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Madam Satan

(1930 b 116')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Cecil B. DeMille directed this musical extravaganza.

Angela Brooks (Kay Johnson) finds her husband Bob Brooks (Reginald Denny) drunk in the shower with his friend Jimmy (Roland Young). To explain a news article of their arrest Bob says that Trixie is Jimmy's secret wife. Tired of being neglected by her husband and his playing around, Angela packs to leave; they quarrel, and Bob walks out. Angela decides to fight for her happiness and goes to stay with Jimmy and Trixie (Lillian Roth), who has to pretend she is married to him. Then Bob shows up, and Trixie tells him that Jimmy has a girlfriend in the other room. Trixie talks with Angela about what she offers her husband, and Angela decides to attend the masquerade ball on a dirigible disguised as Madam Satan in order to seduce her own husband incognito.

Masked and in a sexy gown Angela competes with Trixie in the auction. Bob outbids all for the devil woman; but when blindfolded identifies her kiss as Trixie's. Madam Satan offers to go with the most sinful man, and Bob wins by saying he believes that all the things he has done are no sin at all. The x-ray vision of the devil woman tells him about his inner character (He wants all women but knows none.), and they hope to find heaven in love. Trixie has figured out that Madam Satan is Bob's wife, but Jimmy is silently persuaded by Angela not to expose her. Just after Angela takes off her mask before Bob, who says now he cannot respect her, lightning strikes the dirigible. In panic people parachute out. The couple is reunited at home. Jimmy offers to marry Angela if she gets a divorce; but Bob now realizes there is enough fire in his own marriage.

When another woman takes her husband away, Madam Satan uses her sexual power to get him back, as her husband's tendency to stray ironically pulls him back to his own wife. The audience gets to see a charming seduction, but it's more acceptable because they are really married.

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