, and I thought this is my gift, not only the Jar, but my expression. I sang it to him at a seminar. He transmuted it and gave it back to everyone, and my Light was shared through this. It was a shift in consciousness for me.

The poem

I'm glad you asked he said to me
To get peace and tranquillity
You might say your HUs and your John-jis
And this you know will help you grow
It occurred to me, he meant spiritually

The Jar

John-ji John-ji
Oh come to me
John-ji John-ji
With Light and Sound
O purple ray with flecks of green
Be still my mind
Be still my mind
John-ji John-ji
Muriel Moore

"My God, J-R, I'm on a roller coaster."

"The roller coaster is on the track," replied John-Roger. As usual he was right. The track is MSIA and the Mystical Traveler Consciousness. It has its ups and downs, but always there is great strength and stability.

Reaching out from torture's torment
From my base which is this moment
Christened by my work's devotion
Constant, ever constant motion.

It is present.... It is certain.
Lifting now this toil-worn curtain,
Which has bound and crushed and hurt me.
Behold, the Light does not desert me.

Passing through and pressing onward.
By this passion extended forward
Into that precious joyous instant,
Uniting, vibrant, omnipresent.

Here is bliss and bliss's knowing,
Expanding ever, growing, growing.
Tall as timber, wide as ever.
The land across that fabled river.

Here I find what has been needed,
Answering my prayer so oft repeated.
Fill I here with joy resplendent.
Clutch to my breast that purple pendant.

Love and strength fill up my being,
Pumped and pressed to overflowing.
Take I now this blessed refreshment
Back into my soul's apartment.

Having glimpsed my destination
Having quickened soul's vibration
Work I now with gifts of glory
Writing down my own life's story.

That really says it for me. Through the Mystical Traveler Consciousness and the spirit of MSIA, we work our plan and write our own story. It is a right and wonderful way, though not always easy.
Keith Moore

When I had my Light Study, the first thing John-Roger said was, "Have you ever written poetry?" I knew he knew what he was doing, because poetry is important in my life. Whenever I was positive in my life path, I was writing poetry, and when I was searching for the golden track I was writing poetry.

However, I had created an attitude of, "I can't do it, and it's not any good anyway. I'm not going to write poems, because it's only an ego manifestation, and that's not spiritual." After that I started writing poems again, and within a few months I had written as many poems since my Light Study as I had written in my life prior to that time.

When the seminars started in Berkeley, we had a reason to be together and be friends. John-Roger has said that love is not two people looking at each other; love is looking in the same direction. These people who had been shuffling their feet and looking at each other trying to get together for so long were now looking in the same direction, and things were falling together.

A group of us drove down to Los Angeles for Aura Balances and Light Studies. We were sitting around the table, and John-Roger was talking to us. He played a tape of Florence Jolley's "The Light Has Come" and Larry Hartstein's song, when in my consciousness I heard, "Look around; you've found it. This is what you've been looking for. This man is your master." I was crying through the songs.

On the way home I wrote a poem that started. "We walked unknowingly into another dimension guided faultlessly by an unknown traveler onto secret paths through hidden doorways to which he held the keys." It ended, "He walked away into his own universe. We found ourselves back in our daily realities, but as he left, we could hear his parting words echoing through time: 'I have taken you on this journey that you may know what your inner worlds look like. When you see this place again, know then you have found the first key.'"
Vera M. Sedler

During my first Light Study John-Roger told me that I was here to express and to create. I mentally said to myself, "I don't think that is quite true, but I will see what else he has to say about me." At that time, I was not writing or doing much of anything. I didn't feel like I was creative or that I could express. I was very frustrated with myself, mainly because I had been unable to find a job in which I was happy, challenged, or fulfilled. I had just quit my job and was feeling worthless.

I was about to go to bed, feeling low, when Michael came into the room and said, "Do you want to listen to a seminar tape?"

Even that was not going to entice me, but I said, "Might as well." We had a large number of tapes, and he reached into the bag and picked one out at random. I asked, "What did you pick - Failure?" He answered yes. He started the tape, and five minutes later both of us were completely out, in a heavy sleep. I awoke about midnight, three or four hours later, and the tape was going around and around. I turned the tape off and could not wait to fall back down into bed again to go back to sleep - I felt drugged. I went back to bed and was just about out, when suddenly a funny little sentence started dancing through my mind. I said, "Oh, that's pretty good; I'm going to have to remember that tomorrow - that's really funny. So I made a mental note, hoping it would stick. A second one suddenly came into mind - and I said, "That one is pretty good too; I'll have to remember both of those." Then came a third and a fourth and soon about six of them. I thought, "Oh my God, I'm not going to remember all these in the morning; this is terrible. Where is it all coming from, anyway?" I was still half asleep.

Finally I realized I would have to drag myself out of bed and get a pencil and paper and write them down so I wouldn't forget by morning. After forty-five minutes, I realized I had written an entire book. The words had all been in my mind, waiting for my awareness to become clear enough to see them. When it did, it was like taking a plug out - the words started falling out, channeled through my head. It was one o'clock in the morning, and I realized I had never written anything like it before in my life.

Now when I am told inwardly that a book or a work is ready to come through me, I still wonder if it is true. When I do sit down and call in the Light and the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, my consciousness is so filled with Light that I feel I am enchanted. I am not aware of the physical things that are going on, but simply that something strange is going on inside of me. When I come to the end of the writing, I have such a feeling of fulfillment that it is probably the greatest joy I know.

The next morning after the book came through, I decided that, "This should be a book. I wish I could draw. Maybe I could just draw stick figures...." So I assembled a rather crude version of the book and had much fun with it. I thought I would take it to John-Roger, because he might get a kick out of it, as it related to him and the Movement. I brought it to him and said, "I have something for you," and didn't know how he was going to act.

He immediately took it, opened it up to the first page, and said, "Oh yeah," like he had been waiting for it. "I want to read this." One of the later stories I wrote got out of his hands before he could read it, but he had seen it on the other side. When I asked him about it, he had to remember on which side he had seen it. We finally found it on this side.
Vivian Joseph

During my second Light Study, John-Roger said to me, "You know, I see writing ability here."

I replied, "I used to write feature articles and poems on the high school and college papers, but I didn't feel it was great writing ability. I've had a strong desire to write this past year but haven't even been able to write silly poetry." John-Roger told me not to worry, because I was going through a change so that my writing could become spiritualized. Nothing happened with it in the following two weeks; so I forgot about it.

Eleven months later I was sitting at my office desk during lunch, and suddenly I got a tremendous urge to write something. I didn't know what, but I took out a tablet and with pen in hand started writing down the thoughts that were coming forth so rapidly I could hardly keep up with them. I was wondering if I was even going to be able to read them. About 45 minutes later the communication stopped, and I read what I had written. The Inner Master identified himself to me in this uplifting message. I used to get thoughts every once in a while, and I wanted to believe it was the Inner Master. So I accepted that it was, and from this experience I really knew it!

From that day on, every single day, at least one discourse or poem would come through me. As experiences at work occurred, I would realize the lessons and feel that I had to write them down. Other times I would remember lessons and experiences from night travel, and upon awakening a discourse or a poem would come forth. That is how my first book came about. I don't think of the words; I just relax and bypass the mind, and these things come forth from the consciousness.

Later John-Roger told me the writings were coming from the Mystical Traveler Consciousness. He also said there were four or five others, one of whom is Omar Khayyam, who work with him from the other side who would, at times, bring these messages to my consciousness. He said this was going to be a book and that I did spend one year of training on the night side to learn to tap into this Consciousness. Most of the writings come through within 30 to 45 minutes, and the poems usually within 5 minutes. He explained that this is not automatic writing, as no one takes me over. I merely tap into the consciousness. I wanted to make sure that my own influence did not get into the writings. So one day I tried to direct the flow by putting my mind into it and thinking about what was coming out, trying to slant it a certain way. I was happy to see the information was shut off. So I knew it was coming from the Consciousness.
Louise Wyatt

The point at which I consciously began my personal movement towards spiritual inner awareness was two years ago when I began writing a book. Actually the book began writing me. It was not going to be any ordinary book; no indeed, it was going to be the next best thing to the Bible - maybe better! I like to deal in large concepts; it's easier to move the pieces around. I was swamped with an overwhelming feeling of disenchantment. The Revolution was going poorly; my job was crowding my freedom; my body kept breaking down; and I was being "used" by a global conspiracy whose sole purpose was to rob me of any vestige of real selfhood that I had left. The years before had been spent taking on other people's viewpoints, and the whole thing was beginning to disturb the innermost me. It did more than disturb me; it disgusted me. So, in August of 1971, I quit my employment and began my work. Much has come forward since I began this project, not the least of which has been my introduction to MSIA.

Initially, my book was a skeleton of a larger story composed of various short stories I had constructed. These stories would somehow come together to form the central theme, which simply was that this world would crumble if we continued to lose our sense of honesty - novel idea. All of this was going to be expressed through the medium of my protagonist, Alex Einhorn. Alex would be a unicorn of a man who spirits himself in and out of people's lives, sprinkling them with wonderment and then moving on. Through a series of strange events Alex becomes a third-party candidate for President of the United States on the Messiah ticket. A fine story indeed.

However, as I sat down to write this epic, huge areas of incredulity arose, and I was hit with the sobering realization that I was not yet prepared to do this work. First I had to do my homework. I had to give my protagonist something to believe in - some new insight into himself that could benefit all mankind. He would at least need a unique vision of his place in the universe. But what could that be? All I had knowledge of was a series of platitudes memorized as a child to keep from failing any given class. Even in college I was nothing more than an adept recording device that handed back to the professor information that he already knew. How in the world could I put forth a cosmic view so startlingly new that the course of history would be altered? My only hope was to find out what were the current viewpoints on existence and go one step further.

It wasn't long before I was knocking on doors at California Institute of Technology and the Jet Propulsion Laboratories asking questions that in less tolerant times would have sent new-thinkers to the stake. The physicists I interviewed were patient with me as they answered my queries about the construction of the universe. But a very disquieting thing happened when I pressed these men of science beyond the textbook replies. It usually took an extra cup of coffee, but what evolved was that each one of them had his own little idea hidden in the back of his mind regarding the purpose of this or any other universe. The alarmingly simple question, "Well, why do you think we are here?" brought such an array of responses that I was sure we are no more advanced in our knowledge of purpose than Homo Erectus.

As disarming as these inquiries were, they were not without their moments of reward. One such occasion occurred when discussing the construction of infinity with a master astronomer. Spurred by something larger than myself, I asked, "Doctor, in all your investigations and discoveries concerning the universe, has there ever been any evidence which demonstrated that there is a Divine Order guiding the stars?"

The highly respected professor closed his eyes, placed his hand to his forehead and after several minutes of deep concentration replied, "You know, for fifty years I have been observing the heavens but forgot to look for God!" He thanked me and walked away muttering that he must look into that.

About this same time it became apparent that my protagonist should not only have some knowledge of the physical world but also of the metaphysical world. If he was to be a messiah, he would have to have some qualities that would convince even the most skeptical audience. As I asked around, I began to realize that a number of my friends had already been availing themselves of the various organizations in the Los Angeles area that dealt with the Spirit. "Spirit" is a magnificently misleading word. To a young man who had twelve years of parochial school and almost entered a Roman Catholic Seminary, "Spirit" referred either to the Third Person of the Holy Trinity or to those happenings of the occult which occurred behind sequestered doors and which could not be discussed except in whispers. Still, I was in the midst of numerous orientations toward self-knowledge. I knew I would have to go beyond their ceremonies and apprehend what it was that religiously brought these people together.

Almost overnight I found words like "karma" and "chakra" surfacing into the vocabularies of my closest friends. Each and every concept had to be scrutinized for validity lest I fall into my old pattern of getting caught up in the novelty of the viewpoint, rather than in the spirit of it. There was that word again! I couldn't avoid it. Wherever I went there was this common denominator of Spirit. Each orientation had outward differences which seemed to stem from individual needs for tradition, but they all possessed the inner knowledge that what they were doing was right. Ingrained in all the approaches was a down-home, ain't-no-doubt-about-it conviction that they were being guided by and toward Truth.

I remember my first seminar as a spectacularly uneventful occurrence. Penelope Townsend Rutherford invited me to a taped seminar at Gary Collier's home, and I had expectations of a seance or something equally entertaining. The people were nice, a little dingy, but nice. I still reserved the right to be analytical and not rush into anything. My first impression after the seminar was that J-R was a sharp salesman selling Judeo-Christian ethics, but it might as well have been used cars as far as I was concerned. Yet I found myself going back for more, and shortly I discovered I could be as dingy as anyone I had met. I realized that I could talk about my innermost experiences and not be chastised for it among people in the Light. I had had experiences in encounter groups, with psychiatrists, and various counselors, but even there I had felt inhibited from discussing events that I felt were peculiar to me regarding my relationship to a God Consciousness. There was a Renaissance going on, and I was just walking into it!

Now it is with a sense of ministry that I have given myself over to the task of sharing the information which is coming forward in preparation for what I believe to be the largest re-evaluation of our place in the universe since the end of the Dark Ages. Working in the Light has led me to some strange and beautiful places, and wherever I have gone it has been with the knowledge that I am being compelled by cosmic circumstance. It is not an uncommon day when I end up having a discussion about the Spirit with a corporation executive or a pilgrim on a park bench. There is a conspiracy afoot of the highest order; an attempt to raise our level of consciousness is engulfing us. It is the most benign assault our sensibilities can accommodate, because it is attacking us on all sides of our insensibilities. The fact that there are so many people asking so many questions is proof that new answers will have to be formulated. And these new answers will create still newer questions until there are no more ironies. One of the most beguiling thoughts which has surfaced is that we are all so insignificant, and yet we are so monumental. Not one of us will be forgotten - there is conservation in all forms of energy.

Actually, it is now clear to me that I am not the only one writing my book. I have found many people in MSIA and elsewhere who have set about to do the same thing I have been doing, except that their vehicles are uniquely different. All of us are looking for a better way to take care of the business of being. We want a more viable approach to encounter destiny. It is because of this that I have titled my yet unfinished book, "Promise." All philosophies or ideologies have at least one thing in common - that things will be better. Every system of belief proposes that if it is espoused then the world will be better off. Each of us can contribute to the social-spiritual evolution of man simply by realizing our own potential. This is not an easy task; then again it is the easiest undertaking of all. All I have to do is become vulnerable to infinity. I don't mean becoming non-selective, blissful ninnies, but I do want to point out that everything we ever wanted is right here, right now. Our challenge is to likewise be right here, right now, openly, honestly - in thought, in word, indeed!
Tony Luna

In March 1972 the opportunity for setting up a house for people in MSIA came forward. Marj Graham, a realtor in MSIA, showed it to me, and it looked neat. At that time I think it had a "thought form" over it, preventing it from being sold.

On the other side there were discussions between the people who were going to live there, whom I didn't recognize, because I never saw their faces. This was a conscious memory from the dream state. We decided to go ahead, but there wasn't any energy being put into fixing up the house. One has to put creative energy into one's dreams to make them work. In one conversation on the other side, J-R pointed this up, asking, "What is being done? Are you fixing up the house yet?"

I came on with a little ego force, because when I said, "It's getting done," the dream terminated. The next day I found myself at the house with Rick Greene scrubbing the walls and ceiling. We decided the color of the interior wasn't conducive to the feeling that we wanted; so we painted it, with the help of other people.

Again, in the dream state we discussed the house, and the next day Marj Graham presented the lease. I took the initiative, and by signing the lease solidified the intent to go ahead with this experimental Light action.

We asked the Light to be put on the house. When moving into a house, it is sometimes helpful to either wash or paint the walls, because people who live in a house leave their creative patterns there. When walking into a room one may feel uneasy because of thought forms or emotional disturbances that have been created by violent arguments, deaths, etc. The Light, with the help of our work, cleared the house.

People who live here have decided to tune themselves very greatly with MSIA. We are open to each other in our feelings, and our concerns are brought out in group meetings. With the action of the Light everything fell into place like a jigsaw puzzle. The Light has moved various people in and out of the house to solve situations within their consciousness. There is a trend among people in the Movement towards living together in Light communities. "Like attracts like," or in our case, "Light attracts Light."
Gregory K. Stebbins

I had never wanted to be part of a group, and I was leery of communal living. I was too independent and was not ready to "sacrifice myself for the group." When I got into MSIA, I was in a group without even wanting to be, and I didn't have to sacrifice anything. I felt love for all these beautiful people. When the Castle appeared, I had the opportunity to move in with some Light people. No one tried to create a group consciousness. That had always made me feel funny when people would talk about being part of the group - how one can't do such and such because that's not part of the group consciousness and all the forms of control that get involved with that. Here there was no need to create it, as each person is independent. Ultimately we are all moving in the same direction.
Vera M. Sedler

The Light Castle is not communal but emphasizes independence with reinforcement on focusing on the Light. A big concern for me is to get into a higher consciousness, to get up above the illusions that I'm caught in, so I can see more clearly. I let Spirit come in to dissolve them. I would call this Grace. There is a song called "Amazing Grace," and every time I hear it I think of J-R. Being around Light people helps to point out the illusions while allowing an openness and freedom of expression. It means not to be concerned whether one does right or wrong, especially when those around are saying, "Yes, it's okay. If I can help you I will, and if you do it yourself, that's fine too." The action becomes one of moving into what we already are - perfection.

It is a constant state of change or movement. If I think I have something nailed down, it moves. If I try to hold onto it, it brings in confusion. Within the consciousness of the Movement, things are not fixed; so there is not a constant clarity within my consciousness. Sometimes understanding comes in, and it is fantastic to be able to see. But then I move on. While this is going on, the love for the Mystical Traveler is here, sustaining. I have spent much time in negativity, rejecting other people, and of course, it came right on me, the creator. I just couldn't express love; the words would stick in my throat. Love was blocked from flowing through my consciousness. But now it is so grand to see the love and joy that is and to know that it is my inheritance and everyone else's also. I sometimes find myself looking at people not knowing where they are coming from, nor am I able to understand them. I might not be interested in sitting down and talking with them, but I know they are moving upward in an eternal progression. My heart fills with love to see that we're all going there. Many times when I am experiencing difficulties, the answer is "more love."

After each seminar John-Roger says, "Baruch Bashan," meaning "the blessings already are." To me, the Beloved is a living manifestation of this. The greatest action I can conceive is to move into It and to use every opportunity to lift.
Jim Peterson

Being able to flow yet still maintaining my own center has been an important lesson, especially in Astrologos with eight other adults and five children. I am learning to stay in balance and not get too far off into a mental or an emotional trip. Astrologos is a mirror reflecting the inner self, a testing ground where I use the Light and astrology to learn life's lessons.
Rick Castellanos

Whatever one wants to tune into and make a reality, one can. People who never thought they could do things, just do them. It seems that we are coming into more of a group consciousness, and I expect to see many Light communities throughout the world. Maximum efficiency will be utilized, which requires cooperation and technical know-how. Using these in a Light consciousness will bring a reduction of material inequalities. I don't think it will necessarily be a Utopia, but I do think the Movement can and will show a way to greater equality and fulfillment, even on the physical level. This will bridge the dichotomy that so many of us feel about our work, wishing we were independent to do what we wanted to do. I feel my work should be what I love to do. I used to get very riled about political forms, but now I don't have to get involved. To me, this is not a cop out, because there are alternatives. Creativity is building one's own universe.
Michael-Walter Joseph

Light Studies, Aura Balancings and Innerphasings

The Light Studies given by Dr. John-Roger Hinkins are conducted through the direction of the person's high self. The primary purpose is to awaken one spiritually by bringing forward the information about one's life path, character traits, karmic relationships, etc., and how to work with these for the highest good.

In Aura Balances members of the MSIA Staff work with the Light of the Holy Spirit and the Mystical Traveler Consciousness to release negative thoughts and emotions which people have experienced and then held within the auric force field. Radiant energies are brought from different dimensions, using a pendulum as the tool to focus these energies into the aura, tuning up the electro-magnetic force fields of the body, bringing balance and greater spiritual receptivity.

Innerphasings, given by the MSIA Staff, bring change in the area of the basic self, which includes the subconscious mind but goes even deeper. The basic self is the origin of many habitual responses; the processes learned on this level are recorded and played over and over through the unconscious levels, much like a continually repeating record. Through the Light of the Holy Spirit and the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, Innerphasings can be an effective way to remove blocks and free oneself from repetitious patterns by ''programming out" old, undesirable responses, and "programming in" new, desirable responses.

I scheduled a Light Study and Aura Balance. I went to Rama Fox's house in Miami with such expectation - so scared that I didn't know how to act. I had never seen John-Roger before, only having heard him on tapes. He walked down the stairs and said, "How are you, Michael?"

The only physical contact I had had with him was once when someone was talking to him on the phone from Miami, and I had to talk to him. So I just said, "I don't know if you know me or not; I'm Michael; I wanted to say that I love you." It sounded stupid when I hung up the phone, and I wished I hadn't said it.

I saw how natural he was when he came down - I had expected him to float down. He gave me a Light Study, and one thing after another broke loose as he talked. I realized what illusionary thoughts I had of spirituality when I saw it was a completely natural process. I had been seeking this, but I had looked toward wearing a turban, sitting cross-legged, or walking with folded hands. Spirit is a lifting process, and he immediately replaced my illusions with a lifting action.
Rev. Michael Sun

I scheduled a Light Study with John-Roger, one of the few ones where he did measurements. He was measuring the spatial relationships of my face, and every time he would touch me I would pass out. While he was measuring my jaw, the blood would go shoom, right down out of my head. I'd say, "I think I've got to lie down." He'd laugh and go get me some water. I'd sit up and say, "Okay, I feel all right now." I'd drink some water. Then he'd touch me again, and I'd go zonk; this happened four times.

He was laughing and laughing and finally said, "Part of it is the Spirit coming in to align things, but also you needed a little proof."

I was very defensive, thinking, "No, not me; I believe you John-Roger." I'm glad that happened though, because every bit of phenomena substantiates my belief.
Gregory S. Smith

The Light Studies by John-Roger tuned into things within myself that were so close to me that I couldn't see them. When he mentioned them, there was great clarity, and I could move away from them. If those same patterns started to reoccur, I could catch them soon enough.
Rev. Barbara Shere

One personality trait that came out of my Light Study was my feeling of being cut off and alone in a group. He said that I could break through this pattern by introducing myself to fifty people. "Hi, my name is John. How are you?" I decided it was a good idea and started at a supermarket in Newport Beach, California, but I only introduced myself to a couple of people. Next I did it in Isla Vista, a UCSB student community. This time I introduced myself to about thirty people, although I would skip those who looked unfriendly. Finally one day between classes I started from the middle of campus and, even though I was scared, worked my way toward the edge, determined not to miss anyone. I stopped long enough to establish contact and then went on the next person. By the time I had gotten through fifty, I was ready to keep going. I broke through the pattern, which helped me to feel closer to people.
John Lee

In a reading John-Roger indicated that I should start giving astrological readings. I asked him why, since I was aware of the limitations of astrology. He said, "You will use it as a tool. You will start with astrological readings, but later you will lift and read directly from the soul. But you will start there, because you used to do this years ago with Solomon in his court of astrologers."

I thought, "Solomon and me used to hang out? Then why am I so dumb now?" Never one to turn down an adventure, I plunged in full ignorance and started probing into people's lives. Many times my experiences with the Light would cause me to say some weird things of which I had no knowledge of why I said them or what the connection was. The person would take it within, look at me strangely, and then relate fantastic occurrences due to the one thing I said. I became more aware that John-Roger was working with me. Many times I would set the chart aside, or we'd be riding in a car, and I'd have to tune in directly. I found this information to be as accurate as the chart; so I began relying more on the intuition.
Henry Conyers

I had an Innerphasing which I had put off for a long time, because the word "programming" had a negative connotation to me. I didn't want to even work with my basic self. I wanted to go straight into Spirit and soul travel. It turned out to be totally different than I had anticipated. The idea is to clarify and arrange things to move into greater spirituality and cooperation within my levels. I worked with that Innerphasing overtime, listening to it twice a day for about two months. I must have put this tremendous charge to change, change, change, because all of a sudden everything changed. It was the only time that I ever felt that Spirit had taken me to my 99.9% level out of 100%.
Gregory S. Smith

I've always been in a job where I've had to work through personality conflicts. There was a time when if someone didn't smile at me I wanted to cry, because I felt that person didn't like me. I had to learn to overcome these sensitive emotions. I've been placed in jobs where personality conflicts have had to be worked out, and approximately every two years either my job or the personnel changed. I was only in the situation as long as it took for me to learn.

John-Roger says one never gets anything he can't handle. The first three months I was in my present job, there were no personality problems, because I was too busy learning the job itself. My boss was beautiful to me. However, after I had the job under control, a personality conflict came up between my boss and me. It lasted for a year and a half, and I felt I was in a prison and that he didn't like me. He made my basic self jittery, and communication was blocked. I asked for and received much help from the other side during night travel in working with my basic self. I began to see how my attitude compounded everything. When I realized this, I knew I was ready for an Innerphasing, for now my attitude was one where I could accept it and work with it. I programmed for confidence and attitude. I was shown how I could have confidence in myself, and how if I changed my attitude toward myself, the outer expressions of others would change. My basic self was made to realize that he didn't have to handle anything at work; all he had to do was be there to sustain me. I, the conscious self, would take care of everything. My problem had been that I was trying to tell the basic, "You have to handle this; you have to make it right," and he started to fall apart, because that is not his job. Through the Innerphasing I started to know myself better and stopped believing what I thought my boss was projecting toward me. The following Monday I started projecting friendliness toward him and self-assurance of myself. I was no longer afraid of him, and he no longer reflected negativity back at me. He became friendly toward me, and before I knew it, I had all the freedom at work that I needed. We came into rapport with each other because of my new attitude. I am now using more conscious direction and keeping more aware - observing, evaluating and learning from each day's experience. I feel with this attitude that I can learn more in less time.
Louise Wyatt

I went to a tape seminar at Reuben Paris' house and was strongly attracted, but I had difficulty because my negativity was resisting. I would call Reuben on the phone, because he seemed to be tuned into what I wanted, and he would take off from work to come and talk to me at his house. He was so beautiful, but I wouldn't accept what he was telling me, even though I could still feel the love. I met Phillip Anthony one night at a tape seminar and asked him about J-R. I was interested in having either a Light Study or an Innerphasing. Phillip told me a little about them and said I could make an appointment, but it would take a while. However, he could give me an Aura Balancing. I was impatient and started fighting him with my negativity; so he just said, "Suit yourself." I walked out the door, because I was having a hard time accepting what he was telling me.

I got in my car to leave, but something inside me said, "Don't be a dummy; go and try. It is okay, because you don't have to believe anything or do anything other than show up." So I went back in, made an appointment, and had an Aura Balance . Things started changing around me, which surprised me. It was working, even though I couldn't figure out how. Now I have my aura tuned up every six months. It clears so many things, and there is a beautiful serene feeling of purity when I'm clear and uncluttered.
Jim Peterson

I had a series of Aura Balances. I didn't feel anything during the balances, and yet after them it was obvious something had happened. After the physical balancing, I had to work late that night, and when I got back to work I started feeling extremely tired, as though I were drugged. I knew from Phil's explanation that there are masters on the other levels of consciousness working with one, even doing psychic operations for up to three days afterwards and that one may feel the effects of many things. I felt as though I were anaesthetized and kept drinking coffee and going to the restroom, saying, "I want to stay awake if it is for my highest good." No matter what I did, I became so tired I had to lie down. Finally someone took me home. I didn't want to tell my boss, a nice conservative Jewish man, that I had gone to have an Aura Balance; so I said I went to see my doctor. I didn't have to explain what kind of doctor. Dr. Hinkins is a Doctor of Divinity! I stayed in bed most of the weekend and by Monday felt fine. While I didn't feel anything mend physically, I felt there was something that had been out of balance. When I had my emotional balancing, I expected to feel either very high or very low because my emotions had been out of balance since I incarnated, but nothing happened. I was disappointed. A few weeks later people started telling me, "You've changed. You're a lot nicer to be around."
(name removed by the person's request)

I would give Aura Balances credit for a great improvement in my arthritic condition. Before the Aura Balances, I couldn't get in or out of a car without some help, couldn't navigate too well by myself, and whenever I weeded the garden, I couldn't straighten up. The pain was very bad. Now I can weed and straighten up easily without pain.
Hannah Wallis

When I got my first Aura Balance, John-Roger came into the room and put his finger on my forehead and said, "Your third eye really wants to open, but drugs have prevented that." I went home and realized how much pain I had gone through, how much karma I had produced, how much guilt I had around me, and how much I had distorted my auric energy field. This man had just walked in and taken years and years if not lifetimes of pain and struggling from me. I was filled with so much Light I could hardly stand it.

Then about a month later I came to Los Angeles for an emotional Aura Balance. I had had a monkey on my back, and that was released. I'd had much guilt tacked onto my basic self, which was released during my spiritual Aura Balance. Guilt looks small when looked at with the mind, but it can block the energy throughout one's whole expression. I hadn't had a good hearty laugh at all in years like I had at the end of my spiritual Aura Balancing.
David Allen

Soul Transcendence

To develop greater spiritual consciousness one can actively practice spiritual exercises, such as prayer, meditation, chanting a tone or mantram, gazing into a candle flame or water, or consciously directing the awareness into spiritual activities. The Mystical Traveler Consciousness can work with one more who is consciously focusing his attention and centering himself with a spiritual exercise. After two years of study within MSIA, one can be initiated into the Sound Current of God through the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, giving one a direct connection into Spirit. While on earth one can experience the heavenly realms through Soul Transcendence.

As I understand it through my own experiences, spiritual exercises are a way of re-focusing to fulfill our life destiny and overcome our own blocks. I have sat down loaded with negative situations, feeling physically weighted down and wondering how I would ever get out of that. Then by doing spiritual exercises for a half hour, focusing into higher dimensions, I am able to come back with renewed strength and awareness. It's like being born into a new world. To do this I have to let go of thinking about the negative situation and focus on the spiritual exercise. For me, this is cooperating with the Light.
Rev. Wesley A. Whitmore

For many days I used the spiritual exercise of looking in the water, but it seemed as though nothing was happening. My children, who knew I was looking in the water, presented me with a beautiful crystal ball. However, I've had more success looking in the mirror. I wanted to see my aura, and I knew that it could be reflected back to me in the mirror. I'd heard people talking at seminars about seeing their face so covered with Light that they could scarcely see their own facial features. So I kept looking in the mirror, and soon things began to change. My reflection in the mirror looked like a photographic negative. The light part became brighter, and the facial features disappeared. There was an aura of a golden Light from the head. I concentrated on the top of the head, because I knew that was where the silver cord is attached to the body, and I hoped to see it. I saw a shadowy figure over the head. I can understand why it might have been called a dove settling on Jesus' head when he was baptized by John the Baptist. Joseph Weed wrote that a person can concentrate on filling the room with Light. I have seen a purple, electric blue color fill the room behind me while looking in the mirror. So I know that something is happening, and my spiritual eyes are beginning to open.
Alma Clary

My first conscious spiritual experience came when I was out of high school after a very difficult time, during which I would go within and alienate myself from people for weeks on end. I kept searching, questing, but I was looking the wrong way or with the wrong attitude. At one point I said, "Forget it; I give up. I am ready for something new." I was sleeping out on a porch with windows all around. That night I was awakened to semi-consciousness by the rain, which brought me back just enough so that I had awareness of other levels of consciousness. One consciousness was the body in the bed, and the other was my self flying over landscape.

The colors were lush and green, and I could magnify things so that they would get bigger anyplace I looked. I became aware of a voice speaking over my right shoulder. It seemed completely natural. The voice was directing and showing me another person who was flying. It wasn't that I had a body, and it wasn't that I didn't have a body; it wasn't important. The other person I later found out was John-Roger working with me. This was three or four years before I came into the Movement consciously), and he was saying, "Watch how he moves; watch how he does it - he gives up, lets go, and just does it." He was showing me how to get out of the body, saying, "Now you try it." I was in two consciousnesses at one time. I was aware of the consciousness suspended in space, and the one on the bed. When he would say, "Just let go,'' I would feel my body let go, and my consciousness would rise.

Then the landscape changed and became tremendous colors, each color becoming a reality, a field I was part of. I was no longer a body. I was the colors, and I could still hear the voice say, "Let go." I was taken by the colors and floated higher and higher. Colors were coming around from all directions at the same time. The colors then became music, and this whole action was so powerful. As the colors went into music, I said, "My God, this is incredible!" From that point I went into an unconsciousness state, because I remember being jolted back against the bed. There was a knocking at the door, and I came back into the body. I was still aware of this tremendous force; my whole body was shaking.
Rev. Michael Sun

I was using the spiritual exercises regularly when I first got into the Movement, because I was doing very little else. I had a couple of experiences which made things tangible for me. I was lying in bed and feeling a pull, a drawing out, like suction. I was familiar with the idea of having the consciousness leave the body. I would feel myself rising up and would get anxious. If I did, I would wake up and lose the experience. But on a couple of occasions I lifted up; the consciousness was free of the body, and I was looking around. I was as awake as I am now and thinking, "Wow, my body is asleep, and my consciousness is not there." I could see colored lights all around, striations of purple and gold and yellow and orange-red. I was trying to see what was going on, and the next thing I knew I awoke into another level. I was with J-R and Phil, one of his staff, and we were walking down some stairs. I saw a few people I recognized, and I realized I was still not awake. I looked around for a while, and nothing was particularly happening; so I decided to wake up all the way. I tried to open my eyes, and I couldn't do it. It was like I wasn't all there. I worked on it, and finally straining I woke to full consciousness. I still had that vivid recollection, which verified what I had been told about having the consciousness separate from the body.
Gregory S. Smith

During one meditation, I got very far away in my consciousness from my body, and even though I didn't know exactly what was going on in this other greater reality, I had the perspective of looking back into this physical world and thinking, "That's going on too, but as a side project." The physical is important, but whether I do one thing or another, or live in this place or that, is irrelevant. All that is important is that I accept what comes forward for me and not resist it.
Vivian Joseph

The high experience of my quest was when I was connected to the Sound Current by the Mystical Traveler Consciousness after two years of concentrated study - the Ocean of Divine Love and Mercy, and the force of universes. The connection was made, and I felt a warm tide rising from the lower chakras to the third eye area, a physical pressure and a spiritual freedom. I was not evolved enough to experience my divinity consciously; so I went to a couch where in sleep I could release myself from bodily bondage. My point of view from that time has been that if I misplaced my friends and lost my possessions, I would have my tone, a key by which I can know the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Mankind.

Is it not divine that we
the holders of the mind intact
not only reflect back
but also create
those things we make
for Gods sake.

Mark T. Holmes

I am an architecture student, and often go for a day or two without sleeping to finish a project. Once I was about two days into a project without sleep, and it was due in four hours. I was blocked in a particular design aspect; I couldn't see anything. I was dry-heaving inside of myself, was really tired, and couldn't handle it. So I sat down in a chair and started doing spiritual exercises. Within two or three minutes I felt myself completely fall down in my chair and shoot out of my body like a rocketship. I kept consciousness as long as I could, but it was moving so quickly. I came to 20 minutes later. My body was no longer tired, and I felt much energy within me. I looked down at my design problem on the floor and saw what I needed to do. I worked for 15 minutes to finish it and took it to school.
Randy Garver

The Sound is getting louder. I can hear it now after my most recent initiation, whereas after the previous initiation, it was colors, purple and green. J-R asked me to write him four to six weeks after the initiation and tell him how I was doing. I wrote that I was doing, "Pretty good, that I can hear the Sound, but that I don't know if it is an illusion, or if it is real." As soon as I wrote the letter the Sound stopped, and I was really desolate. Then after thinking a while that I was a dummy, I thought maybe he took it away to let me know it was real. The Sound came back. Then I began to wonder and asked in another letter, "Did you give me back my illusion as a pacifier to make me feel better because I wanted it back so much, or is this real?" I decided if I didn't have J-R to ask, then I would have to decide it was real. I was able to talk to John-Roger about this a short time later, and he said, "Yes, it's the Sound." On the mental level one doubts oneself a lot!

The tones are so subtle that I can't tell when it is running water or bells tinkling. I don't have to say my mantram always to get it; I can be still and tune in, and it comes. Other times I can't get it, and that is good, because otherwise I would take it for granted. I wouldn't want to be without it, as being away from it those few days was enough for me.
Muriel Moore

When I was 8 years old I began to have experiences of tuning into what I know now to be the Cosmic Sounds, an aspect of the Sound Current. The sound came in as a steady, high-pitched tone, heard in the center of my head. Because I heard it when everything became very quiet, I thought it must be what "silence" sounded like. I have recently learned that I can reach consciously into a peaceful, calm state by listening for that sound. The sound is a presence; it is always there. I have only to shift my attention from the chattering of my mind in order to hear it. And, if I listen to it closely enough, I can hear it differentiate itself into various tones, much as one can see the white light around a candle differentiate into color tones after gazing at it long enough.

Sometimes I hear a loud tone on one side of my head. This tone sounds like the distant ricochet of a bullet - strong at first, then gradually fading away. It's a real attention-grabber. J-R told me once that I was being instructed from the other side at those times. It might take a week or ten days for this information to be stepped down in frequency so that it could be filtered into the conscious level of awareness. Then the information might actually come through the agency of another person, a book, or through a learning experience. J-R said that if I could lift the frequency of my "receiving station" high enough, I could get the information directly and immediately. Until I can do that, I just say, "Thank you" whenever I hear this tone.
Gary Collier

I have experienced traveling in the higher realms of Light. One morning I was lying in bed thinking about soul travel and the Light. I had a strong feeling that I would like very much to leave my body and consciously travel. I had brought back memory of doing this in the dream state, but never consciously. I asked for the experience, "for the highest good." I had asked before, but this time it happened.

The feelings were intense and the vibrations very high. It was as though my body split, and I overflowed into this great ocean of love. I felt a total oneness, so complete, desireless. Things that seemed so important to me in the past meant nothing. I experienced fulfillment. God, Light, and love was all that mattered.

This helped me break many desire patterns. I was made aware of my responsibilities here and realized why it was so important to always ask for the highest good.

I later experienced being out in the universe. There were brilliant lights and rays of light. The feeling was one of total freedom. There was no fear. I had asked for the experience for the highest good. It was 8 a.m. There was construction going on near me. I wondered if I would be able to do it, as I awaken very easily. It happened quickly. I was just there. It seemed like seconds. I was surprised when I opened my eyes, as two hours had passed.

I'm very grateful to have had these experiences. I now know for myself that these things are possible. I also realize how important it is to come into balance and do whatever is necessary here and now.

After five years in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, my experiences are not so dramatic, but much more constant are the feelings of peace, oneness, inner strength and knowing. I feel more love and security than I've ever known before. The fears are falling away, and my life flows, when I work within the Light.
Wanda Mansbach

I found through doing, that the spiritual exercises are not passive - not a feeling of calmness all the time. Often a great agitation or irritation will come up. I say, "Today I want to affirm that I am working with the Mystical Traveler." Usually it tests my weakest points.

I relate back to the Bible where Jesus was in the garden with the disciples. They fell asleep, and Jesus said, "Can't you stay awake for one minute with me?" We sleep in areas where we are the weakest. So every day new things come up that maybe I have suppressed for years. Many times when a feeling of agitation or depression comes in, I remember techniques that take care of these things. It is not a divine right that we are here; it is a privilege. When I don't use these techniques I want to kick myself. The answers are here. I've often thought whether I should get another Light Study with John-Roger. The answer always is, "You know the answer, if you go inside." That is where J-R is, and that is where the work is. More and more his work is on the inner levels, and people must tune inwardly to get the answers. As soon as one finds these answers inside, he finds that he is in there too; so he finds himself.

I am finding that soul consciousness is different from anything I have ever thought of, felt or imagined, for these concepts are only partial realities. Instead of trying to be something or to imagine what it is like, I can just be and hold a frequency. I think this is why the initiation tones, the HU, and other frequencies that have been given are so valuable. One doesn't have a picture that is associated with them, because they are frequencies that one holds to keep the mind steady so that a pure essence can flow through. People in the initial stages have told me, "I do the spiritual exercises, but I don't feel anything." I went through that, expecting maybe to see cities on other realms. I found as I chant my tones I am building a bridge to the higher realms. It is so beautiful when I am living it, and so miserable when I am not. At first the negativity is brought up and cleared, so one can see straight; otherwise it will be cloudy. Letting the Spirit and life flow through is not trying to do or not to do, or reacting, but becoming an instrument for the Divine Melody.
Rev. Michael Sun

Moving In Spiritual Inner Awareness

Copyright 1974 by Sanderson Beck and Mark T. Holmes

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