Moving In Spiritual Inner Awareness

Edited by
Sanderson Beck and Mark T. Holmes

The Light
Mystical Traveler Consciousness and Inner Master

The Light

The Light of the Holy Sprit, or "Living In God's Holy Thoughts," is the invisible, infinite energy that is the essence of every soul as a direct extension of God. "I am the Light." This Light may be called upon at any time and used for the highest good of all concerned. Working consciously with this Light applies the divine energy in one's life.

I have found since coming into the Movement that my understanding of the Light and how it works has come more through my own personal experiences than through information received at seminars or written materials. In August 1971, Vera Sedler and I were camping at Jasper and Banff in the Canadian Rockies. One evening, after a very tiring day hiking above Lake Louise, we crashed early, about 8:30. Just as I was about asleep, some dudes drove in right below us to set up camp. In an otherwise perfectly quiet setting, all I could hear was clink, clank, bang, mutter, and swear. Then it sounded like this one dude was trying to pound tent stakes into the ground with a teaspoon - tink, tink, tink. This was taking him forever because the ground was hard. I knew, because I was lying on it! After awhile he started arguing loudly with his buddy. "I'm always the one that has to set the tent up. You always take off. And then I have to take it back down in the morning...." Argue, argue, argue. As in most arguments, when they had aired all the grievances through one time, they went back to the beginning and played the same tape over again.

About this time I started to lose my cool. I thought of my choices: I could yell at them, "Shut the hell up and let me sleep." Or I could put my boots on and go down there and tell them politely to, "Shut the hell up and let me sleep." Then I wondered what J-R would do in a situation like this. I remembered a story he once told at a seminar about a kid whose parents argued all the time. J-R's advice to the kid was to send them the Light and mentally say, "I love you." The boy did what J-R suggested the next time there was an argument, and it ended when one of the parents made a mistake, and they both started laughing at it. So I thought, "I'll just do the same thing and see if I can get these two cats to cool it." I asked for the Light for the highest good and started mentally saying to them, "God bless you" and "I love you." I kept saying it over and over. Nothing happened - they kept on arguing. I thought this isn't working the way I expected it to, but I'm going to keep it up anyway. I don't know whether or not those dudes ever stopped arguing, but within five minutes I was sound asleep! When I woke up the next morning, I told Vera that I understood better how the Light works: the Light always takes the line of least resistance. "Holding the Light" means being steady in my own consciousness - uninvolved and nonjudging - so that I can discern just where this area of least resistance lies and can move directly into it, because that is where the Spirit flows.
Gary Collier

At one seminar someone asked John-Roger how long they should hold the Light and concentrate on it. The answer was similar to, "I am always doing it. It's not a matter of doing it a few times a day, but you might do it whenever you think of it." I am doing this. Whenever the phone rings, I place the call in the Light for my highest good, and on my way to the post office each morning I place the day's mail in the Light and ask that anyone who writes or thinks of or speaks to the Herb Lady that day be placed in the Light for their highest good. I have put "For the Highest Good" labels on all my packages of herbs. Lately, I've been calling forth the Mystical Traveler Consciousness to monitor my actions, words, and deeds as well. Using these techniques is a big help to me.
(name removed by the person's request)

I started using the Light to get rides, and many times people would offer me a ride and take me exactly where I wanted to go. If I was going to a city, a person who was going to that city would stop. It happened so often that I nicknamed myself "The Golden Thumb." This is how the Light started demonstrating itself to me in a practical way. I'd meet people, we'd start a conversation, and immediately strike up a rapport. I'd tell them about the Light. They'd say, "Thanks, I was looking for something like this." They'd take me to where I was going and go about their business. Later I'd see some of them at seminars.
Henry "The Golden Thumb" Conyers

I was always searching for something more. I had some experience using drugs, but I became frustrated when I saw that I couldn't get there by myself. A drug would take me up for a while, but then I would have to come back, and everything would be the same. Marijuana would lock me more deeply into the physical world. A friend of mine gave me peyote, thinking I knew what it was, but I thought it was herb tea. I was really upset when I discovered I was about to have a "psychedelic experience." I walked outside in the rain to go home. I became aware that each little drop of rain as it fell had this golden Light around it, and each little blade of grass had this golden Light, and the sky as far as the eye could see, all the clouds and everything that was had this golden Light shining through it. I could feel that it was intelligent, that it knew I was watching it and that I was a part of it.

Then I saw a person who I considered my worst enemy standing outside a shop, and I loved her. She was so beautiful! Afterward I couldn't believe I had had such loving feelings for her. It was disturbing to receive hints that there are states of consciousness where our hatreds don't exist. Were all these feelings and conditions I was so identified with mere illusions that evaporated when I entered into a higher consciousness?

I thought, "Before I wasn't sure whether or not there was a God." I considered myself an agnostic. "But now I know that there is definitely something happening." I decided not to use drugs and to wait until something came into my life that reminded me of that experience with the Light, and then whatever that was I would follow it.
Rev. Lenora Rayna Albro

I had gone on a camping trip to Big Sur with Janice Kramer and had come back with a bad case of poison oak. I didn't want to take cortisone shots to treat this condition and was waiting for a doctor to call with other suggestions, since I hadn't been able to get a good night's sleep for a week. The phone rang, and Seleta Johnson, who had given me a clairvoyant reading, asked if I was interested in classes in spiritual awareness. I was. I told her I had been looking forward to the call from the doctor. Her only comment was, "I'll send you the Light."

My thought was, "Lady, you send anything you want. I don't care at this point." Janice later said that right after talking to Seleta I slept from 8 in the evening to 8 the next morning. I became interested in finding out about the Light. When I first had a reading from Seleta, she told me that I was impatient, and that was the first lesson I had to learn. "I want to learn patience as soon as I can!" I blurted.

After studying with Seleta a while, she took several of us to a MSIA seminar. I saw John-Roger come in and said to myself, "He doesn't have to have the white robe and beard to be a spiritual teacher."

I was sitting with an attitude of acceptance. Everything that came to my mind was something that John-Roger would say two or three sentences later. It was more than coincidence. I started thinking about acceptance, and John-Roger said, "If you just sit there with an attitude of acceptance..." Lights started popping in my head. Right after the contributions, John-Roger said, "The Light is effecting a narcotics cure on several people in the room."

I had been smoking for ten years, and the grass thing was getting a bit stale. My attitude had always been, "I'm going to smoke and take drugs as long as I want to." But as soon as I heard that the Light was effecting a cure, I knew I was one of them. I didn't feel anything, and he didn't look at me; it was a knowing. I toyed with the idea of quitting drugs after the seminar, and for the next week every time I smoked I would get a sore throat. Whenever I stopped it would go away.

I was going to a computer class at UCLA one night a week which was boring, and my mind would wander. The teacher was a nice guy, but not that dynamic. I said, "Okay, Light, I have a test for you. I understand you don't have to accept, but I offer it as a challenge anyway. I'm going to smoke a joint, get very loaded, drive out to class, and if my attention doesn't wander during the whole two hours of class, then I'll know that you exist, and I will stop smoking dope."

I was in a restroom in the building where I worked, and something said, "Stop. Do this slowly. Look at where you are. You are in a toilet. See how ridiculous this is." I did, and enjoyed the smoke. Then I drove to UCLA, and for the whole two hours my attention didn't leave the teacher. I was riveted!

On my way home I picked up a fellow hitch-hiking. He turned to me and asked, "Do we have time for a smoke?"

Without thinking, I answered, "We would, if we had anything to smoke." I was never so glad for bad grass! I remembered that John-Roger said it took three days for dope to get out of the system, and I counted the days. All my desires for it had left. So the Light passed the test, and I failed, for the moment.
(name removed by the person's request)

I first started going to MSIA seminars to show my husband Rick how full of errors this man John-Roger was. As I sat and listened I became aware that there was really nothing I could refute. Some of the language was new to me, but the whole atmosphere seemed very pleasing and open. I soon realized that my opinion was of absolutely no interest to anyone, and if I wanted to learn anything, I should open not only my ears but also my heart. I never liked going to church with its rules and regulations, and so I was very much impressed when John-Roger said, "If it works for you, use it, and if it doesn't, get to what will." I had the choice to come or go as I pleased, and any progress I made spiritually would be because I had worked to make it so. Working with John-Roger filled a void in my life I had been looking to fill in all the wrong places. To tune into Spirit was something quite new to me, yet I felt very much at ease and as if I was finally connecting with the true purpose of my life.

Having a stubborn nature I was glad to be offered many techniques to achieve spiritual freedom. Clearing up my hang-ups is a constant job. To be able to use the past as a stepping stone rather than as a weapon was a great lesson for me. If Rick and I were fighting, I could throw the past in his face. Instead of bringing in understanding, I would cause hurt and confusion. To take each new situation as it arises and handle it now makes me feel more complete and able to tackle new obstacles.

MSIA teaches us to use the Light, which means "Living In God's Holy Thoughts." To know the Light one has to use it. I know God is always with me and that by turning to the Light, I need not fear that any situation will ever bring anything which is not for my "highest good." Having John-Roger working and pulling for me is indeed my most precious gift. In stress situations I inwardly call on him for clarification and support. This helps me to clear up the situation rather than confuse or distort what is actually taking place. If I am down, or if my children are sick, just seeing the purple flashes which represent J-R allows me to realize that I am never alone. I am determined to seek and become one with the perfection of my soul.
Laurie Morgan

I had been in the Movement a year or two, when John-Roger was going to New York during the summer. Since I was writing to him to order some publications, I asked if he would look in on my mother, giving her name, address, phone and date of birth. I had talked to her about the Light and MSIA previously, and her reaction had been, "Yes dear, this is what you are doing now. What are you going to be doing tomorrow? I love you; you are my daughter."

A few weeks later I received a letter from her saying she had been asleep when about 4 a.m. she woke up, heard my voice, and felt my hand on her face. She was so sure I was there that she got out of bed and looked for me. In the next paragraph she said, "I haven't heard from John-Roger as yet." That struck me as funny, because it was pretty obvious to me that if John-Roger had appeared as himself she could have dismissed it; but if I was used as a vehicle to express this, she couldn't deny it. From that point on she began using the Light. She is a religious Jewish woman and would always go to the synagogue for Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement services. That year she wrote me and explained that she was not going, saying, "The Light is my Temple."
(name removed by the person's request)

At school I was passing all these gangs and big kids that pick on kids. I thought, "Light, Light, Light," and nobody bothered me. There was one kid who has a little gang and beats up on everybody. He pushes everybody around and picks fights. After recess I was carrying the ball, and I went into the bathroom. That kid was trying to get the ball away, but I wouldn't let him. So then he started hitting me, but through all that I was surrounding myself with the Light, and I didn't hit him once. He hit me in the face, and it felt like it just went right through. He hit me in the stomach; it just felt like a ghost. I didn't feel a thing.
Gary Alan Ginthner

I was seeing faces in a Reverend's house. She said, "Ask it to materialize, and if it isn't for the highest good, it will leave; call in the Mystical Traveler." I did that and saw what looked like snow or salt, pouring down through the ceiling, cleaning up the room. I panicked, because it was moving in front of my face. After it cleared up, it came again and let me look at it when I wasn't afraid. The room cleared, and there were no more images. The Reverend said, "Then it wasn't for your highest good; so John-Roger cleared the room."
Tom Moses

I had an accident on the San Bernardino Freeway near the 605 Freeway. My 5 year old son Lucas was with me. It was raining hard, and there were cars and trucks all around me when suddenly there was a loud pop! I knew it was a tire blow-out. My car started sliding off toward the embankment. I cried, "Oh God!" and then turned the wheel. The car turned and started sliding right across the freeway into the fence in the center lane. From the time I uttered, "Oh God!" Lucas and I entered into a silence beyond. I thought, "Okay, this is it; I'm ready. I don't care anyway." I wasn't afraid to die; I just didn't want it to hurt too much. This silence was all around the car as we were spinning. The car was set down very neatly in the fast lane headed the opposite direction. Neither Lucas nor I were hurt; we didn't have a scratch on us, nor was there a scratch on the car. I turned my lights on, and all the other cars coming toward us stopped. Nobody was hurt, and nobody bumped into anybody's bumper. Then I got really shook up, and somebody took Lucas and me home.

I wondered, "Why didn't I at least get a broken arm or something; this defies all logic and mathematical probability." Then I started thinking, "Why am I still here? Why didn't I die? What am I supposed to do?"

Soon after the accident, some people stopped by my house one night. A girl had a Chinese numerology book which gave spiritual rather than worldly interpretations. I found my life path was a number 9. It was about detachment, being in the world, but not of it, seeking enlightenment and acting as a channel for love and the Christ Consciousness. This interpretation of number 9's lesson is to renounce everything, all personal desires, sacrificing the lower levels of personality to attain the higher Light. It sounded so terrible, like such a horrible sacrifice. I thought, "Oh my God, is this what I'm supposed to be doing? This doesn't sound like any fun at all! "I started crying and feeling sorry for myself. I envisioned some emaciated monk faraway from joy and laughter and earthly comforts. Yet there was something inside me that was pulling me toward this journey so strongly that I knew I had to go, even if it hurt, because there would be something beyond that is so beautiful.
Rev. Lenora Rayna Albro

Anytime I feel out of balance, uneasy, depressed, ill, or dis-eased, I ask for the Light, and the Light comes. It doesn't come down out of the sky as a big flaming ball, saying, "I am at your service." It's a much more subtle activity. It has never failed yet that if I am feeling down or out of touch with my center, and I ask for the Light, a Light-bearer turns up to bring forward that Light to balance me. This happens sitting at home, walking down the street, driving my car, or going away on a trip.

One time a group of us from Berkeley were going down to Los Angeles. We had been driving side by side this funny, old car with an old Cadillac front and a big camper on the rear. We were on Highway 99 when our car conked out, so Jim Shere pulled it over to the side of the road. It sounded like the whole thing just fell apart. There we were sitting on the side of the road, and we asked for the Light. Who comes along but these people with this funny-looking car? We didn't wave them down; they just saw us and stopped. This dude who looked like he could have been an American Indian and anywhere from 50 to 80 years old, hops out of his car and comes over and looks at our car. Our radiator was over-heating. He just happened to have a big barrel of water, and he fills us up with water. We were looking around trying to figure out what happened when I noticed that the core of one of the spark plugs had blown out. I pointed that out to Jim and asked, "What are we going to do? We're in the middle of nowhere." So we asked the guy, "You wouldn't happen to have a spark plug like this, would you?" He goes up to his camper and pulls out the exact same spark plug. So we put the spark plug in, and he got into his old camper and went on his way. We all looked at each other, wondering who this guy was, and marveled at this beautiful Light action.
Rev. Rudy Tambone

I guess about the 500th time that I used the Light, I finally realized that it was actually working. I was in the beginning more skeptical than I let on to other people. I can remember telling people to use the Light but inwardly thinking, "It may work for them, but I'm not so sure it works for me." Now one of my greatest joys is when I am feeling good and walking down the street silently sending the Light, saying, "God bless you," and "I love you" to people as I pass. I feel it come back to me and build and build. There are times it builds up so strongly that I want to start shouting, "Don't you know who you are? Don't you know what we are here for? Isn't it beautiful! Don't you know about the love that you can find within yourself - just look!" Of course, I restrain myself from doing this, but it builds so high inside of me that my smile makes people turn and wonder, and then they smile back. Sometimes the slightest thing will remind me of the Light and completely raise my consciousness, and I want to hug the whole world.
Vivian Joseph

A friend involved in anti-war protests brought over some pictures of napalmed children in living color from the Vietnam War. Suffering has always made me squirm, as I had never been able to stand it.

Once when I was 8 years old I was playing with the kids on the block. They found a bee that couldn't fly and were going to tear its wings off and torture it. I was standing there, and suddenly I got this impulse to save the bee. I was going to rush in and step on it as hard as I could so that if it had to die, it would die quickly. I was timid, shy and sensitive; so it was very hard for me to do that, but I wanted to help the bee so much that it gave me strength. I waited for my chance, and when they stepped aside for a moment, I dashed in yelling and stamped on it shouting, "Goodbye bee!"

They were really angry at me, saying, "Ah, what did you do that for? You spoiled the fun." Unable to answer, I ran across the street as fast as I could to my house where my father was watching. He was upset and asked what was the matter with me.

I said, "No Daddy, you don't understand. I had to do it to save the bee from suffering."
A funny look came over his face as he said, "Keep it up, and someday you may become a sun."

I looked up in the sky and asked, "You mean like that sun?" He said yes.

So when I saw these pictures of the napalmed children, my inability to accept suffering was still a problem for me. I tried to sleep and couldn't; it was tormenting me. I was tossing and turning, thinking about Vietnam and what I'd heard about reincarnation. "Well, okay. What if these people who are suffering are former S. S. Gestapo people? They have to come back as Vietnamese children and experience the cruelty they once did to other people." Then I thought, "That is still not a good enough answer; there has to be a better answer for all humanity and for the planet." Suddenly I realized that Jesus and the Buddha had given their whole lives to studying this problem and in helping mankind to lift above their human suffering. They had spent every waking moment of their consciousness involved with helping, and I had only thought about it once in a while when something disturbed me. A feeling of remorse and shame came over me and a desire to change this. I wished there was some small way that I could help. As I was thinking that, I moved into what was perhaps a multi-dimensional consciousness where I was in bed, but I was also far beyond the planet looking down at it. As the planet was spinning around, millions of souls who had just died were floating up from the Earth plane; millions of other souls were simultaneously floating down to be born in the physical body. The motion they made was like a wheel of souls coming up and then going down. Then I saw some rays of Light in the corner of my room beyond this other thing that I was watching. I slowly turned my head to the right and saw rays coming from a radiant bluish white Light Being who was floating through the doorway of my room and hovering over my feet. I knew this Light Being and an intense feeling of love and joy filled my heart at this reunion. My first impulse was to rise up and put my arms around his feet, although there was no physical body within the Light for me to touch.

However, a fear of death suddenly overpowered me. Some part of me thought, "If I go into the Light, then I won't be me anymore." It was actually a fear of my personality disintegrating.

Then I received a telepathic message from the Light Being who said to me in perfect understanding and perfect compassion, "That's all right, some other time." It started floating out the door slowly, and gradually I was left alone in the darkness. For weeks and months after that my mind would return to this experience as the most important event of my life, but there was no one who could explain to me what had happened.
Rev. Lenora Rayna Albro

As we begin to focus our attention with every fiber of our being toward the Christ, we begin to notice a change in consciousness. There is Light of greater density, and our body consciousness becomes more sensitive. The body feels as though it is actually lifting into the greater environment. Atom by atom we are now awakening into a greater consciousness. As the Light grows brighter, and this feeling of lightness descends upon us, we notice something else. It is the voice of God, at each and every level from the physical to and beyond the soul realm.

First my basic consciousness was irritated by previously programmed cells of my body. The cellular changes continued to such degrees that I thought all the cells of my body were going to burn up. Instantly it changed to cool rushing, flowing, gentler motions all over my body - both inside and out - similar to bathing in a gentle shower. I tuned myself within this consciousness of the inner-outer movement, and at that point Light filled the body, the mind, the heart, and the environment. I closed my physical eyes perceiving beyond perception, all and nothing; I was in and was the omnipresence. I opened my physical eyes, only to again behold whiteness of this all-encompassing pure Light. Leaving my physical eyes open I peered into the Light.

I began to move toward the center of this Light. As I moved closer consciously, the Light grew lighter, brighter, until the Light seemed to disappear, and moving toward me was a pure, bright, but not blinding, golden Light taking the shape of a man. As it grew nearer, I could see its perfectly beautiful form. I wondered, "Who is this being?"

Even before my thought was completed, a communication was established, saying, "I am Christ, the one of perfect love from the Father that is in the hearts of all beings. As Buddha I was called the Light of Asia. As Jesus I was called the Light of the world, and as the Mystical Traveler, I am known as the Light of the universe. Beloved John and beloved Baba are the known focuses of your world, to bridge the East with the West and bring in the consciousness of the union of two worlds - a world divided - again whole. I give you the right to call at all times of need on the Christ, that you may know that I walk with you and always shall be at your side."
Father Varieur


Spiritual growth is often subtle, as a change in attitude may free us where we were before bound. When we move through a situation, we have the conscious choice of which attitude to take. Through acceptance and understanding we can handle any situation in a spiritual consciousness of happiness and freedom.

As the Light comes in and I feel it energizing every cell of my body, a feeling of expanding without limitation fills my consciousness. I would like to share my experience of this world without horizon, which, through the guidance of my beloved teacher, Sri John-Roger, is forever unfolding within me. A few years ago, while climbing some rocks on a beach in Big Sur, I came upon and followed a path which led me up and around out onto the face of a cliff with the ocean stretching out far below me. It was a clear day, and the view was amazing! Finding a comfortable spot on the ledge, I decided to just sit awhile, but somehow I could not relax. A crazy desire to jump was welling up within me to a point where I realized that if I did relax I would undoubtedly leap to what many would call my death. It was like the potential energy of being able to jump was pulling me toward itself. The other side seemed so close I could taste it. As this feeling intensified, it was a constant struggle for me to cling to that mountain and life, as I knew it. Very, carefully I edged my way back down the path to the beach.

Moving along my path of Spiritual Inner Awareness, I find myself once again on the edge of a cliff, overlooking an ocean of infinite beingness. For me to remain compressed within this physical form is a state of extreme tension. My potential energy of soul awareness is gently tugging on my consciousness, and at times I feel that if I don't find the exit soon, I'm going to burst. But bursting won't get me there. It just strengthens the illusion that I'm not already complete, right here, right now. As J-R keeps saying, "Backing off from the desires and as the door opens inwardly relax. Let go and let God." It's just that E-A-S-Y. Let go and let God. In fact, it's so easy it "blows my mind," and then the mind turns around and blows it for me. Can we grasp the subtlety of this? It's toward this delicate state of balance that, with the direction of the Mystical Traveler and the Preceptor Consciousness, I am continually striving.
Rick Morgan

There is no limit to what I can do if I open up. The Movement has shown me an unlimited amount of love, expression, and support which comes from within. It has shown me that working with people who are experiencing the love and living the consciousness of freedom is an ultimate experience. In my Light Study, John-Roger told me I was getting near the end of my time on the planet and that I would be getting flashes of the greatness that is. It is hard to express this spiritual feeling through the physical level, but I know that I live in more beauty, balance, joy, and peace than ever before. What do I gather from these flashes of greatness? Nothing. It is. When I let myself see what is, without putting the personality in front, there is a calm; everything is moving, but everything is still. My ministry is seeing into the hearts of men, seeing the God in everything. I feel myself cooperating with living and breathing.
Rev. Steve Brisken

I went through a nervous breakdown ten years ago in Italy. I was so completely alone. I had my own spiritual thing going on in my head, but there was little substance to it, and I had never spoken to anyone about it. I got so lost and terrorized that I could not tune into Spirit, and I wanted to die - it was living hell for three months. I guess the Light was with me then too, but I didn't know it.

In my early twenties I could actually relate better to trees and clouds than I could to people, because I was trying to live so many illusions to make others and myself think I had certain qualities that I didn't have. With the trees and clouds, there were no pretenses. Now I am able to trust people, and most of all myself.

I have often denied the existence of certain fears or doubts, preventing me from being able to deal with them. But now with the Light working these fears came forward and hit me smack in the face. I have to say, "Oh yes, this is still with me. Should I deal with it now, or should I wait for the law of reversibility to bring it back once again?" I'm getting braver, facing and taking care of things right now so I won't have to go through them again. I know that the Mystical Traveler is the keeper of my karma now and that what is brought forward for me to handle is for my highest good. This makes facing anything that comes into my life so much easier.
Vivian Joseph

At times I get discouraged, because it seems that my progress is so slow. One day I was really feeling sorry for myself. I decided that I should go out and weed, that maybe some activity would make me feel better. As I was weeding, tears of self-pity came to my eyes, and I had the strong impulse to fling myself down on the ground and "wail aloud." However, I thought the neighbors might think it rather strange, so instead I sat down at the typewriter to get my feelings on paper. I found myself typing a "woe is me story" about when I was a little girl. I took swimming lessons, and all my friends were in the deep end swimming and diving, while I was still in the shallow end learning how to float. Then it dawned on me that not only did I finally learn to swim, but I eventually received my Life Saving Certificate, worked in a swimming pool and taught swimming lessons! I thought, "Oh, J-R," and started to cry, releasing. Of all the examples, I picked out the one that would help me to realize that I can spread the Light and that one just keeps hanging in there.
Muriel Moore

I was trying to figure out how I could get myself more together. I came across a book by Dr. Maxwell Maltz called Psycho-Cybernetics. He had information about images people have of themselves and how they can change their images and accomplish whatever they want to. I wondered why people didn't do that. I approached my father and said, "Don't you know about this?"
With the wisdom of time he just looked at me and smiled, saying, "Yes, you can do it."
Gregory S. Smith

There is no doubt in my mind that spiritual power can move mountains. The key is being able to do it for the highest good. The activation of spiritual power is not getting something, but more a process of letting go. J-R told me to do free-form writing to break up subconscious blocks that were keeping me from realizing my true self. People search all over the world, but it is a matter of getting rid of the obstacles, whether karmic, psychological, physical, or spiritual. Mentally it is easy to recognize that as a part of creation, one is in and of the same cosmic force that propels the planets through time and space in perfect harmony. But knowing the way and going the way are two different things. When the blocks are shown to one by the Mystical Traveler so that one can work through them, and have them lifted, the movement accelerates.
Keith Moore

Since I started attending seminars and studying in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, I have experienced a growing consciousness of oneness with mankind and all God's things. Sometimes it was unconscious, sometimes subtle, and sometimes it rose to pounding joy - but it was always there.

Earlier in my life this feeling of oneness came forth occasionally at a family get-together, in a shared experience with a group, or just caring for a person. But most of all, I felt it come with the spirit of Christmas and would strive to hold on to it, but somehow it would seem to get away. Now with more awareness I know that feeling of oneness with all is the God within recognizing the God in others and all things. It comes with joy, love, freedom, and security. Joy comes in sharing our oneness, and in observing our sameness. Love is loving itself in reality. There is freedom from the mind that would separate all people from being spiritual sisters and brothers. Security comes in knowing all things are part of God's body and that God always knows best. Our oneness is Light reflecting Light and increasing in it's glow. Surely it has always been so, but the joy of knowing it is so comes with the experience. With this awareness, I would not want to ask for less than "the highest good of all concerned." And now I'm aware that the oneness felt with the spirit of Christmas is here every day in every moment I am open to it.

MSIA has taught me the importance of detachment and that detachment does not separate us from our oneness with all that is God's. The more I continue to be detached from everyone and all things the more directly I can see God and His oneness. I recognize this within as the brotherhood of mankind and the fatherhood of God.
Gail Topal

I had a gardening job a few years ago, where I only worked fifteen hours a week, which was very enjoyable for me. I had a nice cottage which I had fixed up and was living with a beautiful girl. I was completely happy and fulfilled on the physical level.

None of this is important to me anymore. It was nice, but there is something else, something greater. I decided within myself at that time to go out to California and live near John-Roger. I said, "This is it for me, there is nothing else. If I go through life doing anything else, it will be inconsequential."

I talked it over with him, and he said, "We'll see what happens. Within two weeks after he left Miami I flew out with my one box of belongings and a few clothes and started working with him. It was one of the biggest shocks of my life, because things kept breaking loose. Working with him was different than I imagined. I guessed that I was going to have thunder and lightning realizations. However I became aware that the changes are subtle. Looking back six months I realized that things I used to do I don't even think about anymore. I wasn't trying to get rid of them or change them consciously; all I was doing was holding a frequency. Many tests were brought to me physically by John-Roger, because he was there to do it. The areas that I was weak in would break away. I found the best attitude to take is, "I know this is coming through the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, so it must be here to lift me. So I will use it to lift." I strive to hold this consciousness, and the more proficient I become the easier the tests are.

When I first came to California I was afraid to talk in front of people and terrified to give contributions at seminars. John-Roger gave me situations where I would lead meditations in front of seminars or talk at a conference. I found that when a feeling of inadequacy or fright would come in, I could replace it with the Light. So if I was afraid to talk at the conference, I would place the Light there, and when I got to the conference, I would walk into the Light, and everything would be all right. And it really worked. Instead of holding negative images of a situation, I continually replace it with the Light until there is no more negative energy. As I do this, I gain more confidence and feelings of success. I became more pure and found new areas of expression. I had always wanted to write music. I started using music and the voice in my own spiritual exercises, holding frequencies and tones, making them as pure as I could. I'd listen to it and then listen higher, using these to break through illusions. I'd hold a picture and keep purifying it.
Rev. Michael Sun

For several years, I've been working closely with John-Roger on his staff. I've noticed that we are always focusing on the little happy, positive, enjoyable, harmonious aspects of life. We joke and laugh with people and see the beauty around us. Before working with John-Roger I had overlooked much of the humorous and positive. Being on a negative planet, we tend to focus on negative things; but part of the spiritual growth is to learn to see in a happy and joyful Light. By changing our attitude we can free ourselves from the negative worlds.
Rev. Wesley A. Whitmore

I have finally realized the fantastic fact that everyone is a soul and one consciousness. I used to pay such foolish attention to - and still do to an extent - the personality and basic self. When I jump up in my consciousness and am aware that I am dealing with a soul - and that I too am one - joy comes over me that is full of love.

I feel that my relationship with my husband, Michael, has especially changed since I have been in the Light. Before, I had been consciously or subconsciously attempting to change him, to make him the man that I wanted him to be or thought he should be. I was trying to pattern and control things. But since I've been in the Movement, this whole concept has been shattered, and the liberation has come forward. We are two souls who have decided to live with one another in this lifetime on earth to work through things and share in what we are doing. There is simply no hang-up about being a couple anymore. It took such a burden off to say, "Okay, I'm living my life; he is living his, and we're attempting to do it together. If we can't, that's fine."
Vivian Joseph

I strive to see the divine in people regardless of how they look or what they are doing, for they are learning from their experiences. My boss owns an apartment house, and we had a man working there who I didn't think was working too well. Somebody had thrown eggs up on the deck of an apartment, and I had asked him to clean it off. I went back a couple of weeks later, and the eggs were still there. I needled him with words, and we decided to get rid of him. He pointed out that he did his job well, and I pointed out it took two weeks to clean the eggs off the deck. The next morning I put eggs on to boil to take for lunch, and I left them cooking all day. When I came home, I had eggs all over the kitchen - I knew it was instant karma. I told the man about it, and he thanked me, because he knew it was hard for me to tell him. I knew it was my breakfast cereal.
Genie Lucille Ford

One of the greatest things I feel that has been taught to me is how to forgive myself. I say, "Seleta, you made a mistake, but I forgive you for doing it." Then a peace and calm comes within myself
with no regrets or recriminations. There are no depressions I can't handle, for I am walking the best I know how in the Light, and when one walks in the Light, one walks a true pathway.
Seleta M. Johnson

I've been able to deal with depression when it comes on me by seeing it and saying, "Okay, here comes experience number 12." I've been able to work through it while I was still hurting. I watched it in other people, which gave me the learning experience. When one sees someone else going through something and knows what they are going through, he can see it for what it is. I look at it, and it doesn't upset me, because I'm not in it. Then when it comes on me, I go back and say, "When I was looking at it as someone else's, it really didn't do a thing. Now I should be able to look at it from where I'm suffering depression and be able to work to be neutral." When I see things as they are, stand back from them and watch them work, it is really beautiful; but it's difficult.
Tom Moses

One time I went into a bookstore to browse, and after someone walked into the store, I felt like crying. I didn't know why and asked John-Roger about this. He explained that I acted like a psychic sponge, absorbing other people's emotions. He gave me a technique to allow them to release without my acting like a garbage can for their emotions. When I am around someone who is upset, I put a Light screen between me and that person's emotions. If the feeling still doesn't go away, I ask that a Light screen be placed between me and my emotions. That way I can tell whether it's coming from them or me.
(name removed by the person's request)

I was driving a Good Humor ice cream truck, yelling at kids for getting on my truck, becoming angry and frustrated. I learned how to work with the anger. The kids would still be on the truck, and I was still going to yell at them, but without becoming frustrated and out of balance. I was becoming aware that I was going to be held responsible for my creations - that any emotional negativity was going to come back on me.

Sometimes it would take a couple of months to understand the teachings within my own level of consciousness. The Mystical Traveler Consciousness would bring the experience to me specifically for that teaching. For instance, somebody pulled into a parking place that I had just gone around the block to get after driving and looking for a half an hour. At first my expression was anger: "Why that dirty crumb! He got my place." Immediately after creating the emotions in my body, the teaching came in. I thought, "Oh yeah, last night at the seminar I was told about this type of situation. Because I understand that now, I don't have to do it anymore." But I had already done it. That was okay, because John-Roger didn't mind; he would bring me the experience again, a hundred times if necessary. He was only interested in my being able to clear these patterns. After a while the frustration would start, and then the teaching would come in before I went all the way through the action. Later the teaching would come before the frustration started. Once I had learned the lesson, people didn't take my parking place anymore.
Sherwood Platte

I have learned to be more detached from the emotions, because of situations that have been brought to me by this Consciousness to test and strengthen my weak areas. If someone has said something that bothers me, and it's running around in my mind over and over and involving my emotions, I use the Light to help move my awareness into a universal level. I might picture myself out in space floating around among the universes, seeing the stars, and feeling the vastness of eternity. From that perspective the problem is no longer important.
Rev. Wesley A. Whitmore

I was thinking at first that soul travel was going to be a magical process rather than persevering. But all along it is gradual. I've heard John-Roger say that the idea is to take people into soul consciousness so gradually that they'll end up there and not even realize they were ever not there. It is such a smooth progression.
Gregory S. Smith

I have been taught techniques and keys for knowing myself and for handling my emotions. Before coming into the Movement I worried about finances. I have come to know techniques that work to bring those things to me that are needed to maintain the physical level. Many times I have stood in awe to see God use people around me to bring about these miracles. I accept that my needs will be met, focus into the now, and don't worry about tomorrow. I turn things over to God, and focus on God.
Genie Lucille Ford

My second Light Study consisted of clarifying my involvement with homosexuality. I felt comfortable with it, but still wanted some clarification. John-Roger explained to me that one thing I would be doing was helping people accept their homosexuality, and I had fantasies of meeting gorgeous women and being involved with them. When that didn't happen I realized there must be a different interpretation to his remark. I started going to rap sessions at the Gay Community Services Center. Then a friend asked me if I would be interested in being a facilitator for the weekly rap groups. I didn't like the idea of doing something where I had to keep my mouth shut, and in those groups I would have to monitor myself. Then she told me that the Center needed women to go to college campuses and other groups to talk about being gay. It felt right. That must have been what John-Roger meant! I could see many men and women who were not stereotype gay-looking people who had experienced trouble identifying their gay peers and expressing themselves to one another. I had been at that point not too long before where I didn't know how to meet lovely gay people. I knew I was beautiful and had more to offer than going to a bar on weekends. Besides, this gave me the opportunity to overcome my fear of speaking in public.
(name removed by the person's request)

I had the love for a man who brought me into MSIA, and if that is what it took to find the Light, then that is all right. There are many ways of doing things, and there is no difference in how one gets to the Light as long as one gets there. Sometimes I think that I am worshipping false idols, that is, loving man before God, but in a sense they are one in the same. We are gods, each of us, but one must first love God to love man, because love comes from God. As time goes by the love for a man can change - sometimes flowing with ease and sometimes only a flicker. But love of God somehow does not change. It expands into a greater awareness of that love, as one is receptive. God's love is a permanent state, continually flowing like the Ocean of Divine Love and Mercy.
Rev. Elizabeth Childress

Spiritual understanding gives me many viewpoints about everyday situations. If someone says something terrible to me with the worst possible attitude, instead of reacting negatively, I can look at various perspectives. Maybe I have done something negative toward that person in another existence, and the law of karma is being fulfilled in this situation; if I can just hold the Light while they release that negativity toward me, that karma can be fulfilled. Or maybe they have to fulfill karma because of some action of theirs, and I am holding the Light for them. Or maybe it's a test to see whether I can love that person regardless of the attitude toward me, like Jesus said, "Love those who do spite to you." Can I fulfill that attitude? "Love your enemies." Can I fulfill that? Or maybe there is no karma and no spiritual test involved at all, but this person has to release some negativity because they have been holding it in, and things have been going wrong for them for so long. They don't know why, and they don't have any spiritual understanding of it. They just have to release some negativity, and they want to do it in a way where they won't involve themselves in karma. So God sees to it that I am there in that situation where they can release their negativity while I hold the Light for them. Having these wider visions, I am able to fulfill the first spiritual law of acceptance and go beyond to acceptance without resistance, and then to acceptance with
Rev. Wesley A. Whitmore


Dr. John-Roger Hinkins founder and spiritual director of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness was initiated into the Mystical Traveler Consciousness in December of 1963 and also holds the Preceptor Consciousness. In this Consciousness he works spiritually with anyone who asks for assistance, but will not inflict on anyone's consciousness. John-Roger is an open receptacle for the flow of Spirit, as everything that goes into his consciousness is channeled into Spirit, and everything that comes from him is channeled from Spirit. Many have experienced his presence and spiritual commitment, "I am always with you. "

When I met John-Roger two years before the MSIA seminars first began, I thought he was the funniest person I had ever met. He had a quick wit and an amazing volume of jokes. Yet he was also more aware than anyone I had ever met. We quickly became friends, and I drove from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles many times to visit with him. Each time he would tell me progressively more interesting things about himself or myself or show me how to see auras or understand the spiritual plans behind physical events. It was like a dream world. No one was ever put down, and everyone was treated with love and humor. Once I received an instantaneous healing of a badly bruised wrist. Also he advised me that getting emotionally involved in the news was draining my energy and making me tired. So I was able to correct this. At another time J-R played for me an esoteric astrology reading done two years before the seminars started. It said that by 1972 he would be known around the world.

A year and a half after we met I was experiencing overwhelming depression, fear, and physical pain for the first time in my life. I was on the edge many times, and when I felt I couldn't handle things anymore, a talk with J-R would instantly put the situation into perspective. Without my telling him he knew what was happening, why it was happening, how the situation had been set in motion, and exactly how to handle it.

In May of 1968 I was privileged to work with J-R in setting up the very first MSIA seminars. At seminars I was continually amazed by J-R's ability to work with so many different levels of consciousness and answer the unspoken questions of everyone in the room. Sometimes he gave us weekly assignments to work on. He'd say, "This week your challenge is to see if you can remain neutral about an issue, even when people pressure you, and know that the Light will take care of it. "Then, for the next week countless opportunities of this nature were presented to us. Through these and many other experiences, we very quickly came to know that this man who called himself the Mystical Traveler had not only a wealth of useful and fascinating information, but also a tremendous power to make things happen. I think what drew most of us to him was his ability to work with us even when we were separated by great distances.

The experience that really drove that point home for me was during a trip I took to the East coast. Every time I called on him for clarification, he would appear in my mind and say a funny thing that would assure me it was him and not my imagination. Then he would give me the answer, which worked every time. Twice when working with a clairvoyant in Kansas City. I called on J-R for protection and each time the clairvoyant said. "That's funny; John-Roger just came and looked around." J-R says he is always with us, and I found he is there at once when I call on him, even if I am thousands of miles away. He can work with thousands of people all at once through this Mystical Traveler Consciousness.

The next summer while J-R was traveling, I led some seminars, where many young people in MSIA had an opportunity to share the lessons and experiences they were going through. Later that summer I found myself going into deep depression over very minor things. Finally I went to pieces. I even thought J-R had forsaken me and thought seriously about suicide or becoming a recluse. None of my friends could even approach me - I felt I was really on the verge. As a last act of desperation, I picked up the phone and called J-R. He answered with the words: "Jack, I've been sitting here waiting for your call before I go to dinner."

I cried and asked, "What's been happening?" He explained that because I had led the summer seminars when many people were releasing emotional burdens, they had gone to me, and I could not handle them. That was what I was going through. I learned not to take on other people's karma, and J-R lifted from me the rest of the emotional residue. He can lift karma from us, help us work it off on other realms while asleep, arrange it in doses we can easily handle, or speed it up so we can progress more rapidly.

After that, I came rather quickly into a greater balance than I had ever known. I experienced what J-R means by detachment: being involved in a situation without being controlled by it. Also I finally learned what is meant by, "What is right for one person is not necessarily right for another. So there is no reason to attempt to control others."

MSIA is now around the world, and soon many more people will become aware of the Mystical Traveler and of what that Consciousness does. We may wait for many lifetimes here on earth for the opportunity to work with the Mystical Traveler. There has always been one on the planet to help us complete our lessons here and then usher us into the experience of oneness with pure Spirit. I am thankful that I could know and work with the Mystical Traveler this time.
Jack Reed

In 1967 I met John-Roger in the physical, whom I had previously known through continuing incarnations as a spiritual counselor, seer, sage, and prophet, helping me to unfold to attributes of purer Spirit. It was predicted two years before that I would meet a young man who would have a pervading influence in my life and with whom I would work closely. I was given a sign to confirm recognition, which was to be a "golden disc with praying hands on a golden chain." I had never disclosed this to anyone. Through Jack Reed's urging, we arranged a lecture for John-Roger in Santa Barbara. My first impression was that he was talented and clever. I was jolted out of my complacency when I heard him say, "I ask only that you keep an open mind. If it works for you, use it. If you have better methods that work for you, share them with me. If you ever hear me say 'This is the only way,' please ask me to sit down." My attention was riveted; this young man definitely had something to say that I wanted to hear, and that evening was a turning point in my life.

That evening when I volunteered for what we called a spot analysis, John-Roger predicted a change of consciousness for me around the first of the next year. When I could not interpret the comment, he changed the vocabulary. "Would you understand better if I said you will take another initiation?" He added that this might entail considerable travel. I understood the words but could not cognize their significance, because I was not planning any extensive travel. J-R, Jack and Anna Reed, my son Kenneth Marshall, and I wound up in our kitchen for a midnight supper, and the "sign was revealed."

With Indra Devi, my beloved "Mataji," which means holy or revered mother in Hindu philosophies, I have studied yoga and learned techniques of meditation. She took me to India in early 1968 to the lotus feet of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Shiva Avatar. Sai Baba is considered by many devotees to be the reincarnation of Krishna, and he certainly manifests many characteristics of that early Avatar. There is evidence that he is the re-embodiment of Shirdi Baba. He admits it, and I have talked to devotees who attended the former Baba of Shirdi, now revered as a saint throughout India, and determined through personal verification that they are satisfied that this is the same soul returned who left the Shirdi body in 1918. Eight years later, born Sathya Narayana in the Raju family at Putta Parthi, his birth was attended with great evidence that this was no ordinary child. I recount to Christian friends that I have witnessed the same miracles from Baba that are accredited to Jesus. He has the power to create life as well as to restore it, and I knew one man he brought back to life. His divinity can manifest any miracle on the planet. But the miracles are not the important evidence of divinity; they are not what Baba has come to teach. They are only the "calling cards" he says to draw one close during discourse or spiritual counsel, to let one witness the powers so that by one's own experience he carries the memory of what has transpired in the presence of God consciousness. Never are these gifts used for his personal benefit. I have eaten food (prasad) which he has manifested in my presence for the delight of the company around him, and he consumes no part of it himself. His teachings are universal. He says, "Do not change your name of God because you have come to me. I am all forms; I answer to any name. I will help you on whatever path you choose if you are sincerely seeking God." I felt, indeed, that I had actually stood next to God and understood what is meant by God love; it is so overwhelming that I have seen many reduced to tears by the unaccountable magnificence of sitting in his presence.

In a private interview with Baba on the day we were leaving, I said to him, "I need a teacher for the young students who are coming to my home." He watched me quietly for a minute and said, "Your teacher is at hand. You will know." He pointed a finger at my chest, and since he had spent concentrated effort during our days with him to teach us to identify and claim the Inner Master, I was disappointed, thinking his reference was to the inner teacher. I felt the need was urgent, but I sensed no great mastership coming from myself. Dear to my heart are his words to Indra Devi as we were leaving the Ashram. "I am glad that you have brought this child to me." He also asked me when I would return.

A prophecy class had been set for the week after my return to California. I was a few minutes late and entered directly behind the speaker. She graciously announced they had waited so I could say a few words about my remarkable experience in India. Jack and Anna and a few UCSB students were there, but I knew very few people in that room; so I was surprised and delighted to catch in the middle of that group a dauntless wink from none other than John-Roger. I was so full to overflowing with the beneficence of Baba's great love and all that I had witnessed that I hit them smack between the eyes with the pronouncement that I had, just a few days before, stood in the presence of the Christ of our time. I watched the shutters close on those good faces like dominoes going down in regimented rows and realized too late that I had committed an unmitigated no-no. However, just before I tried to merge with oblivion and sit down, again from the one face in the room I could relate to came another intrepid wink. After the meeting, John-Roger slid into the seat next to me and said, "I want to know more about this great soul you met in India." As the students gathered around us, we shared some of this experience, and after checking out a few points from his own levels of observation, J-R said to me, "Muriel, are you aware that this man has the Christ Consciousness?"

"Yes, that is what I said."

"No love," he chided me, "But that is what you should have said." I sat there a moment contemplating that comment, and I heard Baba's voice, "Your teacher is at hand. You will know." Suddenly flooding through me was a great certainty. As I began to discuss the idea of a seminar, I could see Jack Reed and those sitting on the floor around us, nodding assent in recognition too - "This is the One!" For many years I had asked for a teacher; this one certainly demonstrated a system that worked, and I have been striving toward greater awareness ever since. Thus began a growing love for this young Master that unfolds with continuing en-Lightenment in the journey of my soul, as I progress across the Golden Bridge.

A part of the blessing of Spirit in my ordination is, "Your ministry is one of co-ordination or catalyzing, of the peacemaker." I find no dichotomy in my love for and willingness to follow the path of the Mystical Traveler and the love and recognition I have for the great Lord Sai Baba. I find an increasing similarity in their teachings and techniques or discipline. Baba's pronouncement to me in the spring of 1972 was that this Movement will move through the world and that J-R is a "great Light." It was a privilege in October of 1972 to be instrumental in bringing John-Roger and Baba together, and it was evident that they knew each other. Never have I witnessed Baba express such love as he demonstrated to J-R, Phillip, Wes, and Michael. I have heard J-R and Baba each say of the other, "We are One." If in some small way I have been a channel in helping bridge the cultural differences to bring into conscious awareness that there should be no spiritual differences to separate mankind, then I have not lived in vain.

The real Movement of my own Spiritual Inner Awareness came when I said to God, "I've said yes to Life; I'll do it - truly, I will - but if you don't give me the Joy, you'll just have to listen to me complaining the rest of my life." I was given the Joy and with it the dawning that nothing is without purpose. With that gift and the magnificence of this most powerful flow of the Love force, nothing can be defeated. This above all is what I strive for.
Muriel J. Engle

During a group meditation, I felt like I was high up in the air, and looking down I could see the other people. They were all facing in one direction, when suddenly they all looked up, opened their mouths, and flashes of purple came shooting out. Everything was purple again; this was going on all night. When the meditation was over, I'd look at somebody, and their shirt would turn purple, or the background would start dancing with purple Light. I thought, "God, I'm really going crazy."

The next day walking around I still saw flashes of purple Light. That night at the seminar I saw John-Roger and felt a oneness with him. I didn't know anything about him working with the purple Light or the Movement. After the seminar I felt overjoyed. He came up to me, and we started talking; I could feel strongly that he was tuning into me. He took me into a back room, and I didn't know what to think. He said to me, "Edgar, would you like to work with me?"

It seemed really heavy then. I had just finished reading a book about a man who had gone to Egypt and was approached by an Egyptian master, and he said yes. Then the master took him through little rooms in the pyramids, and he went through some heavy experiences. These things were running through my mind after John-Roger asked me if I would work with him. I thought, "Does this mean I'll have to give up everything and follow him wherever he goes and go live in an ashram?" Finally I just said, "Yes." I thought, "Wow! There goes all the things I own, my family; goodbye, everybody!"

He said, "Okay, just work with me on the other side." Then he said, "I have to see some other people now."

I thought, "You mean that's it, after I just gave up all these things, my family, and everything I own." I was more dazed than I was before.

When it came time to go, he said, "The train leaves at midnight. You'll know the train, because it has a purple Light on the caboose." I was flabbergasted.
Edgar Veytia

As the love increased, the awareness that the Mystical Traveler is always with me increased. On the way to Portland, Oregon, I put up three or four MSIA posters. When I came back through Berkeley, John-Roger was giving a seminar. I said, "Hi John-Roger!" and I gave him a great, big hug.

He said, "You could have put up more posters."

On another occasion, I had been talking with a woman about the Light. I touched her on the forehead and told her to concentrate her energies there. She felt the Light, and she saw it. Again at a seminar I went up to John-Roger, and he asked, "How are you doing?"

I said, "That's what I wanted to ask you."

He said, "You must be doing pretty well if you can touch somebody on the forehead and let them see the Light. You didn't think I was there, did you?"
Henry Conyers

I met a psychic woman in Rumania who was very poor. The cards she used to do her readings were so worn out that she had to write the numbers on them. I called in John-Roger to be with me to make sure that I was protected. We lit a candle, and she started telling me that my grandfather had had an operation, which I later found out through a letter in Germany. She did various card routines and then described John-Roger perfectly. As she did the card tricks, continually this card kept coming up. "Here he is again. This person is thinking about you. Here he is again. Here he is again. It's just like he's here in this room."

Then I told my girlfriend, who is also in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness in Rumania, that I had called in John-Roger. So she told the woman, and the woman said in great-excitement, "He's here; he's here!"
Randy Garver

When a crisis is coming upon me, Spirit shows up. Seminars started in Santa Barbara at Muriel Engle's, and I went up to the second or third one. When John-Roger walked into the room, and Muriel introduced him to me, he looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I know you." After he lectured for a while, there was a break, and I was talking to some of the young people who were gathered around me on the floor. He came to me and said, "Who are you, that you know so much?"

I spent the night with Muriel, as did John-Roger and Phillip. We talked and talked, and he said to me, "Now I know who you are and where I know you from. You were one of the high priestesses at the Delphi oracle." I could feel all the hairs on my body stand up. When I first read about the Delphi oracles, I was drawn to find all that I could about them, because it was familiar to me. When he told me that, I knew that it was true, although I had no conscious memory of it.

The next morning when we got up, J-R asked me, "Do you remember where you were last night?" I said no. He said, "I found that you and I attend the same of halls of learning." He told me that I had much more spiritual power and consciousness than I was aware of. Then he said, "They told me that this meeting was no accident, that you are to have a reading this morning."

He gave me a reading and told me that my karma was going to be speeded up. In fact in the next few weeks it was going to "pow" me. I was concerned in two areas at that time: my daughter was expecting her child, and my son was scheduled to go in for heart surgery. Yet when he talked to me about my karma being hastened, I did not consciously tune in on the children. I didn't ask anything about them, but I thought about it after the reading. John-Roger asked Muriel what I would say if he told me that my son had only contracted for 32 years. Muriel said I'd have to accept it and asked him if I knew. He said, "Not consciously. She didn't bring in two areas where she was most concerned, but her higher self is well aware of what's going on and what's going to happen. She can't be aware of it at this time and handle it. But when it comes, she'll walk through it, and she'll handle it."

Even though I didn't talk to John-Roger for a long time, he was aware of what I was going through. I talked to him a few hours before my son passed on and told him that I didn't like the way his heart was acting. He didn't respond and then said, "Hold the Light for him."

When I hung up I thought, "If Carl was going to be all right, he would have said, he's going to be all right. But he didn't say anything." So I just let it go, and at 2:30 in the morning the hospital called and told us that our son had gone on. John-Roger helped me to understand about losing Carl.

The day after we put him to rest, my son appeared to me. He was very happy and had a big smile on his face, saying, "Hi Mommy, I'm home." He let me know that he got to where he was destined to go.

John-Roger told me as much as he could about my son. He said, "He is more spiritually aware than you ever thought, and he touched many people's lives in 32 years." I can believe this, because he had been in Special Service in the Army. He won a contest for pantomime and was comparable to Danny Kaye in the bubbly, happy character that he had; he was very funny and a fantastic showman. John-Roger told me that he was entertaining the angels and that he was on the Light team and doing the work of the Light on the other side.

I was grateful, because I had raised my children spiritually, which helped them through many things. My son taught me a great lesson. He was aware that he wasn't going to make it, because of the heart condition that he had. Yet he kept it to himself. It takes a very highly evolved soul to be able to walk through that path. It was hard for him at 32 to let go of a beautiful wife and two beautiful children. I only hope that I have the strength that this beautiful man had.

I re-dedicated myself more than ever after we lost Carl. I said to God, "If I must live, if You don't want to release me from this world where everything is constantly decaying and dying, then let me serve. Please don't let me wallow in my heartache and sorrow. Let me be the Light; let me work in it. Let me dedicate myself so that my life will be full and have meaning."

As time went on, J-R would come over to me and say, "You're doing fine; you're getting along." He helped me, like he was holding my hand and taking me down the road.

I have been tested in many ways in trying to find a teacher. People just don't know who this man John-Roger is, and what he has to offer. I'm constantly amazed at how he gives so much love, and then people turn around, take what he has to give, and kick him. I asked him, "Don't you know that that's going to happen?"

He answered, "I never allow myself to go into those areas, because if I did, I'd never be able to work with these people on a spiritual level."

I said, "I've seen hurt on your face."

He said, "It wasn't my hurt; it was your hurt reflected in my face." I thought about this and realized that it's true, that he sees us in our perfection, and he works with that perfection.
Rev. Luba Green

When I first came to Los Angeles, we went down to J-R's. I was real excited to see him. When he walked in through the door, I didn't know if he was J-R or not, but I jumped up and gave him a big hug. That day he gave me a little reading, and I said, "I'd really like to be like you." We went out, and he bought me some toys; there was a lot of love then. When J-R and my mother were alone, he said that I jumped up and gave him a hug, because he already knew me, and we have always worked together.
Gary Alan Ginthner

The conference began. John-Roger was sitting between Edgar Veytia and me as we listened to the speakers at the annual MSIA Miami conference in March 1971. Gradually for fifteen or twenty minutes the Light that tunes up J-R and fills him with energy before he speaks was shed on Edgar and myself. It is difficult to describe, but it was like 3,000 volts running through the center of my heart, giving warm ecstatic feelings of joy.
Gregory K. Stebbins

John-Roger talked to me about his travels in India and other places. When we went to San Diego, I thought, "This is going to be really neat. We get to see San Diego. Gee, the Mystical Traveler gets to travel around and sight-see; he's really got an easy life." But being around him up close I see how his work never seems to stop. If he's not doing Light Studies or seminars, then often he's out of the body doing some fantastic things, like fighting off earthquakes, etc. It seems like a task for Superman, and he's right there doing it.

Around Christmas when we traveled through Palm Springs and Arizona, he was hard at work transmuting many things. He would describe the different frequencies of what had happened in certain places and put Light forms in towns as we slowly drove through.

When we got to Death Valley, we weren't sure if we were going to go through or not, but the Light went down the road; so we just followed the Light. Death Valley seemed eerie, a vast and desolate place. As we were going through, J-R was transmuting things from people who had died there on the desert - not just cowboys and settlers who tried to cross Death Valley to get to California in the 1800s, but tribes of Indians from hundreds of years ago and through the ages people and different life forms who had stumbled onto the desert and died. He was out of the body for quite a while that day. We drove straight home, and afterward he came back into the body.

He transmutes many things physically. He has so much love for people, not just for the people close around him which is a tremendous love - but for anyone who is asking for help. People who pray, whether they pray to Jesus or whatever, who ask, "Help me," open themselves up to the helping Holy Spirit, and J-R is right there channeling the Holy Spirit through.

It's hard to put into words my appreciation for the training and the time that he's devoted to me. Sometimes I say to him, "Why are you doing all this for me? How will I ever be able to repay you?"

He says, "There's no way you'll be able to repay me," which is so true. He gives so much of himself. I think, "God, I'm so blessed with his presence. His cup keeps running over; he's got so much to give."
Edgar Veytia

Mystical Traveler Consciousness and Inner Master

The Mystical Traveler Consciousness has total awareness on all realms of consciousness. The two primary functions of the Mystical Traveler are to balance all levels of creation and to help souls realize their divine nature and establish their consciousness on the soul realm. Thus working with the Mystical Traveler Consciousness an individual can more rapidly balance all their karma, complete the cycle of reincarnation, and become spiritually free. The Mystical Traveler Consciousness works on the inner levels with anyone who asks. Having the ability to act as an Inner Master, he can give guidance and direction to an individual's life. This Consciousness is a way-shower bringing greater awareness and clarity to a person's path, always allowing everyone complete freedom of choice to do it themselves.

Since I have moved to Portland, Oregon, I have felt J-R's presence so many times, directing me and telling me the way to go, when I ask him. Sometimes I can get deep in thought. I remember one instance clearly, and plainly. I was standing at the sink washing dishes thinking about J-R and Phillip and Wes and Michael and the others, saying, "Oh God, bless them and help them. "All of a sudden I felt J-R's presence near me, and I turned around and embraced the air, so to speak, because his presence was that strong. I laughed and cried and said, "J-R I love you. It is so nice to have you near me."

Knowing, as I have for some time, that he is my Inner Master, I ask for his presence and ask him questions and receive the answers in his tone and in his inimitable way. Some people may say it is uncanny, but to me it is not. I have a knowing that I am one with J-R, and one with all things, and in this I don't overstep my privileges and interfere with someone else's progression. I only tune in to others as a source of information that I need in order to help them, and I tap into J-R's consciousness to receive answers. We are all one in this understanding and have access to this knowledge.
Seleta M. Johnson

Springtime of 1968 found me in the midst of a problem which bound me in painful emotional turmoil. Friends seeking to help invited me to leave my Boston apartment and join them on an excursion to Rockport, a small town not far away. There the sea, my beloved friend always, crashing up to the jagged coast, called me to stay by her. I watched my friends disappear into the distance over a grassy hill on their Sunday adventure. Turning my face to the sea once more, I felt relieved to be alone with her. Standing on a rocky precipice, I began my mantram, which flowed to the same rhythm as the crashing waves, the wheeling gulls, the spraying foam. We moved together in the heartbeat of someone somewhere, and soon the great ocean took me into her bosom. My mind was quieted - stood quite still. Peace.

Hours passed as a moment or as forever. When I turned to leave, the sun was sinking into his red nest for the night. The world was rose-colored. Each blade of grass, indeed, each living thing and each non-living thing actually reached out to me, and we smiled.

Finding my friends again, we piled into the car and drove back to Boston. That night I went to bed in the place of my problems with a mind at peace and slept well. In the middle of the night though, I awoke suddenly, sat up, and a voice spoke, saying, "Don't be afraid. I am watching over you."

Nearly four years later on December 31, 1971, 3,000 miles away in San Francisco I sat with John-Roger at the end of a Light Study and asked him who had spoken to me so clearly that night. His smiling reply - "That was the Mystical Traveler."
Muriel Merchant

J-R was so loving to me after the day of my new initiation. I called him, and after talking with him I said that I didn't want to hang up the phone. He said it was only his arm that was putting down the receiver and that he is always with me.
Muriel Moore

One of my friends was visiting, and we were sitting up one night talking about the psychic and the spiritual. We had worked with the Ouija Board. It was 2 o'clock in the morning, and we were smoking our last cigarettes before going to bed. As I was looking at Janet, I noticed her face was beginning to turn black and look funny. I thought to myself that I must really be tired and kept blinking and watching. Janet was not aware of what I was experiencing at all. Distorted faces started appearing on her, and because I was not seeing that clearly, I became frightened. So, being the Unity student that I was, I used an affirmation for assistance. The one that came into my head was, "Jesus Christ is the head of my life." I kept repeating that over and over. With that statement came a new face on Janet. At that time I interpreted it as the face of Jesus - with long blondish brown hair, olive skin, and the most beautiful clear blue eyes that I have ever seen. Also with it came the white Light, which was not actually white, but glowing. It was around Janet and me, and that beautiful face on Janet, that Light, and I were all One. This lasted 15 seconds, and the Light stayed in the room for about 10 minutes. Janet and I put our cigarettes out in a hurry and went right to bed. I really felt that I had seen the face of Jesus, because of the affirmation that I had been using.

Many months later I went over to John-Roger's house for an Aura Balance. Afterward I went into the office to see Candy and Pauli. On the wall was a picture of someone with blondish hair, olive skin and beautiful clear blue eyes. I immediately recognized it as the face I had seen on Janet that night. I was excited and demanded to know who it was. Pauli told me I would have to check with John-Roger for verification, but she thought it was a painting of J-R's high self. I hesitated for a long time to get it verified, because on one level I was afraid that it might not be accurate. In a Light Study, I finally asked John-Roger if that had been the face I had seen on Janet two years before. I was told that I had not seen that clearly, but yes, it had been John-Roger. My joy was over-flowing.
Carolyn McIlrath

I was living in Canada and went to see some friends in the country. I was walking down a little path in the forest behind a friend of mine, and she was talking to me about life and love as the light was shining through the trees. Her green dress trailed on the ground, and a thick red braid hung down her back. She was like a young and beautiful "Fairy Godmother." I went into enlightenment where I suddenly realized that the karmic debt had been paid. It was time to move on, so I was free to go home. A silent voice asked me, "How long are you going to shut me out?" I've thought this was the voice of my teacher, my high self, or my inner self. That afternoon on the ferry boat coming back to Vancouver from the country, a most beautiful, bright rainbow reached all the way across the sky. I couldn't stop crying. I had been through my deepest agony and loneliness, and many beautiful souls had guided and comforted me.
Rev. Lenora Rayna Albro

When I was 21 years old, I was undergoing a nervous breakdown, and spent five weeks in a rest home high in the hills overlooking Los Angeles. The last week I was there, I went outdoors and saw the city changing colors from orange to red to purple as the sun set. When it changed to purple, suddenly I had a feeling of peace come upon me. I looked up in the heavens and saw a large star winking at me. I thought that I would soon be moving on to an exciting adventure. I felt hopeful and joyous and later discovered that John-Roger first revealed himself to me then.
Kathy Jeffares

One summer I flunked several tests, and as old habit patterns were being ripped away from me, I was staring at myself. Finally I called John-Roger's house, and Rama Fox answered. In tears I told her I was desperate, that I didn't know what I was doing, and asked if she could help me. She said she was busy right then and would call me back. She told me to sit down, quiet myself and wait for the Inner Master. I said okay, but inside I was saying, "I don't want the Inner Master right now; I want someone to talk to." I sat down and took several deep breaths. The purple Light appeared. Nothing changed on the outside, but that purple Light engulfed me with love and peace and beauty. My depression began to lift, and I got up and went out to weed my rose garden. I realized that I was weeding many gardens.

When I came back into the house, the phone rang, and it was Rama. I was clear enough then to talk. After listening to my negativity for an hour, she said, "You have to decide what is most important for you. If you decide that it is God realization and reaching the soul realm, then all else will fall into place."

I hadn't really thought that was so important, and I realized that is what J-R talks about. Since then there has been marked change, and I have been experiencing the Inner Master.
Carolyn McIlrath

I never had to transverse the abyss from blind faith to belief. Life has been locating that which is infinite enough to give my knowledge total substance. Through experiences I worked through the finite and found the infiniteness of God. There were periods of deep despair and confusion, where I queried the meanings of actions and interactions of my own and others about me. It was frustrating to be in earnest search and to have the answer beyond my grasp. Although I had seen three rainbows of exquisite color and vibrancy simultaneously stretching themselves across the vast expanses of mid-Pacific, I had not yet caught the perfect wave. I had seen the geometrics of snowflakes falling on the Continental Divide but had not followed them individually from snowfall to waterfall. I had smelled the scent of life but had not yet fertilized the valley of the flowers with my earth. I felt limited, trapped. I was looking for the Light of the Holy Spirit.

I met a man who is a perfect mirror. He is always one step ahead, encouraging and helping, and letting me do it myself. His is a perfect love. He gives me the keys as fast as I can turn the locks. I began operating out of a state of Godness and Goodness, playing and praying everyday that I choose back, so that I might be chosen. It's a positive, joyous, wonderful free-living state - an "I do" state. I am learning within MSIA that the reward for doing is the ability to do more.

I see perfect love manifested here by Dr. John-Roger Hinkins. I see someone who is doing, and I know that I can do also. The Mystical Traveler Consciousness is with me at all times, an Inner Master to guide, to support, and to use. I'm beginning to understand Christmas, brotherhood, change, transcendence and love. Someone woke me up early one Sunday morning with a phone call and asked, "What have you been doing?"

My only answer was, "Taking every opportunity to lift up."
Mark T. Holmes

While attending the University of California at Santa Barbara as a pre-med. student, I met some people whose attitude reflected a quality of spiritual Light. I decided to go with them to a seminar in Los Angeles. I was excited to see the man John-Roger, although I didn't know then why. When he came in, I had an unusual feeling that he knew I was watching him, but he didn't look my way. I was so glad to be among people who had the Light. During the seminar John-Roger asked to see me afterward, and I felt privileged that this great teacher should ask to see me. He told me some personal things that helped me understand my awareness better. A blessing, indeed. At these seminars, it seemed like John-Roger was talking directly to me about things that were happening in my life. I wondered whether it was fair to the other people who were there, because he was taking all this time for me. But after talking to other people, I found out that they thought he was talking directly to them about things that were happening in their lives. The Holy Spirit through the Mystical Consciousness is able to talk to people on an individual level about their situations by matching the inward experience with what is said outwardly. So ordinary conversation becomes meaningful teachings.

Spiritual progress is subtle. It wasn't until a year later when I saw the reference point of an old situation that I realized how much I had grown. I was learning to endure and rise above all situations and to do it with love regardless of the environment. I was finding that true freedom comes from the True Self within. Spiritual progress for me is also attuning to an inner guidance. Working in this Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness I know that the Mystical Traveler Consciousness has the ability to be an inner guide for me. This inner guidance can be there, but it doesn't do much good unless I can attune myself to it. I have been learning to discriminate between the mind and this inner guidance, because the mind will try to hold me within certain mentalized restrictions. Understanding of this only comes through experience. It seems to me from observation of myself and others that we resist the teachings of truth that are brought to us. Perhaps somehow in our human consciousness we figure we are gods and can't be taught, because we already know. I have resisted truth, but much growth has come from learning to learn. By cooperating with the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, my resistance is transmuted into determination - a spiritual gift and a strength.
Rev. Wesley A. Whitmore

Because no one was around, I would ask myself "What should I do? I'd hear conflicting thoughts and whole conversations, which were getting me nowhere. I was trying to tune into a higher force. First, I had faith there was one. Then I was becoming more aware of the basic self and realized how it could come in and distort. I set up guidelines for myself, so I could tell if something was from the Inner Master or from the basic self. If it was for the highest good of all concerned, if it did not inflict on me or anyone else, and if it was of a lifting nature, then it is a Light action. I would ask, "Do I feel clear in this?" If I felt a doubt, sometimes I would do it anyway just to see - many times I got burned or shocked, and sometimes I didn't. It became a scientific process. When I talk to people I ask that the Light be with us, and I see it around me and the other person. I stay as clear as I can in that moment. If I didn't feel clear, I figured that there was a basic self reaction, or the high self was warning me. By assuming that I was working with the Light for the highest good of all concerned, I became increasingly aware.

The high self doesn't tell me what to do. It will say, "Be careful in this situation." Maybe I am walking on a roof, and it says, "Be careful how you walk," whereas the basic may come through with a fearful, "Watch it, you'll hurt yourself!" Different reference points inside started showing me. Not always did it work for me, but more and more I started seeing how the basic self acts in a situation. It is funny to see the basic going up and kicking someone, and then instead of giving it negative energy, I chuckle to myself and refocus on a lifting action.

I am learning not to take counsel of my fears or doubts, because then I see things through those eyes. In the mind it is impossible to have a God, for how would the mind consider anything greater than itself? When there is a threat of disturbance, I refocus my attention on the Divine. It is not important what comes, but how I handle what comes. I have watched John-Roger use situations to lift great numbers of people. It is an incredible opportunity to know someone who has a pure line to the God-source. Wherever he is, things are going on. Many people notice that when they are around him, that they start feeling their negativity or fear coming up, and if they let them go, they are pulled up and dispersed.
Rev. Michael Sun

I recognize the Inner Master, the Light, by it's utter reasonability. Practicality. Pragmatism. Anytime I get to a situation where I involve emotions in a decision, I become imbalanced. I listen to John-Roger, the Inner Master, saying. "You have five choices. A will lead you to such and such; B is out of the question for you, and you know why; C will lead you down a path of sorrow, but it will be good experience; D might be working; choice E ..." and then it stops talking to me and doesn't say what choice to make. Then I hear another voice saying, "Okay dummy, you heard what the man said; you have your choices." Sometimes I may stand pat, and on occasion I have ignored the Inner Master and gotten in a peck of trouble.
Rev. Penelope Rutherford

I was feeling alone in my spirituality. Then I began feeling more and more that J-R was with me spiritually. One night I was walking alone in the cold rain thinking about philosophy and life, and I saw purple flashes on the wet cement. "When you see purple, I am with you," John-Roger had said.

I was skeptical, and yet something within me was saying, ''He probably really is." I have to say that I am still questioning. However, my life is much less alone and less alienated.

One summer I began feeling that I was tuning into the Inner Master. I would lay down on my bed and ask a question. There was a certain feeling that I knew was the Inner Master, a sureness that it was a good answer, which was a reference point. There have been many times when I have acted on the counsel of the Inner Master. Sometimes I would check it out with the I Ching, because the decisions were so important that I wanted to have two things going. The advice worked out beautifully.

One situation was refusing induction into the army. A year later I was tried and found innocent of illegally refusing induction. I look at the Inner Master not as something that tells me what to do but rather as making me aware of all the possibilities. I like to feel I am making my own decisions, and yet there is a part of me that would like someone or something to make my decisions for me. It has been a struggle.

To be tuned into the Inner Master means to be spiritually balanced, or rather to the extent one is balanced, one is able to tune into the Inner Master. I use the imagination as a prop to make the mind and the Inner Master meet - a bridge between. The Inner Master is too nebulous for my mind which tends to think in concrete symbols and images. The imagination will take the feeling and put it into a picture and concretize the message. Imagine John-Roger saying, "Well, sure." In a sense he is saying that, and in a sense he isn't, because he isn't here speaking physically. This process is subtle, as it involves sorting out the mind, the emotions, fears, and anxieties.

Last year things changed. I met a girl, and a whole sphere of love and affection came forward. Before this I had fixed ideas about spirituality, which weren't flexible or free-flowing. I saw myself as a native son of MSIA and in a very secure position. Then someone told me derogatory information about John-Roger, which I believed.... I found myself cut off from the Inner Master. Shock! How could I be cut off from the Inner Master? Does this mean I had to incarnate back for 25,000 years? As I understand it John-Roger has said if one turns from the Light, it may be 25,000 years before he gets another chance.

My first response was to humble myself, because I was frightened. I talked to John-Roger, and he said that because I believed that person's lies, I had lost my initiation. I felt like I was being kicked out of the Movement, which terrified me. It appeared to me that he said it very gruffly, like, "Good luck, I hope you find someone else to tune you in." My illusions had caused me to be a fanatic, struggling to stay in the good graces of the Movement. Finally, I began thinking, "25,000 years. I can handle that, if being true to myself means 25,000 years of incarnations. It is okay." It was at this point that I began to tune back in, and later was re-initiated into the Sound Current of God in the Movement.
John Lee

The two most wonderful days of my life were when I was ordained, and when David and I were married. I was ordained on the day of my last class in beginning astrology. I went in with so much love and ended giving a seminar on the different realms of Light. Everyone was feeling this tremendous love and was overwhelmed. I could hardly see anybody; the Light was so thick, and when the people left, they said, "You've given us so much besides astrology."

When we were married, I had an excuse to express all the love I could and be open about it. It was a dreamland. That's what happens when one is married by the Mystical Traveler.
Cheryl Allen

I was becoming more aware of karma. I didn't want to have to reincarnate back on this planet, but I didn't know how to avoid it. I had been told by psychics that I would have an opportunity to graduate from returning to this planet. I would contemplate, "Okay, I know I don't want to come back here. That means I have to pay off all karma, not only from this lifetime, but all other lifetimes. Also I have to stop creating new karma. I'm willing to pay off all my karma no matter how long it takes, but how do I right here and now today stop creating new karma?" I knew if I was kind and loving to my neighbor, that I could keep from racking up too much new karma; yet it wasn't specific or definite enough. I thought, "I'll never be able to do this by myself. I need a teacher who knows how to show me exactly step by step, like a recipe for baking a cake, how to stop creating new karma. But gosh, I can't go to India or a Tibetan monastery or to an ashram in New Mexico. I'm right here in Los Angeles. What can I do?" I hoped to somehow stumble across the information.

I went to a friend's house one night where another girl was talking about how she was sitting at her typewriter and asked her teacher, "Are you with me, J-R?" and this purple Light appeared over her typewriter.

I exclaimed, "What? What are you talking about? Who are you talking about?"

She said, "Oh, a teacher."

"A teacher? A teacher who can make a purple Light appear over your typewriter?" I asked. I had been seeing a purple Light for five or six years. Sometimes before I would go to sleep at night when I'd close my eyes or after my spiritual exercises, I would see this purple Light that would come into me in a wave. "Where is he? How do I find him?" I didn't have to know his name or what he looked like or what country he came from or whether he was a Christian or a Moslem or a Hindu or a Buddhist; it made no difference to me. The purple Light was what did it. She told me about MSIA seminars in Los Angeles.

When I walked into the seminar, I noticed the people were very happy, and their vibrations were very high. I saw a man saying hello to people and got a beautiful feeling in my heart for him. As he passed in front of me through the crowd, suddenly my whole head started burning and tingling with such a tremendous force that I was thrown back.

Then my friend said, "J-R, I'd like you to meet Rayna."

He looked at me and said, "God bless you." As he went and sat in his chair in front, I realized I had met him four years before in a so-called "dream" in May of 1968, which coincided with the first Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness seminars.

I "dreamed" that I went to see a helper or master who had come to give counsel to many people. He was giving interviews in a little bungalow by the ocean. There was a young man out in front who was taking appointments. I waited all day for my turn. Finally when the sun was setting over the ocean, I went to this secretary outside and said, "Can't I see him now? If I don't, I'll have to go back without talking to him. I've been waiting all day." He said I could be next.

I went inside the bungalow and sat opposite a man who was dressed in a turtle-neck sweater with a sport jacket. He was looking at me and smiling, and I immediately recognized him as one of my teachers, although to my conscious memory there was no reason why I should know him. He was smiling and sending me this telepathic thought, "Okay, what's your problem?" When I saw him I realized that I didn't have any problems, and I didn't have any questions. All the questions of cosmic importance that I thought I had to ask him were already answered, and since I had no questions, I started laughing. When he saw me doing that, he smiled and sent me this thought, "Oh good, you're catching on." Then I saw that he wasn't really there - a form of a body had been placed there for my convenience, because it may have been hard for me to relate to a purple Light in the middle of the room. The consciousness was there, but it could assume any form that it felt would be harmonious or needed. When he saw that I understood that, he gave me another little nod, "Oh good, you see that too."

Then he showed me a big picture of my mother's face. I felt a shock of fear and rejection. I said, "My mother! What does she have to do with all this?"

The next thing I knew, I was back in my bed on this plane. It was dawn, and the sun was just coming up. From that day I started mending my spoiled relationship with my mother, and today we are really good friends.

So in February of 1972 when I first saw J-R sitting in his chair at the seminar, I remembered I had met him four years before and that the Light Being was J-R too.
Rev. Lenora Rayna Albro


In the dream state a person can balance karmic situations, experience lessons for their spiritual growth, and receive guidance for their progression. Often through a dream, while working in one's inner realms, one can discover greater understanding of the patterns in one's life. Also, vivid dream experiences for many people are more real than the physical world, and may be an experience on the other side, or universal invisible realms of consciousness. While free of the limitations of the physical body during the sleep state, one may be taken by the Mystical Traveler in the protection of soul consciousness to experience the higher dimensions of life.

Before I met John-Roger in person, I dreamed I was someplace which felt very much like home to me. A boy was with me, and it seemed that we were waiting for guidance from a particular "teacher" who was also present. There was also a man there who had come with the other fellow. This man sat down beside me, and I felt a tremendous peace coming from him. I turned to look at him and saw that it was John-Roger. He placed his hand gently on my shoulder and asked me why I was so sad. I said I didn't know; yet we both knew why, but no words were necessary. (For the last few weeks my spirits had not been soaring. I had been wrapped in self. I had realized it but had not done too much about it.) I then placed my Light shield around me and began to call the white Light down upon me. Before I knew it, John-Roger was standing behind me. He bent down and kissed me, and I felt myself flying through space. At first I was frightened, but then I knew everything was all right. I had complete trust in this man. Colors were flashing before my eyes. Then I became aware of my physical body again, as energy entered through the top of my head, and I felt myself gradually beginning to vibrate with Light. Slowly opening one eye, I found that I was again tucked between the sheets. I haven't felt that uneasiness within me since, and my head has been filled with thoughts of this man.
Sallie Thomas

I spent seven months trapped in a wheelchair with a broken leg. At that time I had a vivid dream that I was climbing a hill. I was struggling through bramble bushes, while all along there was a paved road right up the hill, which I never seemed to see. I finally got to the top of the hill and discovered my wheelchair and crutches. I sat in my wheelchair for a few moments. Then I got up and started along with the crutches. Suddenly the crutches disappeared, and I walked alone up to a large mansion. What bothered me was that there was no light inside; all the light was on the ground and shining on the mansion.

After I awoke, I went from friend to friend asking what it meant, but nothing seemed to satisfy me. One day I asked myself, "What does it mean?" I thought the mansion referred to the statement from the Bible: "In my Father's house are many mansions." My mansion is me, and there was no light in my mansion, meaning that I had not brought much Light into myself. Instead everything was on the outside shining on me. I deeply felt that I wanted to change my life.
Kathy Jeffares

I had a dream, or an experience on the other side, which really impressed me. I found myself with a friend, who is now in MSIA. A person who had given us psychic readings handed us a book on psychic phenomena. Then a jolly little fellow with a quality of mastership about him appeared in the distance wearing beautiful robes and a magician's cap. He said, "Come with me. I have something to show you." He led us up a winding staircase, and on the way we showed him the book that the psychic reader had given us. His attitude was, "Oh, that's very nice, but I have something else to show you." When we got to the end of the winding staircase, he took my friend into a room. After a while they came out, and I noticed how much Light there was around this strange little man. Then I went in. In the room there was a huge book, like a Bible with pictures. We opened it from the back, and on the last page it said, "This book begins at the end. "So I started reading the book backwards. It was like an animated cartoon and fascinating, but as soon as I read a paragraph I would forget what it said, although I had understood while reading it. Then, in the physical, people were making noise outside my room, and I was starting to wake up, but I didn't want to. I kept trying to go back and read some more of this book. I was at the flood but kept getting pulled awake. The words and pictures would fade and then get clear and then fade again. When I finally woke up I was disappointed that I hadn't been able to finish reading that book. I think that the little man in the dream was John-Roger showing me the akashic records. He looked like John-Roger, and felt like John-Roger, although I had never seen or heard of him in the physical at that time.
Vera M. Sedler

I went to sleep after going to my first seminar and dreamed that John-Roger was walking me around an old dilapidated house with a big garage and stairway coming down from the second floor. The stairway and the back part of the house were covered with ivy. John-Roger said, "That's what we are going to do with you."

"Hey, wait a minute, man, I don't need that."

"It's cool."

"Well, if you've got to, but you don't really mean me?" Some months later I recognized that he was going to take away the old stuff that wasn't working and leave the new that was growing - but it took two to three months to accept. Then I started cooperating and becoming the ivy that was growing.
Rev. Penelope Rutherford

I've had many dreams in which John-Roger played a starring role. I would tell someone about a dream, and they'd begin to tell me about the same dream. We would find out that there were three or four people in on the dream and that it was an actual experience on the other side in which we were all gathered.
Henry Conyers

One technique taught by the Movement is recording and studying dreams. Teaching actions can be brought from the other side into conscious awareness and use. I had a dream in which I was sitting in front of a classroom full of students listening to a lecture. There was quite a commotion going on at the back of the room caused by a youth who was having an epileptic fit. I walked back to the boy and put my left hand over his navel area. I didn't have the slightest idea what I was doing - it just seemed like a good idea. I wondered what all these people were thinking of me. I moved my hand down over the pubic area, and I could see that the boy was calming down. Then I placed my hand back over the navel area for a few more moments until the boy was asleep. Later I asked J-R what this dream was about, and he said I was being taught a healing technique. The stomach chakra is the center for epilepsy, and my left hand is my spiritual hand in healing. I was channeling the Light for that boy.

In another dream I simply heard a very authoritative voice say, "Taking a deep breath will keep you in tune with your higher self." I have since found deep breathing to be a very effective technique for achieving an instant calm whenever I am in a tension-producing situation.

In still another dream I found myself in what appeared to be a helicopter shaped like a lady-bug. There were no windows in the cabin, so I sat in the cockpit area where I could see where we were going. It looked like we were in New York City - there were tall buildings. When we had risen above the buildings, a door opened, like an elevator door, and I stepped out into a scene similar to that depicted on the Tarot card, ''The Judgement" in which a man, woman, and child are rising up out of coffins. The man stands upright in the center, the woman kneels on the right, and the child stands on the left. In the dreams, Vera Sedler held my right hand and one of my sons held my left, and we maintained these relative positions as we lifted up into the air together, making slow 360 degree turns all the while. We could view the countryside completely, and the feeling was one of exhilaration. J-R later explained that I was in something like a "flying saucer," and the stepping out of the elevator indicated levitation.
Gary Collier

One night before I fell asleep, I decided to send everybody I could think of the Light, which created a ball of Light. I put the people in it, seeing them surrounded by the Light, and after fifteen minutes I fell asleep. On the other side I was standing in an open space as the Light hit me - pure 10,000 volt energy. My body turned pure white. I felt the Light came to me because I had sent the Light to other people.
Rev. Steve Brisken

During an operation they drugged me, and I remember one "dream" in which J-R took me by the hand and pulled me along through a tube or corridor in what looked like body cells. It was a gray corridor and had round cells in it, which opened into a bigger castle of long orange cells. I felt so wonderful, contented, and fulfilled within myself. Later I called J-R and asked if that was a fantastic voyage through my body. He said, "Yes, we did a change of consciousness on you." The next time he saw me, he said, "Yes, that is much better."
Cheryl Allen

The first time that John-Roger came to me in a dream was when I needed him very much. My husband and I were on a trip in Mexico on a very old train which had a flat wheel under our compartment. My husband was inebriated and in a bad condition. I thought how far I was from home and from the doctor's help. I called on John-Roger, and in the sleep state I saw him give my husband a treatment. The next day he was much better. When I was back in the states, I said to John-Roger, "I saw you give Ben a treatment." He nodded his head yes.

One summer I dreamed I had gone to a fair and met John-Roger in a dance arena. He took my hand and asked me to dance. I apologized for not being able to dance, but to my amazement I danced with John-Roger a long time. Finally when the beautiful music came to an end, we thanked each other for the dance over and over. Then I asked him, "Would you tell Pauli that I have not received my Home Study Discourse?"

He replied, "You can call her." To my surprise, the lesson came in the mail the next day.
Alma Clary

It was on the third and last night of a camping trip that I was lying in my tent when I fell off to sleep. I had been asleep only a few minutes when I awoke from a dream experience that was as real as if I were awake. I was with many friends. I was talking to one of them when John-Roger approached me. He said, "Herb, come with me. I want to tell you something." We stepped aside so that we could talk without being disturbed. He began telling me about a member of my family who was away at school in Utah. He told me what was happening to this person and that my family would be very disturbed when they would hear about it. He went on to tell me that everything would be all right; there wasn't anything to worry about.

The next day when I returned home from my camping trip, there was a message for me to call home as soon as possible. When I contacted my mother, she began telling me about this urgent situation in Utah, which was the same information I had received from John-Roger the night before. When I told her of my experience and about John-Roger saying that everything would work out just fine, she relaxed and didn't worry so much. Shortly, we heard from Utah that everything was indeed all right, just as John-Roger said it would be.
Herbert Holmes

Recently I found myself in a panicky situation in the dream state. Everything happened so quickly, and I reverted to an old habit pattern of fear for survival. I didn't think of the Light. I forgot everything except saving myself. I managed to do this but awakened feeling very depressed. I felt this had been a test, and I had blown it. I heard a voice say, "Why didn't you ask for the Light?"

I had asked for the Light many times in the dream state, but this time there was no time to think. I realized I was being trained. This was an area that needed strengthening. Letting go and letting God has not come easy for me.
Wanda Mansbach

I had a dream where there was a woman in trouble, and she was talking to me on the telephone; she was in dire, desperate straights, suffering, and needed help immediately. There were many people around me cutting up, making noise, making fun, and pulling the telephone away. I got extremely angry and infuriated. In my earlier dreams I had lashed back at these people. By this time I was at the point where I just took a book and threw it against the wall. I wouldn't unleash it against somebody, but I still had it there to unleash. I woke up in a sweat, and said, "No, no, I blew it. I want to go back and do it right."

So I went back to sleep. Then the situation arose where there was a police line-up, and I suddenly found myself in the line. They got to me and said, "Okay, take down your pants."

I looked at this big policeman and said, "I love you." I really felt love toward him. I gave up. I thought, "Okay God, this is the end; this is the most horrible thing." It had the most horrible memories for me, and the only thing I could do was say, "I love you." Suddenly his face burst into flame and became plastic, and then it all burst into flame. Then there were suddenly many people around cheering and clapping their hands. In my dream I fell down in exhaustion and woke up completely exhausted, breathing heavily and in a cold sweat.
David Allen

I had a dream where I was standing by myself on the beach; there were two girls and a man behind me. I was at the edge of the water looking out to sea. A large balloon came floating through the air from over the horizon toward me with a large rope hanging underneath. As it approached me it began to rise. I thought, "Should I grab it?" I did and it pulled me up. I hesitated for a moment but held on. I tied the rope around my hand and looked down at the foreshortened view of my body hanging from the rope. I saw my friends waving goodbye and become little dots as I went up. I rose and began to see the roundness of the planet, and then it shrank away into a little dot.

Then I was sitting in a room with a man who was behind his desk. He said, "Perception, you understand, is not what you are perceiving, but how you are perceiving it." He asked me to walk over to a window which overlooked a city. I did and looked out. He asked me what I saw.

"A really smoggy city filled with noise and pollution," I said. "It is ugly out there."

"Did you know that there is great love there?" he asked. All of a sudden my consciousness zeroed in on people's faces. They were smiling. "Perception. Just decide how you want to handle this, and it shall be. If you look out and see that there is badness and negativity, then this is what will come forward. Feel the things that feel most comfortable."

I felt, "Love."

I had another dream where I found myself walking toward a school, and I started talking. It didn't feel like my voice, as it was thunderous and seemed to come from all the people who were standing around the school. Like a Universal Voice we said, "Do it now." It was very loud and shook us all, yet there was no fear.

People started coming together into a great circle and began disrobing. We all joined hands and put our arms around each other. A tall young blond man came up and asked me, "Is this the Congregation of All the Children of Earth?" I said I didn't know, but whatever it was, it sure felt wonderful. We entered the circle, and I found myself in the center with a black man. He took my hands and began to swing me around. I told him we were moving too fast. He stepped aside, and John-Roger took my hands in his. He swung me around, our hands over our heads, London Bridges style. I felt I was the center attraction; everyone knew of the joy I was feeling, and I could hear laughing around me. I recognized the laughing, even though I could not see anybody. We kept circling around, and I felt my consciousness was being lifted above my body. My eyes were closed, and all I could see in my consciousness was spiraling purple. Our heads were butted together, and I felt the touch of total enlightenment. All questions, alienations, all forms of negativity, and all impure things were instantly lifted from me. I was so overjoyed that I woke myself up because I was laughing so loudly.
Bill Glazier

John-Roger came from Paris to Munich to visit with me, but the meeting didn't happen. The same Wednesday I worked late at my office. The girl who was living in the same house as me was killed in an automobile accident that day. She was in a car with her boyfriend; they hit a tree, and she died. I hadn't been home or heard anything about the accident. That night I had a dream where some people were really afraid. I asked, "What are you so afraid of?"

They said, "The spirit of this person who had just died came back, and it's trying to kill its lover and doing nasty things like knocking things over and destroying houses." I didn't believe it.

I was walking around in this dream and came upon a newly built mausoleum. I looked at the paintings on the walls, and the paint was still fresh on them. Then I saw a spirit gliding across the room; so I grabbed ahold of it, saying, "Why are you doing these things to the people? Why do you want to kill this person? Did he kill you? Did they murder you?"

She said, "No, they didn't murder me, but I just can't stand this person living on the planet without me being here too." I took it in front of a mirror that was divided off into several sections, and as I broke each section of the mirror, each level of its energy dissipated until there was just one section of the mirror left. At this point it asked me, "Please don't. Please work with me and help me be free of this."

I replied, "Okay." I knew once it had said that, it would be free. The other people were still afraid. They were watching it and brought more mirrors in case it went back on its word. I woke up and immediately turned on the light, because the presence was still there so strongly. I came back to my house on Friday and found out about the death of the girl on Wednesday afternoon.

I had a dream when I was in Sweden about the United States and other countries in the world getting into a nuclear holocaust where almost everything was destroyed. The social and governmental systems were no longer organized or functioning. What was left was completely destroyed by people looting and vandalizing. They had never lived in freedom where they didn't have policemen over them, and a "survival of the fittest" consciousness came forward. In the dream there were also people who had been studying Spirit and working with the Light consciousness, learning how to direct their consciousness. They came together and started working to build a new society within themselves, relying on each other and their techniques until there were little shelters being created all over the world. They were growing so large that people who were on the rampage and had burnt themselves out finally said, "Help us, please. Can we come into your community?"

We were saying, "Oh certainly, but these are some of the guidelines toward Spirit and the higher consciousness of the evolvement of mankind into a God awareness." Finally this spread over the planet until there was a new social structure that was directing itself as a responsible creator.
Randy Garver

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