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Quick Money

(1937 b 61')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Two men try to get a small town to invest its school funds in a summer resort, but the mayor resists the pressure.

Guest of honor Blueford Smythe (Berton Churchill) arrives and is welcomed by Mayor Jonas Tompkins (Fred Stone). Smythe and Ambrose (Paul Guilfoyle) are initiated into a breakfast club as Brother Eggs. Smythe plans a summer resort in Glenwood, but the hotel clerk spreads the secret. Smythe claims he came for a rest and doubts they have the money needed. Jonas says that the school fund has $47,000. Smythe dances with Mrs. Tompkins (Dorothy Vaughan). Banker Barnstall (Harlan Briggs) offers to help and cashes a check for $1,000. Ambrose reprimands Smythe for his stupidity and makes him send the money to their empty bank account. Jonas says that Glenwood is hot in the summer and refuses to invest city money.

Smythe starts a corporation and gets investments. Barnstall asks Smythe to pay him for the land; but Smythe offers him stock. Barnstall wants cash but says the boycott of Jonas is going well. Newspaper owner Walker (Dick Elliott) tells Jonas to invest the school fund. Jonas tells Barnstall that his store has not had a customer in five days. Smythe calls on Mrs. Tompkins, and her son Freddie (Sherwood Bailey) makes a bomb with chemicals. Mrs. Tompkins tells Jonas that Smythe and the committee are coming to dinner. Freddie tells his father that he is for him. During dinner Jonas eats in the kitchen and listens to the committee. Smythe's desert explodes, and Freddie makes the coffee explode too.

Jonas calls a meeting attended by few and restrains the selling of stock. A lawyer suggests they can impeach the Mayor. Reporter Bill (Gordon Jones) resigns in protest and suspects that Smythe is hiding. Jonas and Bill go to Walker to check on Smythe. Bill tries to take a photo of Smythe, and Alice (Dorothy Moore) finally gets a picture of Ambrose and Smythe exposing Bill's film. Jonas has the poling place padlocked, and Smythe throws a brick in the window. Jonas gives them a box full of keys that don't fit. Jonas delays voting by challenging voters' identifications, and Freddie brings goats. Jonas runs off with the ballot box and throws it to Freddie, who adds gunpowder. The football coach (Jack Carson) passes it to his team. After a chase Jonas throws it back to Smythe; but it explodes as the FBI arrives to arrest Smythe and Ambrose. In the final scene Jonas is re-elected mayor.

This farce offers a morality tale warning local communities not to invest their school funds in risky ventures.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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