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The Art of Gentle Living

by Sanderson Beck

Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual Reality
Prayer, Meditation, and Self-Examination
Spiritual Values
Spiritual Virtues
Spiritual Process

Conscious Self-Mastery

Natural Self
Conscious Self
Healthy Habits
Gentle Eating

Understanding Feelings

Love and Dislike
Joy and Sorrow
Hope and Fear
Humility and Pride
Anger and Guilt
Desire and Greed

Clear Thinking

Finding Our Own Power
Distinguishing Facts and Opinions
Correcting Sexism and Racism
Transcending Dogmatism and Egotism
Evaluating Consequences
Creative Imagination
Motives and Priorities

Compassionate Communication

Respect and Courtesy
Listening with Empathy
Understanding and Clarifying
Being Sensitive
Expressing Feelings
Asking Questions
Allowing Choices
Speaking Honestly
Declaring Intentions

Ethical Economics and Politics

Frugal Living
Doing Good Work
Rising Above Materialism
Overcoming Militarism
Civil Politics

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