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The Rage of Paris

(1938 b 77')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A French model is hired to get a millionaire to marry her; but their strategy is countered by the millionaire's friend, who suspects the plot.

Nicole (Danielle Darrieux) seeks a job as a model and steals the wrong address. She goes to Jim Trevor (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) and starts taking off her clothes. When she finds he has no camera, she leaves. Nicole owes rent and is told to leave. Gloria Patterson (Helen Broderick) takes her to headwaiter Mike (Mischa Auer) for a job. Gloria tells Nicole that the way to a man is through his eyes, and Mike agrees to finance Nicole to get a rich husband. Nicole and Gloria get a hotel room across from millionaire Bill Duncan (Louis Hayward). Nicole meets Bill in the hallway and attends opera with him. Bill sees his friend Jim and tells him about Nicole and her aunt Gloria. Mike waits on the four. Jim remembers Nicole, but she lies to Bill. Jim dances with Nicole and demands that she tell Bill the truth. Nicole explains that she was modeling.

Jim warns Bill that Nicole is a phony. Jim calls Nicole and insists that she have dinner with him. He offers peace and asks if she loves Bill. Nicole admits that she owes $3,000. Jim makes her stay with his man Rigley (Charles Coleman) and leaves. Nicole shows Rigley magic tricks and sneaks out. Jim finds Bill in his room with Nicole and Gloria. Nicole meets Bill's parents at a party. Jim arrives with Rigley as his witness and tells Bill that Nicole asked him for $3,000. Bill hits Jim. Concerned about Jim, Nicole gets in his car. Jim takes Nicole to his country home. They are welcomed by the caretaker (Harry Davenport), who assumes they are married. Nicole plays along. Jim goes to bed and says Nicole can have a room. In pajamas Nicole asks Jim to open her window. When it falls on her, he helps her. Nicole tells Jim her story and says she won't marry Bill because she loves someone else. When Jim asks when she learned that he is richer than Bill, she cries.

In the morning Jim finds Nicole gone. She gets a ride on a milk truck. Mike complains to Nicole and Gloria that he lost his money. When Bill offers to pay, Mike says he lost $5,000. Mike gives Nicole $100 for the boat. Jim goes to Bill, who says he doesn't want to marry Nicole. A ship sails with Nicole, and she is summoned to Jim's room. Jim asks her to marry, and they kiss.

This comedy plays on the prevalent Depression conflict between marrying for money or for love. As usual wishes are fulfilled when the one she loves turns out to have money too.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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