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(1930 b 78')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Adapted from the Holbach-Hammerstein-Kern musical, a circus dancer stows away on a boat and marries so she can land, get divorced, and then marry the man she loves.

Circus owner Wendell-Wendell (Mackenzie Ward) tells Peters (O. P. Heggie) that he asked Sunny to marry. Tom Warren (Lawrence Gray) comes to see Sunny Peters (Marilyn Miller), and she sings "Who?" with him. Sunny tells her father Peters that she won't marry Wendell, because he is a fish. Peters says it's that or leave the circus. Sunny leaves dressed as a boy. Jim Denning (Joe Donahue) kisses Weenie (Inez Courtney), and she gives him a photo of her and wants to marry him. He says next July. Peters takes a dog to sell to a lady at the dock. Sunny gets on the boat by loading a crate, and she hides in Jim's room. Tom introduces Jim to his fiancé Margaret Manners (Barbara Bedford). Jim found Sunny's zither. Sunny sings "I Was Alone," and she is caught as a stowaway. Tom sees her, and she dances. The first mate makes Peters mop the deck for being caught aboard too, and he is sent to the captain. Jim tells Sunny that she won't be able to land. Sunny finds her father, who calls Jim a kidnapper if he doesn't marry her. Sunny wants to marry Jim so that she can land. Jim says he has Weenie; but Tom promises to give Jim a gym so that he can make money to marry Weenie after he has divorced Sunny. Wendell shows Weenie a newspaper that Jim is marrying a stowaway. Tom takes tipsy Jim to the wedding. Jim weds Sunny, and Tom kisses her.

Jim gets a gym and shows fat women how to exercise. Margaret asks Peters about Sunny's divorce. Tom goes to get the decree, while Jim and Sunny dance. Wendell shows Weenie to Sunny and Jim. Jim says that he will marry Weenie, and Wendell asks Sunny if she has been faithful to him too. Peters reads the divorce complaint, and Sunny has to admit it's true. On a fox hunt Sunny falls and gets Tom to say he is crazy about her; but Margaret complains. Sunny tells Jim that she is going back to England. At a ball Jim kisses Weenie and tells Tom they are getting married. Sunny dances and then says good-bye to Jim. Sunny gets in a car with her father and Wendell; but Tom calls after her. Sunny comes back, and Tom kisses her.

While offering mildly amusing humor and musical entertainment, this story shows how off-hand marriage and divorce are treated in the movies.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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