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Venus is the second planet from the sun and makes its orbit in 225 days. Most easily seen in the sky before the stars come out, it is called the morning and evening star. Being inside the orbit of the Earth, from our point of view it always appears to be within 48 degrees of the sun and therefore cannot be more than two signs away from the sun sign.

The glyph for Venus is the well known circle of spirit over the cross of matter that has become the female symbol. Venus represents the feminine, affections and refined emotions, personal love, beauty, and the arts.

This archetype and planet was well known to the ancients as Inanna to the Sumerians, Ishtar to the Babylonians, Aphrodite to the Greeks, and Venus to the Romans.

Among the physiological systems of the body, Venus represents the sensitive endocrine system which is closely related to emotions with estrogen being doubly emphasized by Venus as the female hormone.

As love and beauty Venus also symbolizes the principles of attraction, harmony, and balance. Venus is referred to as the minor benefic, second in value only to the king of the gods, Jupiter. Venus represents that lovely phase of life after the youth of Mercury when one is still fairly young but gaining some maturity and independence, the phase of young love, courtship, and marriage.

Venus is associated with the blue, which is the favorite color of most people, though Venus rules earthy Taurus as well as airy Libra. In the chart Venus tells us about the love, affections, and what a person likes. The opposite polarity to Venus is of course the masculine Mars, and the signs ruled by Venus are opposite the signs ruled by Mars so that when Venus is in a Mars-ruled sign or Mars is in a Venus-ruled sign, they are considered in detriment.

Venus in the Signs

Venus in Aries is in detriment making the affections ardent, demonstrative, passionate, easily aroused, warm, impetuous, straightforward, headstrong, idealistic, and zealous. One is fond of love and admiration, likes to start new things, pioneer, and pursue adventures. In love one tends to be impulsive and be inclined toward a hasty marriage.

Venus in Taurus is dignified making the affections strong, steadfast, physical, slow to develop, stable, reliable, conservative, and placid. One has a love of beauty, pleasure, comfort, nature, wealth, possessions, eating, music, art, and sculpture. One is often beautiful, attractive, kind, and well-liked.

Venus in Gemini makes the affections changeable, quick, open, alert, spontaneous, and dualistic or sometimes split. One loves to learn, think, and communicate, whether in conversation or writing or artistic expression. One may have a close sibling or sister. One may find friends or lovers through education or mental pursuits.

Venus in Cancer makes the affections sensitive, emotional, sympathetic, tender, maternal, protective, loyal, and faithful. One likes family or roots and can be quite patriotic. Love of one's mother can be very important. Imagination may be beautiful and emotions strong and persistent.

Venus in Leo makes the affections kind-hearted, generous, warm, ardent, playful, childlike, proud, magnanimous, dramatic, and possibly self-aggrandizing. One likes games, sports, leading, theatre and movies, children, romantic affairs, gambling, and risk-taking ventures. One's disposition tends to be sunny, optimistic, noble, and dignified.

Venus in Virgo is fallen making the affections discriminating, controlled, pure, disciplined, and prudent. One loves to learn, analyze, experiment, and improve. One may be attracted to health professions, science, technology, or positions of service. One is often attracted to those who are younger, girls, employees, and those who are both mental and practical.

Venus in Libra is dignified making the affections harmonious, balanced, fair, beautiful, sensitive, graceful, cooperative, expressive, tender, and kind. One loves beauty, harmony, balance, justice, partnership and marriage, the arts, and literature. Esthetic appreciation can be well developed, and one usually likes to compromise and cooperate rather than have conflict.

Venus in Scorpio is detriment making the affections passionate, strong, intense, sensual, and even angry, possessive, jealous, and sometimes cruel. One loves sexuality and the mysteries of life and death, the psychic, occult, and mystical. One likes to penetrate by probing motivations, diagnosing causes, detecting clues, and doing research.

Venus in Sagittarius makes the affections cheerful, adventurous, free, straightforward, roaming, jovial, humorous, generous, and thoughtful. One often loves philosophy, religion, world travel and politics, outdoor activities, sports, teaching, and higher education. One is often imaginative, visionary, spiritual, and possibly prophetic.

Venus in Capricorn makes the affections careful, ambitious, mature, detached, lasting, paternal, and limited. One often likes tradition, authority, responsibility, organizing, managing, and planning. Love of the father may be very important. One is attracted to honors, reputation, fame, and high position in career.

Venus in Aquarius makes the affections friendly, detached, cool, idealistic, humanitarian, eccentric, humorous, and intellectual. One likes to have many acquaintances, unusual or progressive relationships, and can be quite dedicated to social reform and scientific advances.

Venus in Pisces is exalted making the affections kind, sympathetic, gentle, sensitive, self-sacrificing, devoted, helpful, changeable, yielding, impressionable, charitable, and compassionate. One often loves the unfortunate, peace, and can be attracted to the arts, poetry, and spiritual things.

Venus in the Houses

Venus in the first house is in detriment, making the personality affectionate, pleasant, feminine, sociable, kind, artistic, refined, fair, attractive, emotional, and appreciative. One often loves oneself and may tend toward narcissism.

Venus in the second house is dignified, giving a love of beautiful things, wealth, music and the arts. One likes to have and spend money and is usually secure and prosperous. One may have exceptional talents in the arts.

Venus in the third house makes the mind more artistic, pleasant, bright, hopeful, harmonious, tasteful, and creative. One usually loves to learn, read, study, go to school, communicate, and compete whether with siblings or fellow students. One likes change, travel, and variety.

Venus in the fourth house gives a love of one's parents and family, home, and the environment. Feelings run deep, and loyalties are strong. One likes an environment that is harmonious and esthetically pleasing and is attracted to beautiful surroundings.

Venus in the fifth house gives a love of creativity, children, play, games, drama, entertainment, gambling, speculation, and romance. One often loves to perform or lead a group. One's children are more likely to be girls or artistic.

Venus in the sixth house is fallen giving a love of health, self-improvement, work, service, and employment. One often likes to cook, sew, and keeps things clean and neat. The esthetic quality of one's working conditions is usually important, and one is attracted to work one likes.

Venus in the seventh house is dignified giving a love of relationship, partnership and marriage. One likes to be in harmony and balance with one's partner and finds one's affections enhanced by the partner. Concerned with fairness one tends to cooperate and compromise.

Venus in the eighth house is in detriment giving a love of energy, sexual relations, the fruits of partnership, and working with others. One may have an easy or peaceful death and be attracted to psychic and mystical experiences.

Venus in the ninth house gives a love of philosophy, religion, world travel and cultures, higher education, and teaching. One likes inspiration, high ideals, principles, expansion of consciousness, and the diversity found in many cultures and arts.

Venus in the tenth house gives a love of career, fame, honor, reputation, and influence. One likes to work hard and achieve long-term goals, possibly even marrying for career. One tends to get along well with people in one's profession and may be attracted to working with women or in the arts.

Venus in the eleventh house gives a love of friendship, social organizations, reform movements, women, artists, and musicians. One likes to know many people and belong to groups, especially progressive ones. Most of one's friends are likely to be female.

Venus in the twelfth house is exalted giving a love of peace, quiet, seclusion, animals, spiritual endeavor, and caring for the unfortunate. One may have a secret romance or troubles in love relationships. Forgiveness and the release of emotions can be very important.

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