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Over the Wall

(1938 b 67')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Based on a story by Warden Lewis E. Lawes, a pugnacious boxer is convicted of manslaughter but becomes a singer and is pardoned.

Jerry Davis (Dick Foran) fights several men to make Eddie Edwards (Ward Bond) get him a boxing match. Policeman Duke tells Jerry's parents to warn him because of the warrant. Jerry argues with his father (Robert Homans), who slaps him. Jerry picks up Kay Norton (June Travis), who objects to his fighting. At the beach Jerry meets boxing promoter Ace Scanlon (Dick Purcell). Neil Connor (John Litel) saves a girl, but Jerry's little brother Jimmy (Tommy Bupp) fights with him. Jerry tries to fight Neil, who knocks him down. Eddie knows who Ace killed and wraps metal on the knuckles of Ace's boxer, who knocks out Jerry. Eddie says that Jerry is no longer his boxer. Jerry learns of the metal and shows it to Eddie, knocking him out. Ace has his man club Eddie. Jerry is arrested for killing Eddie. In the trial Ace and Gyp Hayden (George E. Stone) testify that Jerry started the fight. Jerry is convicted and sentenced to five years.

In prison Jerry resists and refuses to wear over-sized pants and shoes. Warden Vance (John Hamilton) asks prison chaplain Neil to talk with Kay about Jerry. Kay tells Neil that Jerry is innocent. Kay asks Jerry to behave so he will get time off. In the boiler room Jerry saves a man's life and is rewarded; but he hits Neil, who lets him off. In his cell Jerry sings. Neil challenges Jerry to sing a solo with his choir. Instead of "Lulu" Jerry sings "Ave Maria." Ace learns that Jerry is going to sing on radio from prison. Jerry sings "One More Tomorrow." Kay calls Neil, who lets Jerry talk to her. Gyp Hayden is put in the prison. Jerry is transferred to a hospital job and attends the injured Gyp, who tells him that Ace killed Eddie. Jerry tells the doctor, but he finds Gyp died. Jerry tells Neil. Kay works for Ace and hears jealous Maxine (Veda Ann Borg) say that Ace killed Eddie. Jerry is persuaded to escape to find the killer. Kay tells Neil and the Warden that she has evidence, and they tell Governor McDonald (Jonathan Hale). At the morgue Jerry walks off. The Warden hears of it, and Neil goes to find Jerry. Jerry goes to Ace and insists he confess. Ace goes for a gun, but Jerry gets it away from him. Neil comes in; in a fight Jerry knocks down Ace, who is arrested by police. In the final scene on radio Governor McDonald pardons Jerry, who sings "One More Tomorrow."

This drama shows the problems that can result from fighting and the corruption that may exist in the boxing racket. Jerry gradually learns to control his temper and direct his energy into something positive like singing.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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