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The Sun

All life on earth depends upon the energy, light and heat of the sun. Physically it is the center and source of this solar system.

The circle of infinite Spirit with the point of individuality in its center is the ancient symbol of Sol, which we could call the Spirit of love. The soul then is the Spirit of universal love. The ancient teachings indicate that God is like a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is boundless or nowhere.

Thus the eternal soul which actually is Spirit in individualized form is symbolized to us as the center and source of life, the sun, whose Light shines perpetually bright radiating the warmth of its love on everything equally. In this analogy the physical Body is like the planet Earth which cycles around the sun gaining its vitality and sustenance from its source.

But the sun is only one star among many, and just so is the soul a divine spark of the Supreme Spirit that has individualized itself in countless stars. Each star and this sun has a logos for its creation. The logos of the sun is the golden light of the Christ. This is the head and the heart of our system, and the physical headquarters of the angelic hierarchy resides in the consciousness of the sun.

There are angelic beings for each of the planets. Also this cosmic system of the sun, moon, and planets exists within the human consciousness. Sir Thomas Browne wrote, "Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us." Although truly esoteric teachings cannot be expressed outwardly accurately, this series of articles on the sun, moon, and planets will attempt to point in the direction of the inner truths.

Everyone is a soul, and so the sun, symbolizing soul, is the source and center of every individual's beingness.

Like the sun this Christ center shines consistently in all directions at once. It is only when we turn away from it that it becomes dark, or we see shadows. Moods also can fog and cloud over the sunshine of joy and the warmth of a pure, detached love.

The solar qualities of power, creativity, positive expression, rulership, love, happiness, purpose, glory, and will all come from the soul within - their pure essences when not adulterated by negativity.

Creativity is characteristic of Spirit, but any creation is part of the psychic material worlds. The soul can energize positive expression with whatever power is needed, but it always comes from within; outward power is something else. The same is true of rulership; the soul is the master of self through the inner guidance of the divine Light.

The love is the divine love, compassionate to all and free of attachment. The happiness is the joy of the indwelling Spirit radiating the warmth of the Light. The glory is the glory of God, or else it is vain in egotistical pride and arrogance becoming vainglory.

The solar purpose is God's will, and the will of soul directs always positively in cooperation with the divine plan. The negative expression of will is won't, or whether to or whether not to, which brings in the cloudiness of weather consciousness.

The sunny qualities are happy, optimistic, and playful like the children who inherit heaven. Yet the eternal commands, leads, and rules in the perfection of divine love, and wherever such an individual goes, their solar Light is a center for God's energy to radiate through and lift everyone it shines on.


The sun is exalted in Aries, the sign of the Ram, in the beginning of spring. Nature erupts with new energy of life sprouting up. Aries is the sign of the self with the self-expression I AM. They are initiators and like to begin things, but they need to learn to finish some of the things they start too.

Aries like to lead and go first. They are always heading into the future boldly and with zeal and enthusiasm. They can be brave and daring, but if they are reckless they might hurt others and themselves.

Aries is ruled by the masculine Mars, the god of war. They are not only assertive of themselves but can also be aggressive. Their abundant energy tends to express itself outwardly, and although they can be intellectual and idealistic it tends to thrust itself out into the world.

Aries is independent and likes to try new things. They are inventive and pioneers in the unknown. As the cardinal fire sign Aries is warm and experiential as well as active. They can have a quick temper; but once they have let off steam, they can return to normal rather quickly. They usually don't hold a grudge for a long time.

Red is the color associated with Mars and Aries, and it is often their favorite color. The archetype of Aries is very closely associated with Mars, as Mars is the Roman name for the Greek god Aries. The muscular system that enables us to move is associated with Mars, and Aries often identify with their masculine, muscular prowess. The female Aries is naturally somewhat different, but she can show her zeal and initiative also.

The ram demonstrates Aries energy patterns when it buts its head like a battering ram. Aries does not usually have much sustaining power; it is usually necessarily to back off before exploding forward again. They need to learn patience and perseverance if their projects are to be successful. Not always aggressive, a content Aries may be as gentle as a lamb.

Great awareness of the self was shown by the Buddha, and Thomas Jefferson is another example of the great intellect and pioneering spirit an Aries can have.


The sun is in Taurus, the sign of the bull, in the middle of spring. This is a time when nature comes into fruition and love blooms so beautifully. Also it is a good time to work and accomplish the ideals and new projects begun during Aries.

Taurus is the fixed, earth sign, giving tremendous strength, vitality, stability, firmness, and also a constructive practicality. Taureans are determined and self-reliant. Their rhythm and pace is slow but steady, careful, and deliberate.

They have the ability to build and establish things pragmatically. Once their powerful drive gets going their perseverance sustains the momentum and they are able to stabilize themselves and their work. Taurean fixity can endure a tremendous load provided they have accepted it willingly.

Not at all quick-tempered, the Taurus tends to let feelings build within. When the emotions release they come out with a powerful intensity or even exploding - "as mad as a bull." Most of the time, however, when they are contented, they are peaceful and placid and very easy going, kind, and friendly people.

The self-expression of Taurus is I HAVE. They have the ability to recognize value and pull it toward them. They may have a tremendous love and attract good feelings toward them. They may be talented or acquire great wealth or beautiful possessions.

Because they can conserve and hold on to what they value, they must be careful not to be possessive of people, lust after wealth, or get hung up on what they own. One of their strongest goals is security; thus they are often concerned about money and material things.

This Taurean tendency toward materialism coupled with their stubbornness and obstinacy of the fixity of the sign often makes it difficult for them to recognize spiritual things. They know that they have achieved their success through self-reliance but may fail to realize that this is using the power of the Spirit within. Once they consciously enter the spiritual path, their determination yields steady progress.

Venus is the ruling planet for Taurus. Its vibration of love and beauty can make Taureans magnetic and attractive. The emotions are refined and there is often musical or artistic talents. The ears and throat associated with Taurus relate to listening sensitivity and vocal expression. In art, the earthy nature tends toward sculpture, architecture, and landscape gardening.

Taurus can draw vitality from the earth and often has a "green thumb" - due to hard work and loving care. They love nature and its organic qualities, and they reflect this by being fruitful and productive people.

The fixed earth quality tends the Venus vibration toward physical pleasures and negatively expressed the contentment becomes laziness. The feelings are often fixed likes and dislikes. Taurus relates to metabolism, and they may love to eat.

Taurus can be both very masculine or very feminine. The virility and power of the bull makes a man attractive, and the beauty and sensitivity of Venus gives the fair sex charming loveliness, and sometimes the neck itself is very beautiful. Taureans tend to be passive and can receive great gifts of love, because of the love they emanate themselves.


Gemini is the sign of the Twins pictured in the sky by Castor and Pollux, the immortal and mortal brothers. They symbolize the two parts within - the enduring and perfect soul within and the outer and temporary expressions in the world of illusion.

The end of spring is a time of restless freedom, movement, and change, when school lets out and the preparation for summer begins. The light of day increases and people feel young and become active in diverse ways.

Gemini is the mutable air sign expressing both the adaptable and mental qualities symbolized by the wind that moves freely and quickly in any direction. The Gemini mind is ever active and speedy, covering everything lightly.

The changeable qualities give Geminis wide versatility and diverse interests so that they can adjust to almost any situation quickly and effectively. However, the lack of substance tends toward spreading too thin or superficial awareness of many things without depth of knowledge or specialized ability.

The ruling planet is Mercury named after Hermes the messenger of the gods who was known for his swiftness and ability to communicate the wisdom of the gods so that humans could understand it. Geminis are often natural writers, poets or artists who can share their personal experience in words or form that people can relate with best.

Mercury indicates the learning mind which acquires knowledge by observing experience and studying by reading or scientific experiment. Geminis are versatile because they have the facility to develop skills quickly.

Mercury also symbolizes youth, when humans learn much, change most, and compete to win or be best. They usually have the mercurial traits of adapting quickly, imitating, improvising, and can be witty and humorous.

The nervous system is related to Mercury, and mobile Geminis are often restless or nervous. The hands and arms are associated with the dual sign of the twins, giving manual dexterity, and many who are left-handed have Gemini prominent in their horoscope. Their dual nature enables them to do two things at once better than most people.

As the sign of the twins, brothers and sisters can be important for Gemini. The competition of sibling rivalry and the widening of experience from learning what the others are doing heightens the ability to be with people and adjust.

Gemini is a human symbol, and they love people and relating to them. They probably have a diverse range of friends and may find themselves acting quite differently according to the situation and the people they are with. They like to be stimulated mentally and will move on to something else rather than be bored.

The self-expression is I THINK. The mind is constantly alert and moving from one experience or idea to another. Usually the mind is very open and sensitive to any mental imprints enhancing the educational ability. However, the Gemini must be careful not to accept information blindly without checking with their own innate intelligence if that is accurate and for the highest good, in order to be aware of the message they are carrying.


The Crab is the symbol of Cancer, the creature who lives in the ocean of feelings, continually adjusting to the ebb and flow of the tides, and clinging to the familiar through any kind of change.

The Crab carries her house with her wherever she goes, and the person born under the sign Cancer also tends to hang on to her experiences and surroundings as emotional ties. She clings tenaciously to each desired circumstance until suddenly she lets go and falls back into the sea of free flowing living.

The Cancer is sensitive and does not like to be hurt since she tends to stew in it; so she has a shell to protect herself as she scrapes over the rocks to a new pool of experience. The outer hardness is only superficial as inwardly Cancers are kind, sympathetic, and understanding.

The best way for them to go beyond the ego shell is to be detached, a difficult but worthwhile quality for them to develop. When attached or hung up in a situation emotionally, they can get tossed around and racked up because they are holding on.

Through detachment one can let go and back off a little bit in order to understand the situation clearly. Then the feelings will be able to support the proper attitude sympathetically, and the love will energize the action which will be able to smooth and calm the turbulence.

The sun is in Cancer beginning with the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. This is the beginning of summer when the daylight gradually recedes. The backward movement of the Crab symbolizing this reversal of direction.

Cancers often look back and can be very sentimental and nostalgic about the past. They usually have excellent memories because they can absorb and retain. However, this gradual change of direction of the sun's path this time of the year gives people the ability to sense things, increasing the intuitive and psychic abilities.

This occurs by living in the eternal now where all things take place. Then is heard the quiet inner voice which says in essence, "Be still, and know that I am God." By developing patience, the negative traits of touchiness, worry, and regret will change into kindness, imagination, and intuition.

Cancer is the cardinal water sign, being active and persistently emotional. The self-expression is I FEEL. It is the only signed ruled by the moon, which symbolizes the subconscious, the mother, and reflection. Due to the waxing and waning, they often experience fluctuating moods of elation and depression. They usually have a good sense of rhythm.

As the sign of birth and the mother, Cancer has the qualities of being protective, caring, nurturing, and loyal, with strong emotions and instincts. The breasts are associated with this sign as giving nourishment for the early growth of the child.

Cancers are much influenced by their home life, their early environment, and how they are brought up, the maternal influence usually predominant. They usually have a strong sense of family, and it can express tribally in cliques or with people and places where they find a home. They cling to their roots and are usually loyal to their cultural environment.

The moon reflects the light of the sun, and receptive Cancers respond to others well, flow with situations, and reflect ideas In the imagination. When flowing spiritually, their sensitivity and shyness open into a subtle understanding and refined intuition.


Leo is the one sign ruled by the sun, and thus the sun is dignified only in Leo. The sun is in Leo during the middle of summer when the power of the sun's heat is at its greatest in the northern hemisphere. As fixed fire Leo is the warmest and most powerful of all signs.

Leo is symbolized by the lion, the king of beasts, and Leo is considered the sign of the king or royalty. Like the lion who performs the occasional heroic act to feed themselves, most of the time they like to bask in the sun of their royal glory. Leo often has a natural sense of rulership, can be majestic, dignified, and commanding if not imperious and dictatorial. Leos are usually leaders, and the love to put on a show. Leo has a natural flare for drama, and they love to play act and entertain.

Leo is also childlike and loves to play sports and games too. Leo is willing to take risks and likes to gamble, perhaps because they are such optimists they always think they will win. Speculation can make or break a Leo.

Leos have a sunny disposition, always looking on the bright side of things. They brush off fears and doubts as they inspire confidence through their eternal optimism in seeking what is best. They are able to visualize their goals and have great powers of concentration to focus their energies on attaining them.

Leo is potentially the most creative sign. Potential is what Leo has, but it takes work to realize that potential. Leo may have a tendency to spend so much time pursuing happiness and entertainment that their other goals may not be attained.

Leo is good at delegating responsibility and seeing the larger picture. Leo may be the general who orders the sergeant to attack. They like being in charge and usually have a very large ego which may put some people off while it inspires others with confidence. Leo needs to watch the tendency toward self-aggrandizement and the pride that may precede a fall.

The self-expression of Leo is I WILL, and their personal will can be extremely powerful. They are also future-oriented and don't like to waste their time thinking about the past. They are usually focusing on what can be done and organizing everything and everyone to accomplish it.


The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin. This mutable earth sign is both adaptable and practical. Virgo is a sign of individuality following the creative will of Leo. The grandiose Leo traits which express as generosity, drama, and pride, are resolved by Virgo's saving, criticizing, and humility. Leo's leadership is served by Virgo, but generalities are acutely analyzed with discrimination.

Virgo is the last of the subjective signs of spring and summer and represents purification of self and preparation for relations with others. Thus Libra the sign of marriage follows the sign of the Virgin. Mercury is the significant planet giving Virgos youth, quickness, competitiveness and excellent minds. In this earth sign these are expressed in scientific analysis, discernment in evaluation, and a lifelong thirst for learning.

The self-expression of Virgo is I ANALYZE. The mind takes precedence over the emotions, because it tends to take everything apart piece by piece to see how it works. The Virgo asks many questions and can assimilate each piece of information. The Virgo becomes hung up when this critical faculty turns negative in fault finding, skepticism, cynicism, and judging people. To avoid this, observe to learn for yourself rather than to condemn. The intense penetration of Virgos' thought enables them to handle the minutest details.

Virgos do love deeply and make good companions in subtle ways. Their love is more for goodness and truth than for beauty. Underneath that ever active mind there are often passionate romantic feelings longing for expression which are usually sublimated in devoted work and may be unknown to closest friends and even the Virgo.

The story of Eve in the garden eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, describes in myth the Virgo's loss of innocence and purity, and the psychological problems and work which knowledge brings.

Virgos may carry secrets and entice by veiling and unveiling. Thus clothes and lack of them can be associated with Virgos. Even Virgo men will have the ability to sew, and Virgos can be excellent cooks. The stomach and intestines and consequently digestion and assimilation are associated with Virgo. Health relates to Virgo, as they excel at correction, purification, cleanliness, and making things whole and perfect. Virgos are naturally modest and humble. Virgo men are often shy, and Virgo women may be mysterious and earth-mother types.

Virgos love nature not just as scientists, but because their consciousness is like a paradise which becomes aware of knowledge and then must be cultivated into a garden to purify itself from weeds of negativity.

Virgos are conscientious workers and know that the greatest work is service. They realize that they will reap what they sow, and the wisest of them are devoted servants of God. Spiritually their biggest obstacle is the tendency to judge others by good and evil, instead of letting God judge all and practicing love in action. Virgo seeks perfection.

SUN in Libra

The symbol of Libra is the Scales. As the first sign of autumn, the energy is active and initiating, and as an air sign Libra is mental in nature. Libra is the balance between the purification of the individual in Virgo and the regenerating energy in Scorpio. The autumnal equinox is the balancing point of the zodiac, and Libra as the seventh sign is the first of the objective signs and relates to the other self or the harmony between self and non-self.

Venus is the significant planet giving Libras beauty and a harmonious love nature with refined emotions. As an air sign the love vibration is intellectualized to a love of beauty in the arts, harmony in life, and equilibrium in the mind and the emotions.

The consciousness of Libra is I BALANCE. The mind is rational and tends to weigh both sides and, when detached and objective, is excellent at comparison. However, the emotions tend to subtly attract the mind to the side that feels right. Justice is a prime Libra quality particularly social justice. Like Mahatma Gandhi, they will negotiate and adjust their idealism to change unjust laws and bring greater social justice to oppressed people. They are continually compromising to find a balance within themselves and with others.

Because they weigh things so evenly, they often are indecisive and cannot make up their minds as to the conclusion. The Libra should realize that a new balance will be reached as they move into the action anyway. To sit and wait for more information while watching the scales tip back and forth is really procrastination. When walking a tightrope, you must keep moving. Remember: "I love; therefore I do." As you do, you will find balance and harmony as you go; and you will be happier, too. Libra is an active sign, and depression will only hit you when you are inactive, Put on some music and do something. The music will harmonize the emotions, and action will not leave the mind time to be down.

Libra is perhaps the most romantic sign, Libras will make an art of love, and they will seek understanding in the entire relationship. Libras usually do not feel whole unless in a love union with another person. Because of their loving, kind, and agreeable nature, they are usually quite successful in finding this balance. They make excellent partners in marriage or in business; but if the harmony is lost, they just might find it with someone else. Socially they are popular and are easily won over by approval, can be susceptible to flattery, and often enjoy flirting.

As children they are easily trained in manners and often become courteous and genteel. They dislike what is dirty and ugly, preferring surroundings which are harmonious and beautiful. The Libra's aesthetic awareness is refined, and they not only appreciate art, music, and literature, but often have a ready talent for them. Libra's quest for harmony and justice through loving action can be attained spiritually.

SUN in Scorpio

Scorpio has been symbolized not only as the lowly scorpion, but also as the serpent of sexual energy, the eagle that soars to the heights of power, and the phoenix that consumes itself in flames resurrecting to immortal life. Mid-autumn is nature's cycle to die and regenerate itself as seen in the golden flame of falling leaves.

Scorpio is the fixed water sign, giving intense and powerful emotions. Mars energizes the emotions into passion and a driving force. Pluto, discovered in 1930, is also significant for Scorpio symbolizing death and renewal, psychic energy, and the kind of transformation that death brings.

The consciousness of Scorpio is I DESIRE. Motivation is the key to the Scorpio's driving energy. They usually know what they want and will work to get it. Their courage and boldness make them forceful and aggressive, but their shrewd and penetrating minds and intensely emotional natures move the battleground inward to feelings and desires.

While keeping the secret of their own desires, they observe and penetrate others to find out what they want. Then by subtly manipulating the emotional energies, they direct a situation to fulfill their desires. This gives Scorpio power, but the power is dependent upon the desires, on what they want.

Scorpio is the sex sign and relates to the generative organs of the body. Sex involves the possession of the partner, the union of two people physically, emotionally in love and passion.

The male and female scorpions often remain locked together for a night and a day when mating. As with some spiders, after fertilization the female destroys the male as if out of jealousy of a future rival. This lower expression of Scorpio can lead to possessiveness, jealousy, and deep emotional pain.

The positive serpent energy of sex gives humans a deeper union with the beloved. When the serpent energy was discovered in the garden, humans fell to what is called sin and death. Virgo and Scorpio which were originally one sign were separated by Libra the sign of marriage.

When a person uses the sexual energies to rise up from the earth to a creative and spiritual potential, one is like an eagle. Finally after continual death and rebirth the soul's full desire becomes the attainment of God in realization, and like the phoenix this totally consuming passion transmutes one into a resurrected and immortal form.

Scorpio may overcome death or be overcome by it. The emotional power may be destructive, but cruel aggression and ruthless anger will self-destruct eventually. Scorpios usually learn, after painful experiences, to direct their energy in positive and constructive ways to achieve success and happiness.

Scorpios recuperate well and when positive are excellent physicians, expert at diagnosing what is wrong, and they can probe deeply with the dexterity of a surgeon to repair it. They research and investigate thoroughly in any field and are good detectives. their wit is biting and sometimes stings.

Scorpios must use their energy, or it will bottle up and explode. They are doers more than watchers, and the creative arts often allow them to express themselves. Their energetic minds can penetrate well into psychism, occultism, and mysticism.

Scorpios real lesson is self-mastery of the will.


Sagittarius is symbolized by the mythical Centaur, half horse and half human, and by the Archer. This last sign of autumn is a season of Joy and good cheer celebrated by Thanksgiving and preparation for Christmas.

As the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius is warm, full of life, adaptable and changing. Sagittarians are adventurous and versatile, exploring many areas of human endeavor.

Jupiter expands their activity and fills them with enthusiasm and joviality. Jove, or Zeus to the Greeks, was the king of the gods and was respected for his honesty, tolerance, lawmaking, and wisdom I spite of his escapades in mortal love.

The self-expression of Sagittarius is I SEE. It is the first of the universal signs and is blessed with clear vision, foresight, and perspective. The Archer sees the goal, sets aim, and aspires toward it. Upon reaching one's destination, the next goal is already seen, and so one continually strives farther and higher.

The restless nature of Sagittarius moves constantly and often finds release in outdoor activities where one's love of nature and liberty expand consciousness, or one may enjoy sports and recreation where one's sense of fair play and ambition for victory and triumph fulfill themselves.

Sagittarius' disposition is bright, hopeful, and cheerful, but also direct, frank, and outspoken. His (or her) verbal darts often hit the mark, but he is so enthusiastic that people are apt to take it in stride, since he does not aim to hurt but to make a point.

On the negative side, Sagittarius must watch the tendency to be self-righteous or to use the intellect as a weapon to put others down. When listening to one's inherent honesty and generosity, one can be very tolerant of other points of view.

Sagittarians usually have the detachment to see what is going on in a situation, and their potential for understanding larger abstractions, universals and laws or principles, helps them to be excellent teachers as they can pass on the significant points. Their intellectual exuberance can lift others and inspire them to go higher also.

Sagittarians spread their ideas and may find success in publishing. They are world travelers and are always on a journey whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual. Foreign affairs and politics may intrigue them, and they are usually guided by their principles.

They are enterprising and may have several ventures going on at once, but their success mechanism is well developed, because they see their goal so clearly that it is soon realized in their mind. They must learn to complete actions and not spread themselves too thin.

Sagittarius relates to the thighs which continually stride out for victory. The Centaur is athletic, and though the human may reach up toward heaven, the horse has his earthly passions.

In love the Sagittarius is adventurous, likes a free reign, and is occasionally satyr-like. The Sagittarian woman is warm, vivacious, but free and usually hard to pin down, as she may be like chaste Artemis, the goddess of the hunt who protects the fair sex.

Sagittarius has a visionary imagination and fantastic dreams, as they aspire for truth and the meaning of life. Their great intellect explores philosophy and religious teachings for the wisdom they seek. Their passion often becomes the finding of these truths.

Their devotion to these ideals and the directness of their aim for higher consciousness inspires them and leads them on the path to illumination and spiritual wisdom, where they discover that all is an eternal progression and that their questing and striving has been successful. Then they see further goals are ahead of them until they reach the ultimate, God consciousness.


The symbol of Capricorn is the Goat, or Sea-Goat, which is a mountain goat with a dolphin tail. There is the domestic goat who can survive in almost any conditions, the ambitious goat who climbs high on the mountain, the old goat, the scape-goat, and even the god who changed his form into a goat to escape his enemy, using a fish tail to swim away.

The darkest day of the year and the return of more light begins winter just before Christmas. The sun is in Capricorn as the new calendar year begins when people are making plans and resolutions and facing the practical realities of another cycle. The coldest season of the year is a time for deep contemplation.

Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign developing initiative and action toward practical, utilitarian goals. The vision and principles of the first universal sign, Sagittarius, are put into application in concrete form in Capricorn.

Saturn, the beautiful planet of the rings, which is the most distant planet to be seen by the naked eye and thus of traditional astrology, influences Capricorn, Saturn is Kronos, the father of Zeus, and is symbolic of time, limit, control, order, responsibility, authority, tradition, father, seriousness, structure, such as the ego or skeleton, and negatively fear.

The self-expression of Capricorn is I USE. They are pragmatic and can plan and carry it through. They must be careful about being calculating and ruthless. However, their coolness and gravity in realizing the weight of a situation enables them to be impartial, just, and accurate in their decisions.

Capricorns can be very ambitious but have the patience to wait and persevere; they are industrious and determined. They are able to organize, utilize, conserve, and crystallize their objectives due to the concentration and steadiness of their effort.

The Capricorn personality is usually reserved, serious, cautious, concerned, diplomatic, dignified, and contemplative. Occasionally they flip over and become humorous or clownish Their patience can endure hardship, obstacles, and delays, and to others they may seem too reasonable, logical, or intellectual.

Capricorn is aware of the ego and its limitations and the need for control. In addition to thinking about limits and controls, they also are concerned about the order-chaos polarity. They delve very deeply into things, and the intellect may become profound.

From both angles of ambition they must beware of confusing humility and service with subservience and blind obedience. The knees are associated with Capricorn, and the wise one learns that they are to be bent in prayer to God rather than to an outside authority.

The vibration of Saturn is very heavy and is sometimes misunderstood and maligned by the immature who are not able to understand that responsibility, control, order, and old age are a necessary part of this world. Because of these qualities of Saturn, Capricorn is often a difficult, unpopular path, but the goals which can be attained are very high and are often reached late in life.

Capricorn usually prefers steady and mature love. Feelings are expressed cautiously, but the devoted Capricorn will do a tremendous amount for his or her beloved. They must learn that to bear the heavy burdens of others does not teach others to solve their own problems.

Capricorn's true goal is perfection of self.


Aquarius is symbolized by the water-bearer whose urn pours forth spirit flowing to the east and west. Traditionally it is the sign of the common man, but in the Bible it represents one of the four cherubim, the man or angel. The bull, lion, and eagle symbolize the other fixed signs of the zodiac.

The glyph of Aquarius is the waves, and now in the Aquarian Age, humans are realizing not only that there are waves in the air, such as radio, television, and X-ray, but that everything is vibrating and that matter is really energy and may be perceived in consciousness as sound or light.

Many people are tuning into the subtler rates of vibration of emotions and mind, developing clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities which are seeing and hearing clearly, rather than through the senses.

This fixed air sign of the middle of winter is a very intellectual vibration. The mind is very strong and can hold ideas, and the awareness can understand the spiritual. The mental concentration tends to be theoretical and idealistic and focused on the universal.

The traditional planet associated ;with Aquarius is Saturn, which deepens contemplation, adds responsibility and concerns and provides obstacles which when overcome by ambition and perseverance brings forth great accomplishment. However, airy Aquarians are not as practical and traditional as earthy Capricorns.

Uranus the planet outside of Saturn discovered in 1781 is turned sideways on its axis revolving like a wheel Thus it symbolizes not only eccentricity but the rotation principle of revolution, change, cycles, and also the flow of positive and negative in electricity and spiritual understanding. Its influence has brought numerous scientific inventions and political, social, and mental revolutions.

Aquarians are now more influenced by Uranus than any other planet making them unconventional, radical, rebellious, scientific, inventive, and progressive. They are aware, knowledgeable, and interested in the modern, the new, and also the ancient, the very old. They often have fixed ideas, because they are so sure they are right and will argue their point of view indefinitely. Often they will take the other side in an argument for the sake of a discussion of the ideas.

Mentally they are very perceptive and study the psychology of people. They learn much more easily from people than from books. They love to be with people even though they seem cool and detached and may not be noticed except for their peculiar ideas. Yet they make firm and devoted friends as they are extremely group conscious. Their outlook is that of the humanitarian, altruist, and reformer of the wrongs in society. Their ideal is human brotherhood and sisterhood.

Aquarians are independent and sometimes even disruptive, but their goal is liberation. They search for the truth no matter where it may be and are usually wise enough to be honest.

They are original and humorous in their unusual perspectives. They are impersonal, unemotional, and idealistic in their love. Yet a detached love brings less pain and a deeply beautiful friendship may develop.

Aquarius is a very human sign, a distributor of ideas and an awakener of the Spirit.


The symbol of Pisces is two fish bound together in the innermost depths of the sea. Pisces struggles with the false-self and the restrictions of its environment until the soul realizes its true self in the cosmic seas of pure Spirit, the great ocean of divine love and mercy.

Pisces, the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, is the dissolution and release of the passing cycle, purifying the essence from the waste in preparation for the birth of a new cycle. The end of winter is a time for peaceful quiet and acceptance of the universe.

As the mutable water sign, Pisces has changing and adaptable emotions. Flowing water takes the form of its situation. The dual nature expresses deep sympathy, kindness, and understanding, but due to open receptivity and sensitivity may be pulled into negative feelings of sorrow and melancholy when exposed to discord or emotional suffering.

The traditional rulership of Jupiter lifts the Pisces with the inner joy and enthusiasm that results from the faith and benevolence of this vibration. Neptune is significant for Pisces and represents spiritual love, refined feelings of beauty and harmony, imagination, the invisible, and the ego-less state.

The self-expression of Pisces is I BELIEVE, combining the religion and philosophy of Jupiter and the mysticism and fantasy of Neptune. Jesus the Christ and bringer of the Light and spiritual teachings of the Piscean Age showed the way of salvation through faith and the forgiveness of sins.

Forgiveness is a saving grace for Pisces the last sign, because this stage of purification and release of past actions can result in feelings of guilt which holds on to them. By forgiving others and yourself you release yourself from your own judgment, and you may be washed clean.

Pisceans have a fantastic imagination and are called dreamers. Their ability to pretend and make believe suits them well for drama and poetic expression and appreciation in art, music, or literature. They tend to dwell in illusions, and they may seek to escape from reality; but if they seek reality, then they are able to realize that everyone who dwells in the realms of the physical, emotional, and mental, dwells in illusions which will all pass away.

With this realization, Pisces, who love to expand their consciousness, begin to see not only universals like the Sagittarius, but the unity and wholeness of the all. The consciousness then has moved from the aspiration and leap of faith of Jupiter to the mystical oneness and spiritual love of Neptune.

From this rarefied atmosphere Pisceans may be inspired and devoted to the kingdom within. They are intuitive, drawing from the invisible, hidden and mysterious. They are often skilled in interpreting symbols.

Their sensitivity and introspection make them shy and retiring, and they will not usually put themselves forward unless asked to; but they will in situations that are peaceful or harmonious. They learn that a harsh environment and discord or violence can bring them emotional pain and suffering; but when they are in balance, they can bring emotional healing to others.

Their great desire is to help others which may result in sacrifices which may not even do much good. The Pisces must first learn to solve one's own problems, and allow others to solve theirs. The greatest help is to love and leave them free.

SUN in the houses

Sun in the first house is exalted giving a strong personality who is self-expressive, radiant, strong-willed, frank, generous, proud, dignified, assertive, confident, independent, magnetic, warm, and optimistic. One is usually an initiator and often a leader or pioneer and good at getting things started. Negative expressions are domineering, arrogant, and self-absorbed.

Sun in the second house is focused on the value found in the self and one's own things whether they be abilities, talents, wealth, or possessions. Wealth may be attained by industrious effort, the father, superiors, or influential people. One usually has reserve strength, conservative values, and the love of social pleasures, arts, and sports. Negative expressions are possessiveness, resistance to change, and stubborn materialism.

Sun in the third house is concerned with learning, communicating, expressing ideas, and competing. Siblings and schooling are often important. Literary and artistic gifts may be apparent. One loves change and moving about and is usually adaptable to many different situations. Negative expressions are restlessness, talking too much or deceptively, and the tendency to be biased and distort reality.

Sun in the fourth house is concerned with the home, roots, family, and the environment. Parents are often important and family a source of happiness and vitality. The end of life will usually be fortunate. One may be intuitive and feeling-oriented with strong loyalties. Negative expressions are moodiness, being too sheltered or attached to one's own group.

Sun in the fifth house is dignified and gives creative self-expression and the dynamic ability to lead or rule. One is usually focused on personal happiness, entertainment, drama, romance, and all kinds of play such as children, sports, or games. One may create new things and take risks in speculative ventures. Negative expressions are being overbearing, proud, or childishly selfish.

Sun in the sixth house is practical, utilitarian, and takes care of necessities like food, clothing, shelter, health, and employment or service. One usually has organizational ability and can work well with others cooperatively, particularly in roles of assistance and serving. One likes to make improvements, can attend to detail, is scientific, and is health-conscious. Negative expressions are being too critical of others and oneself or being petty.

Sun in the seventh house is fallen and focused on the partner in marriage or business. Self identity is found through relationship with another person or entity. One is usually good at cooperating and finding harmony with others, particularly in one-to-one relationships. One likes to find balance and is concerned about social justice, diplomacy, and peace. Negative expressions are being lost in the partner or a tendency to form an adversary relationship.

Sun in the eighth house gives energy for work, change, and with others. One focuses on values found in others such as sex and their money. One is intrigued by death and the psychic realm and may be intuitive and good at diagnosing or detective work. One is usually courageous and willing to engage in conflict to achieve some purpose. Negative expressions are combativeness, uncontrolled desires, and jealousy.

Sun in the ninth house gives high ideals, aspiration for higher education or consciousness, and wisdom. One likes to expand the mind through travel, religion, and philosophy, and one may be a natural teacher or involved in publishing and the spread of large ideas. One has a spirit of adventure and exploration and may be energized by outdoor activities. Negative expressions are intolerance of other ideas or people with whom one does not agree.

Sun in the tenth house is focused on accomplishing goals in the world through achievement, career, or public life. One is concerned with reputation, honor, or fame. One likes to be in authority and an influential position in one's own group or the world. One is not afraid to take on responsibilities and usually has managerial ability. Negative expressions are ambition, manipulation, and insensitivity to others when trying to get things done.

Sun in the eleventh house is in detriment and is focused on social groups, either friendships, clubs, or altruistic organizations attempting to reform society. One is concerned with collective objectives and wishes to realize one's hopes. Idealistic efforts may be reduced to merely social activities, because one's ideas are not made practical. Negative expressions are getting lost in the group or being excluded because one will not compromise one's ideals.

Sun in the twelfth house is quiet, peaceful, sensitive, sympathetic toward the poor, weak, and ill. One may sacrifice oneself in social service or be drawn into mysterious, hidden, mystical things through prayer and meditation. One may operate behind the scenes or be hidden, and unconscious motives may not be apparent. One may be releasing past guilt or be the victim of misunderstandings or persecution. Negative expressions are being too withdrawn, troubled, and pessimistic.

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